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00:00:00Little butt and shake a lot of " >> there's ass all over the entire thing.
00:00:07>> Announcer: But it was demi moore's appearance in the 2003 full throttle," that really put the pedal to the metal.
00:00:15>> Demi moore, oh, my god, she's IN HER 40s, AND SHE IS STUNNING, Rock-hard.
00:00:21>> Announcer: Sure, demi spent several years tucked away in idaho raising her kids, but she wasn't exactly sitting around dunking doughnuts.
00:00:30A strict diet and plenty of pilates paved the way for one eye-popping comeback.
00:00:35>> It was a phenomenon.
00:00:36And she really had a very athletic physique, and obviously maintained, worked out a great deal, and was very happy to show it, which was great.
00:00:45>> Announcer: In "full throttle," demi plays a milf-tastic former angel in a black two-piece.
00:00:51>> Moore: What's up, angel?
00:00:52>> Announcer: She crosses paths with cameron diaz during a pivotal stakeout on the beach.
00:00:57>> I met demi the day before the scene, and we whipped up a bathing suit overnight.
00:01:02And having already established that cameron was going to be in a white suit, I thought this was the perfect moment to do the famous hollywood western trick of the good guys in white and the villain is in black.
00:01:13>> ♪♪♪♪♪♪
00:01:19>> both women have different physiques.
00:01:20Cameron is like 5'9".
00:01:22Demi is 5'5", 5'6".
00:01:24So, again, paying great attention to a quarter of an inch here or there makes a big difference in how someone's midriff appears.
00:01:31>> Announcer: Like demi, diaz was made for swimwear.
00:01:34But her suit required special treatment.
00:01:37Costume designers feared that if the sheer white number wasn't double-lined, the bikini might blow cami's cover.
00:01:44>> We went through a lot of trials and tribulations on wardrobe.
00:01:47I mean, we wanted things to be very, very sexy, but ultimately inviting.
00:01:51And they needed to accommodate the action of the film.
00:01:54>> We tested several colors of lining.
00:01:55So we found a successful way of doing it with two thin layers, 'cause you also don't wanna make it look heavy and lined.
00:02:01>> Announcer: The threatening three-plus-one flashed explosive " the film earned more than a quarter billion dollars at the box office.
00:02:11That's billion with a "b," as in beautiful babes in bikinis.
00:02:16>> What more do you want?
00:02:17We gave you everything!
00:02:20>> Announcer: By age 3, she was already a model.
00:02:24By 10, she was a regular on a soap opera.
00:02:28And by age 20, lindsay lohan gave fans a boatload of bikini moments to enjoy.
00:02:34That's why she enters our list at #20.
00:02:39Americans love their child stars.
00:02:41But it's always a little awkward watching them grow up.
00:02:44In 1998, lindsay was a lovable 11-year-old, earning rave reviews for her dual roles in " >> when I was younger, my dream was to like be in a movie.
00:02:55My dream came true.
00:02:56>> Announcer: By 2004, lindsay was headlining films like "confessions of a teenage drama " somewhere along the way, our little lindsay got all grown up.
00:03:06>> She's got that tara reid voice.
00:03:08[ Raspy ] "yeah, europe was great.
00:03:10I saw the place where the pope hangs out.
00:03:13Have you been in that club called pope?
00:03:14" >> Announcer: By the time lindsay did the love bug movie, she was fully equipped to turn heads.
00:00:01Them 24/7 because we see her in them all the time in the press.
00:00:06But, you know, maybe she just likes to be on the beach or by the pool all the time.
00:00:10>> Funny, you see lindsay lohan in all these like bathing suits, but like you never see her swimming.
00:00:14>> She'll wear a bikini anywhere.
00:00:16>> She can be, I don't know, in court, wearing a bikini.
00:00:19>> Museum. bikini.
00:00:20>> Front lines in fallujah.
00:00:23>> Hot bikini contest?
00:00:24There she would actually wear a pantsuit.
00:00:26>> Announcer: Lindsay brings new meaning to the term "swimsuit " she will wear one in a house.
00:00:33She will wear one with a blouse.
00:00:35She will wear one with a hat.
00:00:37She will wear one with her tat.
00:00:39Lindsay's bikini bonanza earned her a spot on our list.
00:00:43And we're not alone.
00:00:44In may 2007, "maxim" magazine listed the starlet at the top of its hot 100 list of sexiest women.
00:00:51>> It's very flattering.
00:00:53>> Announcer: If lindsay's trying to erase the memory of her innocent child star days, mission accomplished.
00:00:59Let's just hope she makes as big a splash on the big screen as she has offscreen.
00:01:08The rich and famous don't mind shelling out big bucks for a bikini.
00:01:12Lindsay lohan, scarlett johansson, and gisele bundchen have all been photographed in swimsuits that retail for more than $300.
00:01:21Jessica alba made the cover of "gq" magazine for june 2007, wearing a $480 dolce & gabbana bikini.
00:01:29But how much are you willing to spend to look chic at the beach?
00:01:33>> If you need to go pay $500 for a swimsuit to make yourself look presentable, then that's your problem.
00:01:38Okay, sometimes I just wear panties, see-through.
00:01:43>> I have one.
00:01:44It cost like $285.
00:01:47I mean, it's a rubber band and a napkin.
00:01:49>> I would much rather have a lady spend the money on therapy or buying me a meal.
00:01:54>> I don't think they're worth the price tag, and whether it's $19 or it's $500, you just need to get the one that makes your body look bangin'.
00:02:04>> If you think about it, how often do you wear your bathing suit?
00:02:07Unless you are parading around the beach and you really wanna be seen, designer bathing suits are probably not the best investment.
00:02:14>> A lot of bathing suits are overpriced.
00:02:16But what are you gonna do if it's really cute on you?
00:02:18[ Laughs ] >> Announcer: She's one of the original supermodels.
00:02:23She's a two-time "sports illustrated" cover girl.
00:02:27But it was a 2007 beach sighting that made her memorable swimsuit moment #19-- tyra banks.
00:02:36In 1990, a modeling scout discovered tyra lynne banks at the tender age of 17.
00:02:42>> She always had big boobs and, you know, round body, even when it wasn't cool, and the girl was still able to pull it off.
00:02:48>> Announcer: By 1997, she was named supermodel of the year.
00:02:53But strutting the catwalk was just the beginning for this talented beauty.
00:02:57Today tyra's an actress, she hosts a hit reality show, and then there's her own " she's like oprah winfrey in a bikini, which brings us to the issue.
00:03:12In january 2007, gossip rags printed unflattering pictures of tyra wearing a black one-piece with rainbow boobs.
00:03:20The headlines were brutal.
00:03:22They called her "thigh-ra banks" " suddenly, tabloids and late-night comics had a new punching bag.
00:03:32>> She looked like the loch ness monster coming out of the water.
00:03:35>> Hello, she's human, and she put on some weight, and they happened to catch it on film.
00:03:39>> I've put on a few pounds since I was modeling, you know.
00:03:42And I'm sure tyra isn't the same weight she was when e was modeling.
00:03:44But that doesn't mean she's unhappy.
00:03:46That does not mean she's not doing well.
00:03:47>> Announcer: At the time of the photos, the 5'10" tyra weighed 161 pounds.
00:03:53>> Which if you do the math is about one and a half kate mosses.
00:03:58>> Announcer: By medical standards, however, tyra's body mass index was 23, considered healthy for a girl tyra's height.
00:04:05>> Yeah, I eat. I do.
00:04:06You can tell. I'm thick.
00:04:07I'm juicy.
00:04:09>> Announcer: Miss banks did not take the potshots lying down.
00:04:12The following month, she appeared on her talk show wearing the same swimsuit from the photos.
00:04:17>> She kind of tried to put her stomach out and put her butt out and turn the same way.
00:04:21>> Announcer: Tyra told her critics, "you can kiss " the audience roared with approval.
00:04:27>> Her body is still beautiful and curvaceous.
00:04:30I love that she went on tv and she showed the world like "this is my body, it's beautiful, " >> Announcer: Don't cry for ty.
00:00:02Plus, meet a swimsuit stud who turned heads.
00:00:05>> [ French accent ] "i'm scuba claude.
00:00:06" yeah, I think he used that line on me once.
00:00:37♪♪ ♪♪
00:00:37[ Male Announcer ] NO MATTERWHAT BRILLIANT Color it is on the outside, inside, it's totally green.
00:00:43So efficient it savesenough energy and water to pay for itself.
00:00:46The revolutionarykenmore elite washer.
00:00:49That's genius.
00:04:26>> Announcer: He spends sundays with "the simpsons" and tuesdays with morrie.
00:04:31He's a four-time emmy winner and the surprise subject of memorable swimsuit moment #18-- hank azaria in "along came " helen hunt is well-known as the voice of several characters from " ..
00:04:48>> Moe da bartender.
00:04:49>> Announcer:..
00:04:50>> Apu nahasapeemapetilon.
00:04:52>> Announcer: And chief wiggum, to name a few.
00:04:55>> You're under arrest for wearing a suit without a tie.
00:04:58>> Announcer: In 2004, hank created another unusual voice, this time when he played the role of overly friendly diving instructor in the movie "along " >> [ french accent ] I worked with a dialect coach till, you know, I knew the accent was right when I sounded very annoying to myself.
00:05:13>> Announcer: "Along came polly" stars jennifer aniston as polly.
00:05:17Ben stiller and debra messing play reuben and lisa, a couple on their honeymoon in st. barths.
00:05:23That's where they meet hank's character.
00:05:25>> [ French accent ] my name is claude.
00:05:27That is my boat there.
00:05:28>> It's very, uh, big.
00:05:31>> [ French accent ] "i'm scuba claude.
00:05:32" yeah, I think he used that line on me once.
00:05:36>> [ French accent ] solid.
00:05:37>> Announcer: Okay, so technically there's no swimsuit in that scene.
00:05:40>> It was so funny that I was like, I gotta do it.
00:05:43So and then, you just gotta get your ass out there.
00:05:45>> I love a big butt that you can hold onto.
00:05:47It's like big and meaty.
00:05:49>> Announcer: We have to imagine what's so distracting to lisa and reuben.
00:05:54.. to imagine, that is.
00:05:57>> [ French accent ] you come for scuba?
00:05:59This is my boat.
00:06:00This is my penis.
00:06:02This is my boat.
00:06:04Did I tell you this is my penis?
00:06:06>> Announcer: Claude returns in a white-and-black-striped grape-smuggler that barely covers up enough to keep the movie's pg rating.
00:06:13>> Ah!
00:06:14>> I'm gonna look at hank azaria in a whole new light.
00:06:17Ripped, buffed, well-hung.
00:06:20>> Horizontal stripes flatter him in that area.
00:06:22>> Announcer: It's hard to say what's more surprising.
00:06:25>> Hello!
00:06:25>> Announcer: The comically small swimsuit or hank azaria's beefy physique.
00:06:30The actor worked out for eight weeks to get ripped for the role.
00:06:35>> Who knew hank had a hot bod?
