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00:00:00] Is down for the second time.
00:00:02[Indistinct] >> rubin wore this black velvet robe, and the hood would come out, further out from his face, like at least two inches out, so rubin, when he come into the ring, his head was way back in here, and all you could see were those eyes staring at you, glaring at you.
00:00:18And it scared the hell out of a lot of people.
00:00:21>> Carter would eventually lose his shot at the middleweight title in 1964, a 15-round decision to champion joey giardello.
00:00:29Later, al bernstein will be by to share his thoughts on carter's career.
00:00:32Right now, it's back to 1963 and the clash between "hurricane" carter and gomeo brennan on espn classic.
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00:00:49>> Welcome to the fight of the week.
00:00:50I'm don dunphy, your ringside commentator.
00:00:53Hard-hitting middleweights are featured at madison square garden tonight as rubin "hurricane" carter, knockout sensation of paterson, new jersey, meets gomeo brennan of bimini in the bahamas over the traditional 10 rounds or less.
00:01:06The 25-year-old carter was the busiest fighter of 1962, when he went to the ring post 16 times.
00:01:13He startled the fistic world when, in his first television appearance, he took out florentino fernandez in one round.
00:01:20He has won 14 of his 16 fights, scoring 11 knockouts and dropping two decisions.
00:01:25Carter was originally scheduled to meet brennan last DECEMBER 22nd, BUT THE LATTER Came down with a virus and the hurricane outpointed substitute holley mims.
00:01:34The 24-year-old brennan is an experienced and ringwise veteran who is making his second appearance in the garden.
00:01:40A forcing type of fighter, the native of bimini has won 52 of his 64 fights, losing seven and fighting five draws.
00:01:47He has scored 27 knockouts and has not been stopped.
00:01:51Brennan is 5'9 1/2" while carter is 5'8".
00:01:55At the new york commission weigh-in this morning, carter weighed 156 1/4.
00:01:59Brennan was 157 1/2.
00:02:05Ready in center ring is johnny addie.
00:02:10>> Ladies and gentlemen, here's new york heavyweight who has lost only one of 19, and that was to cassius clay -- billy daniels.
00:02:17Billy daniels.
00:02:18[ Cheers and applause ] laes and gentlemen, boxing tuesday night, sunnyside garden.
00:02:24Next -- next saturday night, the feature attraction here in madison square garden, willie pastrano will meet the west-coast sensation who has won 28 of 30 bouts, scoring 19 knockouts, winning his last 11 BY K.O.s, "Irish" wayne thornton of fresno, california.
00:02:48Also in the audience tonight, ladies and gentlemen, the former welterweight and middleweight king, carmen basilio.
00:02:55[ Cheers and applause ] and also here tonight, ladies and gentlemen -- here's carmen basilio.
00:03:09[ Cheers and applause ] also in the audience, ladies and gentlemen, sensational undefeated louisville, kentucky, heavyweight contender, the prophet, marcellus cassius clay.
00:03:31[ Cheering, booing ] >> doug jones must fall in six.
00:03:47>> Ladies and gentlemen, here are the ring officials assigned by the new york state athletic commission.
00:03:53The judges -- bill recht, frank forbes.
00:03:58>> Incidentally frank forbes is a senior judge on the commission.
00:04:01His 23rd year as a judge.
00:04:04And frank forbes also is assistant farm director of the washington senators.
00:04:08We congratulate him.
00:04:09>> From bimini, british west indies, wearing black trunks, he weighs 157 1/2.
00:04:18Gomeo brennan!
00:04:21His opponent, from paterson, new jersey, he's wearing white trunks.
00:04:28He weighs 156 1/4.
00:04:31Rubin "hurricane" carter!
00:04:35Main event, 10 rounds.
00:04:36>> And now referee teddy martin.
00:04:42>> Both of you have been boxing in new york state before.
00:04:44I know that you know our rules, but let me remind you.
00:04:47If you get knocked down, you must take an eight count.
00:04:50If you scored a knockdown, you go to the farthest neutral corner and stay there.
00:04:54Let me finish my count, and then I'll call you in to resume boxing.
00:04:58Now, shake hands and come out fighting.
00:04:59Good luck to both of you.
00:05:02>> The boys are wearing 8-ounce gloves over the 10-round distance if it goes that far.
00:05:06The automatic, or mandatory, eight count is in effect.
00:05:09The three knockdown rule.
00:05:11Scoring in new york on a rounds basis with supplementary points if necessary if the rounds come out even.
00:05:17Hurricane carter, the white trunks.
00:05:20Gomeo brennan, the black trunks.
00:05:27Carter meeting a severe test here tonight.
00:05:31Carter's a 2-fisted battler, but he features the left hook.
00:05:41Brennan has never been on the deck in his 64 fights.
00:05:49Brennan, you'll probably notice, likes to slip punches, pick off the jabs.
00:06:21Brennan will hope that carter makes a mistake.
00:06:26Brennan's a good counterpuncher.
00:06:30Of course, he dare not make a mistake himself with a puncher like carter.
00:06:59Brennan keeps flicking those hands up and down.
00:07:02It's calculated to distract the vision of carter.
00:07:13One minute to go in round 1.
00:08:0310 Seconds to go in round 1.
00:08:09Carter picking up points on aggressiveness.
00:08:12[ Bell rings ] there's the bell.