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00:00:02Get good out.
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00:04:10Announcer: Georges St-Pierre is a walking contradiction, an elite athlete uninterested in sports.
00:04:19I'm not the stereotype fighter.
00:04:21I don't watch sport.
00:04:22The only sport I watch is combat sport, and also athletic sport, like a hundred meter, 400, stuff like that.
00:04:30These are that I call the real sport.
00:04:35If we go back in time, running, it's very natural for human.
00:04:40Fighting is something very natural.
00:04:43The welterweight champ would prefer to study history and apply it to his day job.
00:04:51In war, the country that win the war, it's always the country that have the more advanced weapon.
00:04:56Genghis Khan has dominate the world with the bow and arrow.
00:05:07The Americans won the Second World War mainly because of the atomic bomb.
00:05:19Royce Gracie won the first UFC at the time because he had the Brazilian jiu-jitsu, the Gracie jiu-jitsu.
00:05:24Nobody knew how to fight on the floor back then.
00:05:27There it is.
00:05:28He's tapping out.
00:05:28That's it.
00:05:30Oh! He choked him out.
00:05:33Talk to me.
00:05:36I think I'm champion not because I'm the strongest guy.
00:05:39I'm not the best wrestler.
00:05:40I'm not the best jiu-jitsu guy out there.
00:05:42But there is something that I have that most of people doesn't have.
00:05:47I can put it all together.
00:05:50Georges' weapon of choice is knowledge.
00:05:52And he'll do whatever it takes to acquire it.
00:06:03I start training in New York ten years ago.
00:06:05I couldn't speak English very well.
00:06:08I didn't have money.
00:06:0930Th street between 7 and 8.
00:06:12I used tdrive to come here, drive with my old Ford Tempo 1994 and it was like 8 hours, 7 hours ride.
00:06:24When I first came in New York, it was to train at Renzo Gracie Academy.
00:06:29I used to live in the hostel next to the academy.
00:06:32Needed to stay there to sleep overnight.
00:06:36I train also at The Wat, Phil Nurse.
00:06:41Phil Nurse gives me a lot of different variety of attacks in my stand up game.
00:06:48That's it.
00:06:49We met him coming to New York seeking out a Muay Thai trainer.
00:06:52And he came to the gym.
00:06:54We worked out for an hour, and he was like, "That's it.
00:06:56That's my Muay Thai coach set right there." Phil Nurse and John Danaher bring something that I cannot get nowhere else.
00:07:05Knees off the mat.
00:07:06Step through, bridge.
00:07:10John Danaher is probably the most intelligent, well-educated person I ever met in my life.
00:07:14He's a very important piece of the puzzle in my training and also in my life.
00:07:23My trainer, they're all around the world.
00:07:25Some are in New York, querque, Denver, Paris, France.
00:07:29In Montreal, Georges works with Firas Zahabi...
00:07:33That's it, there you go.
00:07:35And John Chaimberg.
00:07:37Two more Georges.
00:07:38In New Mexico, it's Greg Jackson.
00:07:41Decentralized training is necessary if you're going to evolve, because you need different ideas.
00:07:45You need to constantly have the new information flow.
00:07:48I think that kind of need to evolve is one of the reasons GSP is so successful today.
00:07:53He travels wherever he sees something that he needs.
00:07:57He doesn't hesitate.
00:08:00I can't stay only in Montreal.
00:08:01I need to take myself out of my comfort zone to reach the next level.
00:08:07Georges even went to the Philippines.
00:08:12It was a good experience, you know?
00:08:14I found out the sport of mixed martial art is more popular, even more in Asia than it is in America.
00:08:28Like his training, Georges' diet is cutting edge.
00:08:37Coconut water.
00:08:42I had elbow surgery, you know, and it's good for the joint, for the arthritis in the elbow.
00:08:50It's like a car in F1, they don't put regular fuel in a F1.
00:08:54Same thing, I cannot me thing as normal people.
00:08:58I need to have maximum recovery between my training for performance.
00:09:06This is going to be a better Georges St-Pierre than you've ever seen.
00:09:10y single fight.
00:09:15He's going to be even Beating Josh Koscheck down.
00:09:20That's the most important thing for me right now.
00:09:23It takes all the time of my life.
00:09:28That's what I plan to do on December 11 in Montreal.
00:09:31Ringside Announcer: St-Pierre!
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00:09:39I definitely had a lot of struggles growing up being mulatto.
00:09:43A lot of name callings.
00:09:44You know, a lot of fights.
00:09:45He was a loner.
00:09:47Because he was such a [bleep], he didn't get along with kids.
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00:14:58Announcer: Josh Koscheck had just two career fights