00:06:36>> What up with the comedians and the big buff bodies?
00:06:39I was like, sign me up for that class.
00:06:42>> Announcer: Washboard abs and sculpted pecs aren't what most viewers imagine when they see chief wiggum chowing down a " >> I had no idea that apu and moe could be that ripped.
00:06:54>> Announcer: In the movie, the slinky speedo does its job.
00:06:57>> It does help a lot.
00:06:58>> And when ben was waving bye ..
00:07:00>>Au revoir,reuben.
00:07:02>> As hank azaria is man-feasting his wife.
00:07:04>> Announcer: Lisa sleeps with ..
00:07:06>> Oh, my god!
00:07:07>> Announcer: Setting the rest of the plot in motion, so reuben can hook up with polly.
00:07:11>> Lisa's a slut.
00:07:12>> It does capture that sort of male panic that sets in when you're on your honeymoon and, all of a sudden, there's hank azaria and his [bleep].
00:07:21>> Announcer: Hank may have one of the most beloved voices on television.
00:07:25Now he can boast that he's got two of the best buns on the big screen.
00:07:29>> We were rather saucy, weren't we?
00:07:32>> Announcer: The 21st century has brought us three classic debates-- paper versus plastic, east coast versus west coast, and trunks versus speedos.
00:07:42So how long should a guy's swim shorts be?
00:07:46>> I don't mind any male swimsuit.
00:07:48If a guy looks good in it and feels comfortable in it, I say go for it.
00:07:52I don't mind the little ones, the speedos or the trunks.
00:07:56>> I think a guy's swimsuit should be just above the knee.
00:07:58>> It has to be below the knee.
00:08:00>> Just above the knee, but not more than two inches.
00:08:03>> Guys, you cannot show your knees.
00:08:05>> Depends on the guy really.
00:08:06>> No, no, no.
00:08:08>> If you got it, you could wear shorter shorts.
00:08:10>> I, personally, wear short shorts.
00:08:12>> No american dudes can do that.
00:08:14Like that's a straight euro thing.
00:08:15>> Only those who are physically able to wear a speedo should wear a speedo.
00:08:19>> Jeez.
00:08:20>> I think a man should only wear a speedo if he is in an actual timed olympic event.
00:08:26>> Or you have to actually be sexy and own it.
00:08:29>> A little more fabric is infinitely more flattering.
00:08:32>> And the board short, pretty much the general populace should stick to that.
00:08:38>> Announcer: He's been a terminator, a barbarian, and a kindergarten cop.
00:08:42For a long time, he was the buffest man in hollywood.
00:08:46>> Oh, yes, trust me.
00:08:48>> Announcer: He's no girly man, but he did make our list of memorable swimsuit moments.
00:08:53At #17, it's arnold schwarzenegger on the beach in st. barths.
00:09:01The austrian muscleman came to the u.s. in 1968.
00:09:06He proceeded to dominate the american bodybuilding scene like nobody before.
00:09:11THROUGHOUT THE '70s, ARNOLD Vanquished his rivals with ease.
00:09:15To showcase his bulging man-muscles even more, arnold starred in a documentary titled " the film made him famous.
00:09:26" he's like, "when I am weightlifting, it feels like sex, and when I am having sex, it's feeling like " >> Announcer: Arnold soon retired from competition to become a movie star.
00:09:37IN THE '80s AND '90s, IF YOU Wanted an action hero, arnold was your man as long as dialogue wasn't that important.
00:09:45>> I'm the party pooper.
00:09:47>> I'm not as concerned about his body as I am his accent.
00:09:50Guy has been in the country for 30 years.
00:09:52>> And somehow his accent has gotten worse.
00:09:54>> Announcer: Fast-forward to 2003.
00:09:56During the filming of "terminator 3," the actor injured his shoulder, which required surgery.
00:10:02So it was a flabbier, post-op arnold who showed up later that year at the beach in st. barths.
00:10:08Paparazzi caught the formerly fit film star letting it all hang out in a tiny black racing suit.
00:10:15>> Arnold rose to fame wearing a speedo as a bodybuilder.
00:10:19And then as an action hero, he just cemented his fame in a speedo.
00:10:26I don't think as governor, we need to see him in a speedo anymore.
00:10:29>> I think it's time for the governator to retire the manpeedo.
00:10:34>> Announcer: Perhaps the ex- muscleman was preoccupied with thoughts of running for public office.
00:10:39If only he'd given as much thought to his bathing suit.
00:10:44The photos could have put a damper on arnold's image just as "terminator 3" was poised for release.
00:10:51Arnold's publicist assured the media that the action star was in phenomenal shape for the film.
00:10:56>> I'll be back.
00:10:57>> Dude, you don't need to make excuses.
00:10:59You're like 60 years old and you could still kick my ass, probably all our asses.
00:11:04>> That's what you hear all the time.
00:11:06>> Announcer: In october 2003, arnold was elected governor of california in a special recall election.
00:11:13>> I'm delighted to be back.
00:11:14>> I think it's good that arnold doesn't have as much definition.
00:11:17I mean, I think it shows that maybe he's actually governing california.
00:11:21>> I will go to sacramento and I will clean house.
00:11:25>> Announcer: Since then, the governator's traded in the bathing suit for the power suit.
00:11:29>> Ah.
00:11:32>> Announcer: Our next memorable moment doesn't exactly involve a swimsuit, but for countless "star wars" fans, it's close enough.
00:11:40Coming in at #16, it's carrie " in 1976, carrie was cast as the beautiful and strong-minded princess leia in a little movie " legions of nerds developed a crush on the cosmic cutie when the film became a worldwide phenomenon in 1977.
00:12:03Fisher reprised her role in 1980 in "the empire strikes back," but it wasn't until the third installment of the series in 1983, that carrie really let it all hang out.
00:12:14>> She's in robes all the time.
00:12:15And then it's just like that's what's under those robes?
00:12:17Holy smokes.
00:12:19>> Announcer: In "return of the jedi," leia is captured and enslaved by the monstrous jabba the hutt who keeps her by his side on a leash in what can only be described as a golden metal and leather bikini.
00:12:31>> Everything you need to know about why men are awful is contained in this scene.
00:12:36It's like, we didn't think of princess leia sexually.
00:12:39Oh, chain her up to a really disgusting creature, we've got hard-ons.
00:12:43>> Yeah, carrie fisher had a great body back then.
00:12:47And she had to because she was wearing cinnamon buns for ears throughout the entire shoot of " >> I gotta say, jabba the hutt looked really good.
00:12:55>> He really did look trim.
00:12:56>> He was jared from subway before jared from subway was jared from subway.
00:13:01>> Announcer: The actress herself wasn't so fond of the outfit.
00:13:04Fisher once referred to the ensemble as "what supermodels wear in the seventh ring of " the power of leia's bikini continues to grow today.
00:13:13com, women from around the world post photos of themselves sporting the sexy slavewear.
00:13:21>> I'm sure old chewbacca got a little stiffy on because of that one.
00:13:25>> Announcer: "Maxim" magazine online named leia's interstellar slave costume as the number one " >> this may come as a shock.
00:13:34I was a bit of a nerd growing up.
00:13:35And yet, I was so much of a nerd, I didn't know that you were supposed to have crushes on girls.
00:13:39So I had a crush on r2-d2.
00:13:43>> Announcer: Carrie fisher's bronze and buckskin brassiere raised the pulse of every fan boy from tulsa to tatooine.
00:13:50>> [ Bellowing ] >> "star wars" is based on nothing on earth.
00:13:54It's all in outer space.
00:13:56It's showing the imagination.
00:13:57It's showing no matter where you are, it's a bathing suit and men find it very attractive.
00:14:04>> Announcer: And as long as there are halloween parties and dweebs that wanna be sexy, the sultry slave girl look will never die.
00:14:11>> May the force be with you.
00:14:13>> Announcer: Coming up on our swimsuit countdown-- newsflash, guess who wears business suits by day, then turns into a babe in board shorts on the weekend.
00:14:23>> When he ripped off his shirt, I think all of america was like, wow!
00:14:27>> Announcer: Plus, you won't believe what two sexy big-screen starlets did to make our list.
00:14:32And later, the devil wears prada and versace and the sexiest swimsuit you've ever seen.
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00:17:00 wait a minute where'd you guys come from?
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00:17:06Pineapple bunnies?
00:17:06com >> Announcer: Celebrities have to be especially mindful of swimsuit etiquette.
00:18:49Showing that summer shape can lead to tabloid embarrassment or positive press.
00:18:55Case in point, our #15 swimsuit moment, matt lauer and his pecs on the beach.
00:19:03Matthew todd lauer spent the '80s WORKING AS A LOCAL Broadcaster in cities up and down the eastern seaboard.
00:19:09Lauer's big break finally came in 1994 when nbc made matt part of the "today" show team.
00:19:16>> He's sexy.
00:19:16He's knowledgeable.
00:19:18He's funny.
00:19:19He can sit and talk to the president and then talk about the new cooking oil with the latest >> Announcer: Matt's popular segment "where in the world is " took him around the world.
00:19:31Globetrotting and daily wakeup calls take a lot out of a guy.
00:19:35>> The only thing that I'm to do is go pee.
00:19:39>> Announcer: So in august of 2006, matt went on vacation for some much needed r&r.
00:19:45Matt was spotted with his family on the beach in southampton.
00:19:49The paparazzi prepared to pounce.
00:19:52>> Matt, who knew?
00:19:53You've been hiding it from all of us.
00:19:55>> We just see him on the news, and we don't know what he looks like underneath all that.
00:19:58So when he ripped off his shirt, I think all of america was like, wow!
00:20:02>> I can say this, seeing him, obviously hits the gym.
00:20:06He's athletic.
00:20:07Thank god, he's the first news guy that we see like that.
00:20:12>> Mmm.
00:20:13>> Announcer: Everybody knows the camera adds ten pounds.
00:20:16But in matt's case, it was all chiseled muscle and washboard abs.
00:20:20>> I didn't know matt lauer " this is "the today show"!
00:20:26[ Laughs ] >> matt lauer has to have a six-pack 'cause he has to make up for his receding hairline.
00:20:30>> Announcer: The photos fetched nearly $5,000 from the tabloids.
00:20:35And that's a fee normally associated with guys named pitt and cruise.
00:20:40Matt's manly muscles were the talk of the town.
00:20:44>> Rappers, from now on, are gonna start bragging that they're cut like lauer.
00:20:48>> Announcer: Lauer tried to downplay the pics of his pecs.
00:20:51But then, president bush showed up for an interview and asked lauer to sign an issue of "people" magazine containing the shots.
00:20:57Lauer laughed and responded by suggesting that his head had been photoshopped onto the president's body.
00:21:04Now that's a spin.
00:21:06>> Matt lauer definitely set the bar for newscasters.
00:21:09He made them sexy.
00:21:11>> Announcer: The ratings war between network morning shows is ongoing.
00:21:15But if there's ever a broadcasters' bodybuilding contest, matt lauer's a shoo-in to be named mister morning show.
00:21:23Whether you're a buff-bodied celebrity or a doughy dork at THE BEACH, HERE ARE SOME DOs AND DON'Ts OF WEARING A SWIMSUIT At the seashore.
00:21:32>> Do wear them, and that's it.
00:21:35Just wear 'em.
00:21:36>> Gotta fit, and you've gotta be able to walk around in it.
00:21:39>> You have to buy a swimsuit that you feel good in.
00:21:42>> Announcer: Do have some color.
00:21:44>> Get a base tan 'cause no one wants to see you go from white to red.
00:21:48You're not like a peppermint swirl.
00:21:51>> Tanning is important.
00:21:52Fake tanning, spray tanning, sunset tanning, any kind of tanning you need to do it.
00:21:57>> You don't want everybody to know its your first time in the summer.
00:21:59>> Announcer: Don't be too tan.
00:22:01>> The only time I think funky tan lines are acceptable is if like they spell something out.
00:22:05It works if it's like an advertisement.
00:22:06Can I buy ad space on your ass?
00:22:09>> Announcer: Do be fit.
00:22:10>> Run the treadmill a couple times.
00:22:12Lift a couple free weights.
00:22:14>> The guns are pretty important, yes.
00:22:17>> Announcer: Don't have cellulite.
00:22:19>> If you're a man out there and you don't take care of your body and you've got a big belly, then that's fine.
00:22:24Then there are more women for me.
00:22:26>> Announcer: Do your pruning.
00:22:27>> I think my fitness tips would begin at a more superficial level, like shave.
00:22:33That would be the beginning.
00:22:34>> The men with the raging back hair, some of 'em rock it, they have it like the hair is coming down their shoulders, and you know, they're walkin' the beach, and you're like, come on.
00:22:44>> If you got back hair, wear a shirt and don't take it off.
00:22:48>> I bring my sweater to the beach.
00:22:50>> You know what, hair removal is key.
00:22:54>> Announcer: There's an old adage in hollywood-- there's nothing hotter than two chicks ..
00:23:00Until they start making out.
00:23:02Memorable swimsuit moment #14, denise richards and neve " in 1997, a blue-eyed brunette named denise richards scored her first major film role in the sci-fi adventure "starship " neve campbell was busy starring as julia salinger in the tv " when the two actresses joined forces in the sexy teenage thriller "wild things," even hollywood had to blush.
00:23:31>> I've never done any sort of scene like that before, and the day of I was very nervous, but I just had to block everything out and just do it.
00:23:42[ Laughs ] >> we were trying to push some boundaries in that picture and make it a little bit sleazy and a little bit disreputable.
00:23:48>> I remember where I was when i saw that, who I was with.
00:23:52That was one of those like life-changing movie moments.
00:23:56>> Announcer: The film reaches its boiling point when denise and neve's swimming pool smackdown turns into a full-on girl-on-girl tongue-kiss tour de force.
00:24:08>> ♪♪♪♪♪♪
00:24:13>> that's usually how I settle fights with my girlfriends.
00:24:15Just tongue on tongue, you know, a little nipple.
00:24:18That's pretty much how we settle all disputes.
00:24:20>> I happened to stumble across that scene once, and I thought to myself, this has gotta be the hottest episode of "party of five" I've ever seen.
00:24:28>> You are scared, aren't you?
00:24:30 [ gasping ] >> there's a lot of slapping going on.
00:24:35>> Then, all of a sudden, it's like, hello, party of two.
00:24:39>> Announcer: For richards and campbell the scene was so titillating it required a little dose of liquid courage.
00:24:46>> The two of 'em showed up on set, and they were both giggling.
00:24:48>> We made margaritas.
00:24:49I mean, I don't recommend drinking on the job, but these were scenes I've never done before, and we all wanted to be relaxed.
00:24:55So neve and I definitely had a few cocktails before we shot the scene.
00:24:59>> They seemed to be having some fun actually as the evening wore on.
00:25:04>> Announcer: So what part does an actress play after a girl-on-girl scene that turned a swimming pool into a hot tub?
00:25:10For denise, a role as a nuclear physicist in the next bond film, of course.
00:25:15>> Jumping through things and explosions and everything, it is, it's a lot of fun.
00:25:20>> The reactor core is melting.
00:25:22Millions will die.
00:25:23>> It's okay.
00:25:23We got denise richards on it.
00:25:25>> Announcer: Meanwhile, neve reprised her role as sidney " >> because of it's success, it's done a ton for my career, and it's made me famous and changed my life in a lot of good ways and sometimes difficult ways.
00:25:40But it's okay.
00:25:42>> Announcer: 2006 Brought rumors that campbell and richards would reteam for a "wild things" sequel of sorts to " sure, denise's character was killed in the movie, but hey, if there's another pool scene with neve, something tells us the fans won't mind.
00:25:58>> Put me in with neve campbell in a bathing suit in a pool.
00:26:01" >> Announcer: Coming up on our countdown of memorable swimsuit moments, can a bikini-clad babe really make men sell their souls?
00:26:13We've got one who can.
00:26:14Plus, which bare-chested buds caused rumors to fly?
00:26:18>> Hey, dude, what are you doing?
00:26:19Nothing, wanna go for a bike ride and like show off how awesomely cut we are?
00:26:23Yeah, sounds good.
00:26:24>> Announcer: And guess which starlet is wearing the latest must-have swimsuit accessory?
00:26:29>> Snakes and bikinis, there's a whole lot of wrong that can happen.
00:30:38>> Announcer: Just when you thought it was safe to get a lap dance, vampires have to go mess everything up.
00:30:44Memorable swimsuit moment #13, salma hayek in "from dusk " in 1995, salma hayek was fresh off her head-turning role in " the film was directed by robert rodriguez.
00:31:00He and producer quentin tarantino cast hayek in their next feature, "from dusk " >> yeah, it seems like a feel-good movie.
00:31:08You know, decapitations, eviscerations.
00:31:10>> Announcer: George clooney and tarantino play bank robbing brothers who seek refuge from the law in a dusty mexican strip bar that happens to be filled with vampires.
00:31:19>> Do I believe in vampires?
00:31:20I never have.
00:31:21I get scared by 'em.
00:31:23>> Announcer: Salma plays the strip club's number one dancer of the undead.
00:31:28>> Originally, tarantino was gonna name the character blond death, but he said, "you know what, I love the idea of salma hayek in a bathing suit in this crazy vampire movie, that I'm just gonna name the character " and when she's in a bathing suit, that's what it is, pure pandemonium.
00:31:44>> If I had to get on a table and just like dance for a guy, I would probably be very shy.
00:31:48>> Announcer: But on-camera, salma really sank her teeth into the sexy role.
00:31:53>> She has that latin fiery thing going on, which is always very appealing.
00:31:57>> She was so hot and so seductive, and every male in that room was just like in a trance.
00:32:05>> I tried to do a little research, and it didn't help because the place that I went to they don't even dance.
00:32:10They just throw themselves on the floor and spread the legs out.
00:32:14>> Announcer: Salma slithered onto the stage in her dark red bikini with a headdress of feathers and a gold wonder-woman headband.
00:32:22>> My goal was not to come out there and dance and turn men on.
00:32:28My goal was to come out there and do this ritual where I would put a spell on them.
00:32:36>> Announcer: Casting a spell?
00:32:38Turning men on?
00:32:40Double check.
00:32:41>> Anyone who thinks they should have a flat ass, should really watch that and realize that the flat ass is overrated.
00:32:48>> Announcer: For all her preparation, the scene wasn't easy for salma.
00:32:51She wasn't thrilled about turning up the heat with her cold-blooded dance partner.
00:32:56>> I hated robert and quentin for two months 'cause I wanted to get out of it, you know.
00:33:01I wanted just to do the dance without the snake, and they wouldn't let me out of it.
00:33:04I'm like [ groans ].
00:33:05They knew I hated snakes.
00:33:06Why didn't they pick another animal?
00:33:08>> Announcer: Hayek worked with a hypnotist to get over her phobia of snakes.
00:33:13>> I was almost naked, and my body was really hot, and I had this reptile that was cold.
00:33:21And I was improvising the dance.
00:33:24So I had to move with him, and he led me through the dance.
00:33:29It was the snake that taught me how to dance 'cause I was like trying to mesh with him.
00:33:36So I can't take all the credit for it.
00:33:38>> That's a happy snake.
00:33:40You know he's going back to the jungle like, "yeah, you know, I banged 'em.
00:33:44I slithered.
00:33:44I did my sss-thing, you know.
00:33:46" >> snakes and bikinis, just there's a whole lot of wrong that can happen.
00:33:50>> I immediately thought of what sir mix a lot said-- you know, "the anaconda don't want none " >> Announcer: The audience was so mesmerized by the snake dance that no one expected what came next.
00:34:03Vampira, anyone?
00:34:05>> Oh, no, she's a killer, horrible monster, and yet still, not unattractive.
00:34:09>> Any woman that's looking that hot can bite my head off.
00:34:12I'm cool with that.
00:34:13And I think my friends would be cool with that, too.
00:34:14That's one that you take for the team.
00:34:16>> Announcer: The result was a potent combo of fantasy and erotica and memorable swimsuit moment #13.
00:34:28Far, we've covered lots of memorable swimsuit moments.
00:34:31But there are some we'd all like to forget.
00:34:34Throughout val kilmer's career, he's played everything from rock stars to superheroes.
00:34:40But in this 2006 photo, kilmer looked a lot less batman and a lot more fat man.
00:34:46>> Oh, my god, I love him, and I can't see him like that.
00:34:50>> It's weird because usually black and wetsuits are both very slimming.
00:34:58I don't know how neither of them are here.
00:35:00He literally broke the mold.
00:35:01>> No, don't show me that.
00:35:03>> Someone needs to tell val kilmer this is not the audition for like "free willy: " >> Announcer: He's a living symbol of perseverance, strength, and the power of the human spirit.
00:35:16He likes to play bongos in the nude.
00:35:19Together with their shirts off, they're responsible for memorable swimsuit moment #12-- lance armstrong and matthew McCONAUGHEY.
00:35:28>> Shirtless and worldly, both of those are a fact.
00:35:31>> Announcer: In the winter of 2006, legendary tour de france champion lance armstrong and fiancee sheryl crow called it quits.
00:35:40Later that spring, actor matthew McConaughey broke up with girlfriend penelope cruz.
00:35:45A FEW MONTHS LATER, McCONAUGHEY Was up for the lead role in a movie about armstrong's life.
00:35:50The two became fast friends.
00:35:53>> For us, it was fairly normal and common interests and a good guy, shared passions.
00:36:00>> Announcer: Paparazzi caught the two man-buds jogging together, biking together, lounging in the pool together.
00:36:08>> They're just like, hey, dude, what are you doing?
00:36:10Nothing, wanna go for a bike ride and like show off how awesomely cut we are?
00:36:14Yeah, sounds good.
00:36:15Like why not?
00:36:16>> He and I predominantly done just a bunch of running and gym work and hanging out.
00:36:20>> Somebody needs to tell matthew McConaughey to get dressed.
00:36:23I can't remember the last time I saw him in clothes.
00:36:26>> McCONAUGHEY NEVER MISSES AN Opportunity to take off his shirt.
00:36:29>> Never.
00:36:30I mean, he could be at a funeral, and that thing is just off.
00:36:33>> Coming off.
00:36:34>> What's up?
00:36:36>> Just paying my respects!
00:36:38Sorry for your loss!
00:36:40>> Announcer: They were even photographed buying wine together.
00:36:43Not that there's anything wrong with that.
00:36:46>> matthew McConaughey and lance armstrong, longest man-date ever.
00:36:51>> Lance and matt, buds and studs.
00:36:55>> Announcer: For months, photographers tracked the pair as they hung out looking hot and hunky together, often in matching bike shorts and ipods.
00:37:03>> Two grown men getting matching ipods is something that only happens after a live " >> lance and matthew overtook media.
00:37:12They were kind of like a new bennifer.
00:37:14They were lanceconaughey.
00:37:16>> Announcer: Some in the media even questioned whether lance and matt were becoming more than friends.
00:37:21>> Whatever, we hold hands through these things.
00:37:23>> The whole time.
00:37:23>> Is that gay?
00:37:24>> Is this gay?
00:37:25>> Announcer: Lance told "details" magazine that he and matthew bonded and became buds, but that was it.
00:37:32>> He's a handsome devil.
00:37:33>> Announcer: Matthew had a little more fun with the gay question.
00:37:36He told the same magazine, quote, "we tried it.
00:37:39" >> that's a pretty good way to figure out if you're gay.
00:37:43Try it once.
00:37:44See if it's for you.
00:37:45Kind of like cauliflower.
00:37:46>> Announcer: The two buddies did come up with nicknames for each other.
00:37:50Matt calls lance livestrong.
00:37:52Lance calls matt redneck buddha.
00:37:55Aw, how cute?
00:37:57>> My little matt buddha and my little livestrong?
00:37:59>> At least, it's not like, you know, sugar-tits and honeybuns.
00:38:02>> Announcer: As long as matthew and lance keep showing up in public without their shirts, who really cares?
00:38:07>> [ Laughs ] >> Announcer: She was the face of estee lauder for more than a decade.
00:38:14She was the girlfriend of hugh grant for just as long.
00:38:17But more than that, elizabeth hurley has the honor of holding the #11 spot on our swimsuit countdown.
00:38:24In 2000, director harold ramis was looking for an actor to play " >> the idea of making the devil a woman came from my wife.
00:38:34We use sex to sell everything.
00:38:36Certainly in this day and age, the devil would use sexuality to make her deal.
00:38:41>> Announcer: Uma thurman, julianne moore, and even madonna were all considered for the role.
00:38:46>> Interesting they passed up madonna.
00:38:48All of her movies are such hits.
00:38:50>> So we were barraged with a list of, you know, really interesting women.
00:38:54And elizabeth came in and was so completely at ease and relaxed.
00:38:59>> Announcer: It also didn't hurt that the supermodel showed up at ramis's office in skintight slacks and six-inch heels.
00:39:06The part was hers.
00:39:08>> I've played a lot of innocent sort of english roses in my time, and much nicer to play, you know, someone a little naughtier.
00:39:15Bit of a twinkle in my eye.
00:39:16>> Smart move that they got liz hurley 'cause I think she looks dead sexy.
00:39:20>> Announcer: In the film, brendan fraser plays a nerdy computer geek who makes a pact with the devil in exchange for seven wishes.
00:39:27Of course, satan should be dressed to kill.
00:39:31But just days before filming began, liz and costume designer deena appel were having a devil of a time finding the right wardrobe.
00:39:39The supermodel called donatella versace for a favor.
00:39:43>> I rang up sobbing, saying, "i need clothes," and luckily, 'cause she's one of the nicest women in the universe, they made me three fabulous dresses.
00:39:53They made me snakeskin boots which they handpainted.
00:39:55They were unbelievably good, really nice.
00:39:59>> Announcer: Fendi also had sympathy for the devil and made a coat for hurley.
00:40:03In one scene, liz wore a sexy schoolteacher's outfit that came from her own closet.
00:40:08>> That's my own.
00:40:10Is that frightening?
00:40:12>> Announcer: In the best way!
00:40:13But the outfit that helped liz make our list, a blood-red two-piece that's nothing short of sinful.
00:40:20>> I had a scene where I was wearing a jewel-encrusted bikini, six-inch platforms, and I had a boa constrictor which i was sort of wrestling with.
00:40:28That was my favorite.
00:40:29Then harold said it was too frightening to audience members.
00:40:32It had been taken out.
00:40:33And it's only on the dvd.
00:40:34>> When she comes out in that suit, you're just like, it's delicious.
00:40:39>> Elizabeth hurley wanted her rendition of the devil to be a cross between cruella de vil and a porn star.
00:40:46I think she nailed it.
00:40:48>> Announcer: Elizabeth says she's got no problem acting like an intimidating woman.
00:40:52But she worried that men might be afraid to chat her up after seeing her play satan.
00:40:57>> I'll go to hell for that.
00:40:59Sign me up.
00:41:00Who do I have to kill?
00:41:01>> Announcer: "Bedazzled" wasn't a gift from the box-office gods, but liz hurley gave the devil one heavenly body.
00:41:09>> Again, just one more thing that makes you think, boy, hugh grant's a moron.
00:41:15>> Announcer: Coming up, A '60s SEX SYMBOL BRINGS OUT Guys' inner caveman.
00:41:20Which dream girl becomes a swimsuit cover girl?
00:41:23Plus, it's hot and it's juicy and it left guys drooling.
00:41:29>> When I first saw this ad, i thought this was the sex tape everyone was talking about.
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00:45:37>> Announcer: A burger, a bentley, a bucket of suds, and a babe.
00:45:42We could only be talking about memorable swimsuit moment #10, paris hilton in her carl's jr.
00:45:51Paris is sexy, outspoken, and totally high-profile.
00:45:56>> My grandmother knows who paris hilton is, and she's been in a coma for 20 years.
00:46:00>> Announcer: In 2003, hilton added reality show star to her credits when she began starring " that year, paris gave us a catch phrase for the ages.
00:46:13>> That's hot.
00:46:14>> Announcer: The ubiquitous affirmation caught the attention hamburger chain.
00:46:18>> We came up with the spicy barbecue six dollar burger, which was a really hot product.
00:46:22Here's we got a celebrity with " and they said, "let's put her in " >> Man: And action.
00:46:31>> Announcer: The spot featured paris wearing a slinky shay todd-designed swimsuit, stiletto heels, and a diamond necklace.
00:46:40Paris, uh, washes a black bentley.
00:46:44And by "wash," we mean slithers all over the car covered in soapsuds while looking really, really sexy.
00:46:52>> ♪♪♪♪♪♪
00:46:59>> Van Straaten: When I first saw this ad, I thought this was the sex tape everyone was talking about.
00:47:03>> Announcer: Oh, yeah, and somewhere in all that, she takes a bite of a hamburger.
00:47:09>> Did you see those buns?
00:47:10And I don't mean on the burger.
00:47:12>> Announcer:, sank nearly $5 million into the promotion.
00:47:17Turned out to be money well-spent.
00:47:20>> YOU got McDonald's spending $800 million a year.
00:47:22Burger king spends $400 million a year.
00:47:25You need to remember our ad.
00:47:26I can't hit you with an ad that many times.
00:47:28We gotta do something that gets right to the target, and paris got right to the target.
00:47:33>> Announcer: Internet searches " reportedly rose 800%.
00:47:40>> The first week, it was ranked at the number one hit web site in the world.
00:47:44>> Announcer: But not everyone was ecstatic about the racy commercial.
00:47:48>> The parent television council " nice choice of words.
00:47:52Well, parent television council, why don't you keep me abreast of the situation?
00:47:56I hope your campaign doesn't go bust.
00:47:59>> Announcer: fired back by stating that, quote, "there is no nudity.
00:48:04" >> it's a commercial with a beautiful blonde in a one-piece bathing suit, washing a car and eating a hamburger, what could be more american than that?
00:48:13>> Announcer: Paris might not have a squeaky-clean reputation, but as far as we're concerned, this bathing suit was nothing but good, clean fun.
00:48:24It was a dream sequence in a totally fictional movie comedy, but for owen wilson, it became real life.
00:48:31Memorable swimsuit moment #9 belongs to that little ray of sunshine, kate hudson in "you, " >> ♪♪♪♪♪♪
00:48:44>> yeah, kate hudson's got a cute, little body.
00:48:46She's pretty cute.
00:48:47She's got little boobies, but she rocks it out.
00:48:50>> Announcer: Kate hudson didn't just inherit her lovably sexy bubbliness from mom goldie hawn, she also managed to inherit that sinfully stacked behind.
00:48:59>> How could goldie hawn's daughter not be completely hot?
00:49:01>> Announcer: In the 2000 comedy "you, me and dupree," matt dillon worries that his dropout buddy, played by wilson, is going to steal his new bride, kate.
00:49:11In a paranoid dream sequence, that's just what happens.
00:49:16>> ♪♪♪♪♪♪
00:49:23>> my first thought was like, oh, my god, she looks exactly like her mom.
00:49:28That's gotta be scary for somebody.
00:49:31Maybe kurt.
00:49:32>> Announcer: Kate's posterior was just waiting for the right presentation.
00:49:35Owen wilson, along with cast and crew, helped her pick the sexiest swimsuit possible.
00:49:41>> She was in this like incredible like bikini kind of bathing suit.
00:49:46And lance armstrong was there that day.
00:49:50You know, I think we both kinda felt like seventh-grade boys, like, whoa, like beavis and butt-head kinda looking at kate walking around.
00:49:56>> The kiss as we did it was just absolutely insane, and it was probably too gross to show, so they stuck with the face-licking.
00:50:08And it was interesting.
00:50:09It was salty.
00:50:11>> "Kiss" doesn't do it justice.
00:50:12Even "french kiss" doesn't do it justice.
00:50:15It was like, the only way you " >> yeah, I don't like licking.
00:50:21So I don't like to see licking.
00:50:22I don't want people licking me.
00:50:25Licking is pretty pornographic.
00:50:27And I'm a pretty strait-laced girl.
00:50:29>> I left work that day, and i just went, "i can't believe " >> Announcer: In the movie, it turns out the attraction between kate and owen is all in dillon's head.
00:50:38But in real life, wilson and hudson hooked up.
00:50:41Can a sexy swimsuit moment lead to true love?
00:50:44>> Once you lick somebody, I mean, you're pretty much gonna be with that person for a long time if you're gonna like swallow them full in your mouth.
00:50:52>> Announcer: Historians agree that primitive man lived lives that were nasty, brutish, and short.
00:50:58But hollywood likes to look on the bright side, like memorable swimsuit moment #8, raquel welch " actress, jo raquel tejada was born to a bolivian father and an english-american mom.
00:51:14>> There's something about her name that just does it.
00:51:16It's not rachel.
00:51:17It's raquel.
00:51:18>> When I first got under contract to fox, the marketing and publicity pr people came and kind of suggested to me that the name raquel might not be really user-friendly.
00:51:30" do I look like a debbie to you?
00:51:34>> Announcer: Back in the '60s, ethnic good looks weren't always embraced.
00:51:38>> Talk about not your typical beauty, 'cause at the time, raquel was very sensuous and voluptuous and dark-skinnned, where, you know, most of the women were very proper, very american-looking.
00:51:49>> Announcer: In 1965, raquel was approached to star in a remake of a classic 1940 caveman-and-dinosaur movie " >> I really didn't wanna be in a dinosaur movie.
00:52:00I just felt like, oh, i-- you know, my career is never gonna lift off if I do stuff like this.
00:52:06>> Announcer: Let's just say raquel would make a lousy fortuneteller.
00:52:10Appearing in a torn leather and doe-skin two-piece that barely contained her bountiful bosom, raquel's character loana became an instant classic.
00:52:20>> You obviously know god's a man.
00:52:22I mean, even back then, he was making bathing suits for us to look at like that.
00:52:26>> I think that probably spurred man to start walking upright.
00:52:30That's how he got his name.
00:52:32>> Announcer: The photos were so smoldering, fox released production stills before the movie was even finished.
00:52:38>> People were making a big fuss over these shots of me.
00:52:42Got off the plane, and there was like paparazzi, like wall-to-wall, you know, like " I was like, they know who I am?
00:52:51>> Announcer: The movie was a box-office smash.
00:52:55The audience didn't seem to mind that welch uttered only four words in the film.
00:53:00Or perhaps they didn't notice.
00:53:01" that was like my big, my big moment, you know.
00:53:11>> Announcer: Raquel's exotic beauty was undeniable.
00:53:15Still, her unique appeal was a far cry from the blond BOMBSHELLS OF THE 1950s.
00:53:20>> Sexuality can give you a certain power.
00:53:22This bathing suit certainly says power.
00:53:23It says, "i went out, and i killed an animal, and now I'm " >> that was kind of a little more rough and ready.
00:53:29It was more kind of athletic.
00:53:30IT WAS THE '60s.
00:53:32So there was a lot of upheaval and change.
00:53:35>> You know, she's showing it all, and she's primal.
00:53:38>> She definitely gave tarzan a run for his money.
00:53:40>> She is just amazing-looking, isn't she?
00:53:43A million years before christ, women looked like that.
00:53:46What have we done?
00:53:49Our nutrition, our fitness-- it's all wrong.
00:53:52>> Announcer: After the movie came out, there was no turning back for raquel.
00:53:56>> The poster shot started to come out, and I became this overnight international sex symbol.
00:54:01>> Not many people remember that film, but pretty much everyone knows that image of her on the poster.
00:54:07>> Wherever I go, people come up to me, even now, and say, " so it's like still out there after all these years.
00:54:17>> Woman: My dad still has this little black-and-white picture of her like in the bikini that's signed.
00:54:22So, I mean, forever that image is ingrained in my father's skull.
00:54:29>> I do think that without it I would never had the other opportunities that I've had.
00:54:34>> Announcer: Welch enjoyed a long and successful acting career, but she'll always be remembered for that little animal skin ensemble that set THE'60s ON FIRE.
00:54:45She starred as a dreamgirl.
00:54:48She won a booty-load of grammys.
00:54:50And she got her shag on with austin powers.
00:54:53She's memorable swimsuit moment #7-- beyonce on the cover of " " is known for its annual swimsuit issue.
00:55:06Many a supermodel had her career jump-started by an appearance on the cover.
00:55:11But in 2007, for the first time, "sports illustrated" gave the cover to a non-model-- beyonce knowles.
00:55:19" I never imagined my face underneath those words.
00:55:25>> Beyonce is not just bootylicious.
00:55:27She is everything-licious.
00:55:29She is booby-licious.
00:55:31She's arm-alicious.
00:55:33>> I mean, she's got a beautiful body and exudes, you know, such health and happiness.
00:55:38>> She's hip-alicious.
00:55:39She's leg-alicious.
00:55:41>> She can look as sexy as any of the other "s.i." models.
00:55:45>> Everything about her is " she is probably elbow-licious.
00:55:49>> She's taking the industry by storm in a hot pink and yellow little number.
00:55:53That's the way to do it.
00:55:54>> Announcer: The folks at " decided beyonce was the perfect person to front their music-themed swimsuit issue.
00:56:00>> You know, it came down to beyonce or the fat guy from blues travelers.
00:56:05I think they made the right choice.
00:56:07>> Announcer: The editors booked the photo session for the end of november 2006, smack dab in the middle of the holiday binging season.
00:56:15Beyonce said she stressed over everything she ate that thanksgiving.
00:56:20>> You can't tell she ate thanksgiving feast.
00:56:22That's for sure.
00:56:23>> I mean, I knew she had a hot body, but wow, superfit, not afraid of her curves.
00:56:28And it just, you know, it empowers women.
00:56:30>> Announcer: Beyonce's mom lent moral support as well as fashion support.
00:56:34Tina knowles actually designed her daughter's bikini for the cover.
00:56:38It's from the singer's own clothing line, house of dereon.
00:56:42>> She does a good job of knowing the difference between what's sexy and what's trashy.
00:56:48>> Woman: I'm sort of amused that they have the little jewel placed strategically between her breasts because none of us are going to notice the jewel.
00:56:57>> Announcer: Both fans and the " for celebrating a curvier woman on the cover.
00:57:02>> I mean, obviously, they put her on the cover because they think she can sell magazines, and I think they were completely right.
00:57:07And maybe they needed to change it up a little bit.
00:57:09Maybe those little models, size zero, were getting a little stale.
00:57:12>> Announcer: Beyonce had ulterior motives for doing the cover.
00:57:16She felt it would help prove to her kids one day that their mama was beautiful.
00:57:20>> I guess, what, all the film, television, and album covers didn't prove that point.
00:57:26>> She just, she just gets prettier and prettier as she gets older.
00:57:31Is she gonna stop?
00:57:32Is she gonna stop getting prettier?
00:57:35>> God bless her.
00:57:36I'll say it once again.
00:57:37God bless you, beyonce.
00:57:38God bless you.
00:57:39>> Announcer: So just in case beyonce's kids don't believe she was a hottie, we present " when our march toward swimsuit moment #1 continues, is there anything sexier than a bikini?
00:57:53We've got the answer.
00:57:55>> This is a whole new genre.
00:57:56It was sort of part mystery thriller, part wet t-shirt contest.
00:57:59>> Announcer: Find out which international sports star has nerves of steel and buns to match.
00:58:07>> Of heat, hair, and sexuality.this is great.
00:59:06This is my favorite time of year.
00:59:10Hey! you looking for me?
00:59:11Oh, I bet they can't wait to bite my chocolaty ears off.
00:59:15 where'd you guys come from?
00:59:17Pineapple bunnies? seriously?
00:59:19Edible arrangements bouquets, beautiful like flowers, but unforgettably delicious, especially with chocolate.
00:59:26Starting at $40.
00:59:27Happiness is always in season, seven days a week.
00:59:29com lets talk about this, I'm all ears.
01:02:24>> Announcer: It's more than just a bathing suit moment.
01:02:27It's the origin of one of the most hallowed traditions of spring break.
01:02:31Memorable swimsuit moment #6 is jacqueline bisset " in 1975, the movie "jaws" made everybody afraid to go in the water.
01:02:43Two years later, "the deep" made every woman afraid to get out of the water in a white cotton t-shirt, all thanks to jacqueline bisset.
01:02:52>> They told me that people dive often in t-shirts, you know.
01:02:57I really must've been a bit naive.
01:02:58I mean, I really didn't put it together.
01:03:01But I suppose they did.
01:03:03>> I'd watch "jaws" three times and still get in the water if she were in the water.
01:03:07>> Announcer: In "the deep," jacqueline bisset and a pre-dui nick nolte played lovers vacationing in the bahamas.
01:03:14>> I could buy nick nolte as a treasure hunter if the treasure they're looking for is rum.
01:03:19>> You wanna go dive naked?
01:03:21>> He's a lucky bastard to be on that boat with her.
01:03:23>> Announcer: When the two discover a sunken ship during a pleasure dive, the rickety plot begins to unfold.
01:03:29>> My parents were like, "you can't watch 'the deep,'" which made wanna just watch it even more, and then I found out why.
01:03:36[ Laughs ] >> Announcer: But the real treasure wasn't found on the ship.
01:03:40The opening dive scene featured bisset wearing only her bikini bottoms with a white t-shirt.
01:03:46>> This is a whole new genre.
01:03:47It was sort of part mystery thriller, part wet t-shirt contest.
01:03:50>> Announcer: The world developed a greater understanding of the relationship between saltwater and domestic cotton.
01:03:56>> It's like "girls gone wild" with buried treasure, arrr.
01:04:00>> Announcer: Audiences went crazy for bisset.
01:04:03>> All of america was talking about it.
01:04:05Everyone was talking about it.
01:04:06And she looked so beautiful.
01:04:10>> Announcer: But jacqueline herself was not thrilled with the outcome.
01:04:13>> It was very flattering and a little ridiculous.
01:04:16But it was-- actually, I was embarrassed.
01:04:19>> "Should we tell jacqueline that we can totally see her nipples?
01:04:22No, no, no.
01:04:23" "why would my character wear this outfit in this scene?
01:04:26" "no, it's exactly what divers " >> cousteau used to do it all the time.
01:04:31We would always see his breasts whenever he would emerge with a red hat on.
01:04:35>> I never perceived of myself as being good-looking.
01:04:39>> If your breasts look that great wet in a white t-shirt-- you know, they're probably not where they once were, jacqueline.
01:04:45Just be thankful that it's documented.
01:04:48Celebrate it.
01:04:49>> Announcer: Despite her problems with the racy scenes, there's no denying that bisset's appearance in the film had a profound impact on her career and, more importantly, on american culture.
01:05:00>> It did help my career.
01:05:02But it wasn't the kind of publicity I wanted.
01:05:04I'd tried to avoid that 'cause I just really wanted, you know, the old line, "you want to be " >> this is why millions of men wanna pour buckets of water on women wearing white t-shirts.
01:05:15Jacqueline was absolutely a pioneer.
01:05:17>> I certainly am not the first person who's worn a wet t-shirt.
01:05:20So I don't if I'll claim that.
01:05:22I might just disclaim that.
01:05:23>> Announcer: Even rosie o'donnell famously claimed that the clinging shirt shots in "the deep" convinced her that she was a lesbian.
01:05:30>> I mean, I was a lesbian for about an hour after I saw that scene.
01:05:34>> Announcer: Studios kill for that kind of crossover appeal.
01:05:37>> When I first met her, I didn't know she had said that.
01:05:39When I did her show, I thought that was funny.
01:05:41I think she'd say anything for a laugh.
01:05:43>> Announcer: Bisset's now in HER 60s, AND SHE STILL LOOKS Great on-screen, playing characters like the mysterious james on the hit tv show " but jacqueline will always be remembered and revered for one giant blue ocean and one tiny white t-shirt.
01:06:00>> Just the white t-shirt.
01:06:02Why don't they do that more often?
01:06:04>> Announcer: His dominance on the soccer field made him sports royalty.
01:06:07His luck with the ladies made him an international superstar.
01:06:11His appearance in a bathing suit made him memorable swimsuit moment #5-- david beckham in his speedo.
01:06:20IN THE MID-'90s, DAVID BECKHAM Thrilled british soccer crowds as the star player of manchester united.
01:06:26>> He rules europe.
01:06:28He just doesn't rule america 'cause people are like, " >> what the hell is that?
01:06:32>> Kicking a ball around?
01:06:34Come on.
01:06:35>> Announcer: His signature arching free kicks inspired legions of football fans who longed to bend it like beckham.
01:06:41>> David beckham in everyday life is a greek adonis.
01:06:45>> To hear that, it's just special.
01:06:47>> Announcer: The beloved ball-basher also happened to be married to one victoria adams, aka posh spice of the spice girls.
01:06:56>> Why is he even married?
01:06:58He should be ruling all of us with an iron fist.
01:07:00>> He could've been the fifth spice girl.
01:07:02He probably would've broken the group up, though, 'cause he would've been the most popular.
01:07:06>> Announcer: In july 2006, david beckham really raised his profile.
01:07:11Posh and becks were enjoying a sunny afternoon aboard designer roberto cavalli's yacht off the coast of italy.
01:07:18The paparazzi were poised as david dropped trow and stripped down to a snug little speedo.
01:07:25>> If there's one person that can get away with wearing a speedo, it is david beckham.
01:07:28That's a hot piece of ass.
01:07:30>> If you look like david beckham, you can wear whatever the [bleep] you want.
01:07:35>> I've seen him in board shorts, hot.
01:07:38I've seen him in a speedo, hot.
01:07:40Can I see him in nothing?
01:07:42>> Announcer: The world got an eyeful of that beautiful body, and becks went from british boy wonder to international object of desire.
01:07:49>> If I were dating david beckham, I would have him chained to my body at all times.
01:07:55>> Announcer: Beckham has a knack for pulling off risky new looks, from high fashion to tough-guy chic to whatever this is.
01:08:03>> He's also in touch with his feminine side.
01:08:05He does his facials, and he has his nails done.
01:08:08>> When you are more glamorous than your wife and your wife's name is posh, something needs to be recalibrated.
01:08:15>> Announcer: Not to mention, the hair.
01:08:16>> I think one of his celebrity friends must be fantastic sam.
01:08:20>> He's inspired women in japan to line up for bikini waxes that actually resemble different haircuts.
01:08:27From the faux-hawk to the bald to-- you name it, they've got it.
01:08:33>> So he's changing his hairstyle.
01:08:34He's always like, he's a real fashion diva.
01:08:36I'm sure that hot mess he's married to has something to do with it, though.
01:08:39>> Announcer: With his global status as the ultimate soccer stud firmly in place, beckham prepared to take america by storm.
01:08:47>> He's got it all.
01:08:48He's got the girl.
01:08:48He's got the millions.
01:08:49He's got the look.
01:08:50He's got the hair.
01:08:51He's got the jewelry.
01:08:52What doesn't the guy have?
01:08:53He's killing me.
01:08:54>> Announcer: Becks signed with galaxy soccer squad in june of 2007.
01:08:59It may be the most popular sport in the world, but soccer is still struggling to catch football and baseball here in the u.s.
01:09:07But maybe if they played in ..
01:09:13She was the hottest girl you ever had in your bedroom.
01:09:17Too bad she was just hanging on your wall.
01:09:20Memorable swimsuit moment #4 belongs to the late farrah fawcett.
01:09:26>> I was shy.
01:09:27[ Laughs ] >> I love farrah's face in that poster.
01:09:30You know, like she just sat on a tack and kind of liked it.
01:09:33>> You have to call it "the " >> it's true.
01:09:37>> Because it made an audible noise.
01:09:39>> Every garage I walked into-- I'm having my car serviced-- she was on the wall.
01:09:41>> Every boy had that poster in their bedroom wall.
01:09:45And every girl had, you know, the trapper keeper.
01:09:48>> Announcer: 1976, America celebrated her 200th year and " farrah fawcett dazzled us with her lightning-bright smile and perfectly feathered hair, and a nation of pubescent boys started feeling kind of funny down there.
01:10:07>> It's only, I think, just now sort of hitting me.
01:10:09I know that sounds strange.
01:10:10But at the time, with the poster and "charlie's angels," I was so involved in work.
01:10:16>> Announcer: But before chuck's chicks even made air, an ohio company caught wind of the coming foxiness and commissioned a poster-- the poster.
01:10:26>> I'm pretty sure my brother had it.
01:10:28My husband had it.
01:10:30My husband's father had it.
01:10:31>> An inferno.
01:10:34>> Of heat, hair, and sexuality.
01:10:37>> Announcer: The poster company offered kate jackson and jaclyn smith the same deal, and they turned it down.
01:10:43But farrah had a beautifully coiffed head for business and agreed to the deal, provided she got total control of the shoot.
01:10:50The famous rust-red bathing suit was farrah's third outfit of the day-- all from her own closet.
01:10:56For a backdrop, photographer bruce McBroom yanked an old indian blanket out of his pickup truck.
01:11:02>> The photographer grabbed the rug that was on his flatbed and just put it under her.
01:11:08That turns me on to no end.
01:11:10>> Announcer: Farrah turned her smile up to 11.
01:11:13And 20 rolls of film later, a generation of boys became men.
01:11:18>> I remember feeling strange sensations and not really being able to understand exactly what was going on.
01:11:22I would look at my brother's farrah poster and I'd get a little confused and I'd run out of the room.
01:11:27>> Announcer: The poster company didn't actually want to pay for the shoot because farrah wasn't in a bikini.
01:11:33Eventually, they saw the light.
01:11:35>> Farrah fawcett was just gorgeous.
01:11:37She was strong.
01:11:38She was beautiful.
01:11:39I think her poster in her red bathing suit, I think, was the number one selling poster of all time.
01:11:44>> It's weird, 'cause in 1976, sexuality is very different than now.
01:11:48Now you take a picture of yourself in a swimsuit and just stare icily at the camera like you're ready to have sex, like you're a predator.
01:11:55Back then, you kind of just smiled like you were confused.
01:11:58>> Announcer: In an era before internet porn and celebrity sex tapes, the simple poster of a girl on a blanket sold an astonishing 12 million copies.
01:12:09Coming up, you can't spell bodacious without a "b" and " >> she was only on-screen for 20 minutes, but it's the scene she's most remembered for, for her whole career.
01:12:21>> Announcer: They're the girls that save - on motorcycle insurance, rv, camper, boat insurance. nice work, everyone.
01:13:10 he's a cute little lizard.
01:13:14 ah, gecko, actually - with all due respect, if I was tiny and green and had a british accent I'd have more folks paying attention to me ..
01:13:21I mean - (faux english accent) "save money!
01:13:22" exec 2: british? I thought you were australian.
01:13:27 'cause actually, I'm from - fifteen minutescould save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
01:15:20Dear Mrs. Crandall: It's easy to get so busy, we can forget there are others who need our help...
01:15:24Let's work on your reading, okay?
01:15:26(Child reading) Vanessa, you're next.
01:15:32(Child reading) ♪ Everyday heroes, livin' in your neighborhood...
01:15:38By taking the time to help my daughter read, you've become her hero... and mine.
01:16:34>> Announcer: They're the girls who help you see the bright side of drowning at the beach.
01:16:38Memorable swimsuit moment #3 is shared by pam anderson and the " >> the hours are long.
01:16:47The sun is hot.
01:16:48People are absolutely gorgeous.
01:16:50Someone's gotta do it.
01:16:51It's a tough job.
01:16:53>> Announcer: The concept was simple-- get some beautiful busty babes, a couple hot, hunky dudes, put 'em in bathing suits, and turn on the cameras.
01:17:01Result-- the most-watched television show in history.
01:17:06And it almost didn't happen.
01:17:08"Baywatch" was actually dropped from the schedule after its first season due to high costs and low ratings.
01:17:15>> Buxom women in swimsuits, running around in slow motion.
01:17:18Cancel it.
01:17:19>> Announcer: Fortunately, star david hasselhoff had a little more vision than the network.
01:17:23>> The hoff's a genius.
01:17:24>> I am producer.
01:17:25I know these things.
01:17:27>> David obviously knows a hit when he sees one.
01:17:29>> David hasselhoff did a great deed for humanity.
01:17:32>> Announcer: He took over as executive producer and sold the show into syndication.
01:17:36And there was one more change-- a blond sitcom sidekick named pam joined the cast.
01:17:42>> Mitch, it's not what you think.
01:17:44I didn't do anything to encourage father ryan.
01:17:46I did nothing to be ashamed of.
01:17:48This is a total misunderstanding.
01:17:50>> She comes out of the trailer, and she is like pow, pow!
01:17:53>> Pam anderson in a bathing suit.
01:17:55It's so weird to find a woman that's so smart and has such a great body.
01:17:59You know, put 'em both together, and it's like, what can't she do?
01:18:02>> What pamela anderson did no one else has done.
01:18:04You can ask someone in poland about pamela, and they will know her and her red bathing suit.
01:18:10>> Pam and her crew, their buoys, I mean, they do look like they could rescue you.
01:18:15>> She had her own like life preservers sort of in her bikini anyways, but I don't think she was gonna drown anytime soon.
01:18:22>> Are you allowed to have augmented breasts and be a lifeguard?
01:18:25I would like to know.
01:18:26>> How do you submerge?
01:18:27Are you constantly, "i'm coming to save you"?
01:18:31And popping my back up.
01:18:33>> Announcer: Pammy and the other luscious lifeguards became the poster girls of sexuality IN THE '90s, LITERALLY.
01:18:40Even prince william had pammy's picture up in his dorm room.
01:18:44No wonder his dad liked to visit so much.
01:18:46In its second season, the ratings for "baywatch" went through the roof.
01:18:50>> "Baywatch" was not about pala anderson and all the other girls.
01:18:54It was about water safety.
01:18:56These people are not eye candy.
01:19:00>> Heroes.
01:19:01They're the real heroes.
01:19:02>> Announcer: And year after year, more and more beautiful babes put their twist on the slow-mo beach jog.
01:19:09>> You know what's a killer?
01:19:10Is people think we were really running in slow motion.
01:19:12>> Women in slow motion turn me on.
01:19:14Is that weird?
01:19:16'Cause in my life, women move so quickly, I can never like hit on them.
01:19:19But a woman in slow motion, I think I have a shot at.
01:19:22>> Announcer: Donna d'errico, traci bingham, carmen electra-- they all donned the formfitting one-piece for "baywatch" and " >> "playboy" was always approaching us from the beginning.
01:19:35>> I think hugh hefner and david hasselhoff might be on some sort of rotation where they just pass around the girls, like some sort of lazy susan.
01:19:43>> Announcer: As a teenage boy, if you didn't have cinemax, you " >> I was actually 9 when I got " my entire adolescence was spent around bikini babes-- on the set, doing promo work for "baywatch," bikini babes, bikini babes, and more bikini babes.
01:19:59>> You know, you talk about jeremy seeing stuff.
01:20:01I mean, you were lucky if you got a take where you kept your bathing suit on.
01:20:04>> Some of the hottest girls in the industry today actually played my love interest.
01:20:08Michelle williams, she was my hot bikini babe.
01:20:11>> Announcer: Costume designer karen braverman was the genius behind the jiggle.
01:20:16>> Over the years, you can tell the difference.
01:20:18The sides got higher and higher every year, and the front got lower and lower.
01:20:22>> Announcer: Karen brought in suits from makers like gottex, ipanema, and beach patrol.
01:20:26She then tailored every one to fit each female's physique.
01:20:30>> Sometimes we'd go through two, three a day, 'cause if we were getting in and out of the water, and then we had to go to a scene that was dry, or if you got body makeup, which was a daily occurrence on one, then you could switch out.
01:20:39So we went through a lot.
01:20:41>> Announcer: The attention to detail was worth it.
01:20:44"Baywatch" aired in more than 140 countries and was translated into more than 40 languages.
01:20:51>> "Baywatch" was on in every continent except antarctica, 'cause that would just be rubbing it in their faces.
01:20:56>> Announcer: An estimated 1 billion viewers enjoyed the sexy stylings of the busty babes in beachwear.
01:21:05>> This gives america a great name.
01:21:07We speak the universal language of hot chicks running in bouncy swimsuits.
01:21:12How can you not love america?
01:21:14>> Announcer: All thanks to a little lycra bathing suit and the ladies who made it legendary.
01:21:21She gave new hope to doughy middle-aged men.
01:21:25She perfected the slow-mo beach jog way before pammy and the hoff.
01:21:30She even made cornrows sexy.
01:21:33Memorable swimsuit moment #2 is " in 1979, calling bo derek hot was kinda like calling darth vader temperamental.
01:21:46>> It's as though I invented nudity.
01:21:48>> Announcer: Bo became a celebrity sex symbol due to one film with a two-digit title.
01:21:53The movie was simply called " >> I played bo derek's husband " she was a complete unknown at the time, but absolutely stunning.
01:22:03And I think she brought this brand-new image to bathing beauties.
01:22:08>> She was only on-screen for 20 minutes, but it's the scene she's most remembered for, for her whole career.
01:22:13>> Announcer: Director blake edwards says he gave bo the role because she was the only actress who didn't say "yes" when asked if she was a ten.
01:22:21>> I've never been a ten, never been a ten, not in my opinion.
01:22:26>> Announcer: The film featured a middle-aged man, played by dudley moore, who is obsessed with his vision of the perfect woman.
01:22:33Dudley follows bo to mexico where she's on her honeymoon.
01:22:37>> I left her alone on the beach, and dudley moore came in and took her from me.
01:22:41>> Announcer: What follows is the dream sequence that every oxygen-breathing male has replayed in his mind for almost three decades.
01:22:49>> I'm really not sure whose breasts were bouncing more.
01:22:52Bo derek or dudley moore?
01:22:54>> Announcer: While bo was a vision on the beach, dudley's character was not so easy on the eyes.
01:22:59>> If you're gonna have a dream sequence, you can at least dress up for it.
01:23:02>> I'm usually in schleppy clothing in my dream sequences.
01:23:05I actually relate to dudley moore in that.
01:23:07>> He's in some disgusting sweat suit wearing glasses.
01:23:11She should be wearing glasses and get a better look at who's she's running toward.
01:23:15>> Announcer: Of course, bo didn't exactly need to wear much for this beauty and the beach scene.
01:23:20>> It's interesting that a one-piece can be so sexy.
01:23:23The tan gold color just blended away with her skin.
01:23:26>> Woman: When you see her running, is she nude, is she not nude?
01:23:29>> I grew up in southern california, so I have a lot of experience wearing swimsuits.
01:23:33>> Announcer: The movie "10" had a serious cultural impact as well.
01:23:37Bo's beaded cornrows became all the rage.
01:23:41>> Who would have thought it would start such a sensation since I certainly didn't invent it?
01:23:45>> Every woman in america was like, "i think I could pull that hairstyle off," and sadly enough, no, ladies, you cannot.
01:23:52>> I gotta say bo derek's cornrows, it makes you think, does the carpet match the drapes?
01:23:57>> IT WAS THE '70s.
01:23:58>> It was a lot of weird stuff going on there.
01:24:00>> Announcer: Weird or not, a new way of rating the opposite sex was born.
01:24:05>> The number system sucks.
01:24:06We have bo derek to thank for that.
01:24:08'Cause if I have to see another "four" next to my name, I'm really gonna cry.
01:24:11>> Announcer: Bo is now IN HER 50s.
01:24:14And for all you middle-aged guys who drooled over her in "10," she's still out of your league.
01:24:20All right, when we come back, we unveil our number one swimsuit moment of all time.
01:24:26>> I'm just getting hot thinking about it.
01:24:39♪♪ ♪♪
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01:28:45>> ♪♪♪♪♪♪
01:28:48>> Announcer: Congratulations to all our hotties and hunks in your bikinis and board shorts.
01:28:54Some have been tanned.
01:28:55Some have been toned.
01:28:57Some have even been a little tubby.
01:28:59But they all lead to this-- the last wave, the big kahuna of our countdown.
01:29:05In the pantheon of bathing suit moments, one stands out above the rest.
01:29:10It's the "apollo" moon landing of bikini shots.
01:29:13It's the berlin wall of sexy swimsuit scenes.
01:29:16We can only be talking about memorable moment #1-- phoebe cates in "fast times at " >> the phoebe cates moment really captures adolescence and especially since, you know, one minute, you're really, really turned on and excited, and the next, they're embarrassed.
01:29:34>> It's just such a cool cast and such a cool movie moment that's been like redone in music videos and throughout pop culture.
01:29:40Like that's the hands down number one moment, as well it should be.
01:29:43>> Announcer: The film followed the exploits of california stoners, surfers, and virgins as they struggle through high school.
01:29:52But it was phoebe cates who had all the boys dropping their clearasil.
01:29:56>> It goes without saying, every high school has that unbelievably sexy, good-looking, "you can't get next to" girl.
01:30:05>> She was the girl next door, but she was so hot and sexy in that cute sort of little girl way that it just turned every guy inside out.
01:30:13>> Announcer: As the worldly linda barrett, cates provided the movie's defining moment, with an assist by judge reinhold whose character imagines the whole scene.
01:30:24Swimming pool?
01:30:26Pulsing rock ballad?
01:30:28Got it.
01:30:29Super slo-mo?
01:30:30Oh, yeah.
01:30:32>> Hi, brad.
01:30:35You know how cute I always thought you were.
01:30:37>> ♪♪♪♪♪♪
01:30:53>> wait just a minute.
01:30:56Doesn't anybody [bleep] knock anymore?
01:30:59>> When I first saw the movie, I was young and now I'm grown-up.
01:31:01And I have a teenage daughter who comes over to the house, swimming in the pool, and I'll sometimes stare out there, not at her 'cause that would be sick, but at her friends.
01:31:13>> Announcer: Video stores across the country had to order extra copies of the tape as tracking problems always seemed to develop during phoebe's scene.
01:31:21>> Well, my first name is brad, so I had that whole thing on a loop when I was 11 or 12.
01:31:27>> The first time I saw "fast times at ridgemont high" was on tv, so you miss the full-frontal shot, but then when you see it on dvd later, it's a whole different movie.
01:31:34I'm just getting hot thinking about it.
01:31:36>> Announcer: Phoebe's journey to pop-culture icon began in 1981.
01:31:41She was an 18-year-old ex-ballerina with just a single movie role under her belt.
01:31:47Casting director don phillips didn't even know phoebe was an actress when he approached her at a juice bar.
01:31:54>> I went up to phoebe and i " I hate to sound like a line.
01:31:58But I said, "i'm casting a movie called 'fast times at ridgemont '" she said, "oh, I have an " >> Announcer: Phoebe got her shot, but there was one catch.
01:32:08>> We had to ask phoebe to do nudity, and so I got on the phone with her uncle.
01:32:16And finally, we got permission to do it.
01:32:19And of course, it is maybe one of the most famous scenes in all of movie history.
01:32:25>> Announcer: The buzz began before the cameras even rolled.
01:32:28>> All the neighborhood kids found out that there was supposed to be a topless shot, and were all really excited.
01:32:34So they all tried to sneak up to this fence and peer over to see if they could get a gander of what was going on.
01:32:39>> I'm not even a kid and I'd be there.
01:32:41I'd be moving kids out of the way.
01:32:43I might even kick a few.
01:32:44>> Announcer: Though she was only 18, phoebe was comfortable going nude on-camera.
01:32:49She once claimed in an interview that if a girl wants a movie career, she has to be willing to strip.
01:32:54Hear that, judi dench?
01:32:55>> I'm not shy overall.
01:32:58I wouldn't use shy as a quality to describe me.
01:33:00>> She had a perfect body, she wasn't too skinny, she wasn't too muscular, and she just was gorgeous, amazing-looking.
01:33:07>> She just like leaves nothing to the imagination.
01:33:09Like she just comes out of the pool, and your whole life like flashes before your eyes.
01:33:14>> Announcer: At the time of its release, "fast times" just barely avoided an x-rating.
01:33:19The mpaa demanded several cuts " phoebe went on to do several more films, though none topped the cultural impact of "fast " >> I found myself watching the audience a lot, too, watching, paying attention to the reaction of the audience.
01:33:35>> I think phoebe cates literally was like every young teenage guys' fantasy.
01:33:41Like she came out of that pool, and I just think you heard men like dropping like flies all over the country.
01:33:49>> There really should be a nobel prize for film nudity, and they should give it to phoebe cates.
01:33:54>> I almost kind of feel bad for phoebe cates.
01:33:55Most celebrities, people come up like, "i really loved your " phoebe cates, it's "i used to " >> Announcer: Cates has been in semi-retirement for the past 13 years, concentrating on raising her two kids with actor kevin kline.
01:34:09>> Kevin kline definitely hit the jackpot marrying phoebe cates because ever since he married her, no one else has seen her in a bathing suit.
01:34:15So obviously, he's getting some really serious flesh time, and he deserves it.
01:34:20>> Announcer: For her legions of fans, phoebe cates will always be remembered as the girl who popularized the freeze-frame button and the age-old question, " >> wait just a minute.
01:34:34>> Announcer: So there you have it, the top 25 most memorable moments in swimsuit history.
01:34:39Now go hit the beach.
01:34:48>> Has lindsay lohan finally hit rock bottom?
01:34:52>> This is e news saturday.
01:34:53>> All the breaking news happening this weekend and this is only place to get them.
01:34:58>> The star falls down in public.
01:35:00The all-night partying and her father's desperate campaign to help.
01:35:07>> Is she reliving her 2007 plunge to the bottom?
01:35:12>> And the hollywood insider who majorly dissed her on stage.
01:35:18>> And does charlie sheen want out of 2 1/2 men?
01:35:24>> And the first time since the cheating scandal broke.
01:35:31Plus, straight after san da's the divorce rumors kym out, her husband checks in.
01:35:42Reportedly for sebles addiction.
01:35:44>> And the racy four-woman photoshoot.
01:35:48>> Kourtney kardashian in a bikini how the new mom dropped 30 pounds.
01:35:54>> Ricky martin announces he's gay.
01:35:58Why he finally came out?
01:36:01And the last season of the hills.
01:36:03[Captioning made possible by comcast entertainment group] >> serious concerns for lindsay lohan.
01:36:12>> Is the star spiraling out of control again?
01:36:14>> Hey guys, I'm giuliana rancic.
01:36:17>> I'm in for ryan seacrest.
01:36:19After lindsay's bizarre behavior we're investigating.
01:36:26Is her life in danger?
01:36:29>> Lindsay lohan takes a nasty tumble.
01:36:32She lost her footing as she was leaveing a hot spot and it's only fueling the fire that her partying ways are spiraling out of control.
01:36:4412K34r he took to the tweet saying sober sally takes a timber and that the actress wasn't streaking.
01:37:00Daughter's problems aren't tied to pooze.
01:37:02>> It's prescription drugs and the people around them are tocks it.
01:37:10>> She took another spill into a friends' house.
01:37:14>> Careful.
01:37:16>> And a few days ago hit the clubs with what she claimed was baby powder all over her shoes.
01:37:24And the pop ross it'sy smelled blood and was once again on the trail much like in may of 2007.
01:37:32That's when a wild weekend with the gal pal ended with an arrest and later a stipulate in rehab.
01:37:40Now new problems may be coming into play.
01:37:43Web reports claim she is suffering financial whoas.
01:37:47While her reps haven't commepped on that it's no secret her acting world has seen better days.
01:37:56>> Not joking.
01:37:58>> Peres hilton made lindsay's life a punchline when he took the stage and asked for a minute of silence for lindsay lohan.
01:38:08>> It is a dangerous situation.
01:38:1012K3w4 but psychiatrist says this is no laughing matter.
01:38:14>> Lindsay lohan, the people around her that love her and care about her need to get involved.
01:38:21>> However lindsay and her dad aren't on speaking terms and -- >> clearly lindsay isn't able to take the first step so shems take the first steps, but she has to be open and however, you can court order somebody so there are ways to approach this.
01:38:44>> If there's no hope michael fears the worst.
01:38:48>> It's drastic.
01:38:50I'm not going to let it go on anymore and I'm certainly not going to watch my daughter die.
01:38:57>> The oscar winner finally comes out of hiding after her husband goes to rehab for sex addiction.
01:39:05Is that a cop-out?
01:39:07Experts weigh in.
01:39:10>> Sandra bulk swarmed.
01:39:14Photographers completely surrounded the oscar winner's vehicle as she exited 4 friend's house.
01:39:25Her driver fought the aggressive crowd.
01:39:28The friendsy got so out of control the mercedes had to retreat back up the driveway.
01:39:38>> Sandra's car once cleared made a long line of photographers trailing.
01:39:50>> She was photographed leaving her own home in the hollywood hills.
01:39:54A large hat covered her spire face.
01:39:56So who exactly is this guy who brought sandra out of hiding?
01:40:01Day breal brener a wealthy investor who is on the board of trustees at the museum of art.
01:40:11Their families have vacationed together and he was a guest at their wedding.
01:40:17He run as private investment firm and coown's a share of the major league soccer team with oscar del ahoya.
01:40:28>> Jesse remains out of the spotlight in rehab apparently in arizona.
01:40:34Unconfirmed reports jesse is israeliing help for sex addiction.
01:40:39>> In order to be regulated you have to have a complete lifestyle change.
01:40:46It's one thing to go through treatment for cocaine but to tell somebody we're now going to regulate sex is really, really hard so it requires more time and should be more significant and more of a lifestyle change.
01:41:00>> A lifestyle change under a disorder some feel don't exist.
01:41:05>> High-profile people who are getting caught are using sex addiction as an excuse.
01:41:11It's not an illness.
01:41:13There are people who do have problems with their sexual behavior need help but it's just a way to not be accountable for their behavior.
01:41:23's to say jesse is indeed there and seeking treatment.
01:41:30>> What do you know about this?
01:41:33>> I can confirm jesse james was here last night in a treatment class for sex addiction.
01:41:39>> What happens when a celebrity does come in there.
01:41:43Sit lockdown?
01:41:44>> Yes.
01:41:45And we all sign confidentiality agreements.
01:41:49>> Well, that's working well.
01:41:50The it's reportedly the same place sandra stayed at while researching her role for the struggling alcoholic in 28 days.
01:41:59>> It was one of the best experiences I ever had.
01:42:02>> I was there.
01:42:04>> Tiger woods recently came clean that he, too, needed help and now four months after his scandalous past was exposed the tie dresses are purring louder.
01:42:18Alleged mistresses jamie, mindy and michelle who ran an escort service posed quite pro stock tily where they reveal new explosive details and waitress mindy lawton says sex with tiger was rough and many of their trysts happened right inside his den.
01:42:42Woods' home on several occasions.
01:42:45Neighborhood woman.
01:42:47Because she lived nearby.
01:42:49>> And the women also outed him for being cheap.
01:42:53>> Jamie said after 18 months she asked if he would help her out some way and he just said i can't.
01:43:00She said you got to be kidding me.
01:43:03>> He flew his mistresses coach not first class and mindy claims the only thing he bought her was a subway sandwich.
01:43:12According to "vanity fair" it appears the ladies are still trying to cash in.
01:43:18>> When I first started working on the story the women wanted to be paid and "vanity fair" does not pay for sbruste.
01:43:26And I said we can't may but evently they started coming around.
01:43:32>> Is charlie sheen really leaving 2 1/2 men?
01:43:38Soon after news protect that charlie wanted out of the cbs show, new reports surfaced it's all just a negotiating ploy.
01:43:47His doesn't contract ends with the accept final episode which shoots next week.
01:43:52>> There's reports he's making $825,000 and could be asking for 5 million per episode.
01:44:01>> They admit clients his client has told friends he wants to leave but as made no announcement addressing this story.
01:44:12>> If sheen is done the sit come would be in trouble.
01:44:16>> I don't know if the show could make it without him.
01:44:20>> Jon cryer could definitely carry the show.
01:44:22He would have to move out of charlie's house and -- >> two more years of the show would mean a sipped indication bonanza.
01:44:32Some have quoted -- >> why would he walk away from all that money?
01:44:38>> Some would see it as pretty silly to walk away from haul that money but he might want a simpler life.
01:44:45>> He is currently facing charges steming from a fight with his mate and resulted in a stint in rehab.
01:44:57>> Ricky martin after posting on his website I am proud to say i am a important to homosexual man.
01:45:06Many have speculated about his sexuality for years and bar practice walters put him in an uncomfortable spot she recently said she regretted.
01:45:16>> You know you could stop these rumors.
01:45:18You could say as many artists have, yes, I am ebay.
01:45:23>> I think sexuality that each individual should deal with in their own way.
01:45:30And that's all I have to say about that.
01:45:32>> But now that he is talking, hollywood is listening.
01:45:35>> I was, like, oh, you know, good-for-you, man.
01:45:38>> I think my mom is going to be sad because ever since the shake your bonventre video she always wanted me to marry rick annual.
01:45:47>> Timing probably did play a part.
01:45:51About 2010 is celebrities are coming out and they are not losing their fans.
01:45:56I believe ricky mart season going to stay successful and his fans are going to stay loyal that have known him his whole life.
01:46:05>> Anna paquin makes one powerful statement and appears in a psa called we give a damn.org.
01:46:1512K3 the true blood actress is one of many celebs declaring their sexualittart of the video.
01:46:23>> I'm gay.
01:46:24>> I'm bisexual.
01:46:25>> One hate crime is committed in this country.
01:46:32>> Ericka ba due's video in which she strips naked is getting a lot of flak but she told chelsea she doesn't understand why.
01:46:42 was sass fated and people are making a really big deal about it because you were naked walking down the street.
01:46:50Why do you think people are getting upset about it?
01:46:53>> I don't know.
01:46:54It's a way to fill tabloids or bring attention to the media.
01:46:58And say wait, I don't think it was so crazy or bad.
01:47:02>> Thank you for doing that so i didn't have to.
01:47:05>> As long as these jobs keep coming I think I got to keep taking them.
01:47:11 news confirmed matt damon will appear on 30 rock and there's hopes he will do multiple episodes on the nbc hit.
01:47:26>> Hollywood honors matt damon.
01:47:28>> Feeling good?
01:47:29>> Great, man.
01:47:29Really good.
01:47:30This is get a.
01:47:32>> Our ben lions is front and center as ben and jen storm the carpet in support of the 39-year-old a-lister who was honored with the american cinema tech award.
01:47:44>> I'll take it.
01:47:45Something tells me with this crew halfway through it's going to turn into a roast.
01:47:51>> It could get ugly.
01:47:55It's an understatement.
01:47:56>> Matt, you are here tonight because we are running out of stars, I guess.
01:48:01>> His famous friends flooded the night eevepbd clooney got in on the action.
01:48:07>> The honest moment was clooney's videotaped message.
01:48:10He actually delivered it while he was getting a mock proctology exam.
01:48:16It was so bizarre and even matt said that was sort of strange.
01:48:22>> Cary underwood reveals who is joining her and mike fisher as they take a walk down the aisle.
01:48:28>> Ace will be in the wedding.
01:48:32He's made my kid and it would be like if I was getting married and I had a child of course my child would be in the wedding.
01:48:41He'll be one of the ring bearers.
01:48:44>> She promoted another pooch to support pet adoption.
01:48:48>> And it helps this little girl and other little girls and boys like her.
01:48:54Get food and find homes and hopefully we can raise awareness and stop the problem from the beginning, you know?
01:49:02Get people to adopt.
01:49:04>> Carrie also walked the walk with a rescue pick up.
01:49:10>> Liam brings e along as he surprises kids from the boys and girls club with a screening of the last song.
01:49:18>> You guys excited about the film?
01:49:21>> Is to have girlfriend miley cyrus liam was accompanied by the maggie moo mascot and says miley's been very cool about all his recent attention.
01:49:31>> Did miley give you any advice about young fans going nuts for you?
01:49:38>> She didn't give me much advice.
01:49:40She's always very casual and calm and doesn't let it all get to her.
01:49:45I too to take that from her.
01:49:47>> Shar pais is back.