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00:05:01>>> Just an unbelievable sight for the victims of the deadly tornado outbreak.
00:05:05Hard to believe, but nearly 5 inches of snow in west liberty, kentucky, cover the debris field left by an ef-3 tornado that also killed eight people.
00:05:14The snow on the roads adds a new danger for american red cross volunteers and other teams trying to get help to the victims and repair downed power and phone lines.
00:05:24Families waiting to go back to their homes to salvage what they can now hope the snow doesn't destroy even more of their belongings like irreplaceable photos.
00:05:3330 Minutes past the hour.
00:05:34Welcome back to "wake up with " I'm al roker live in new york.
00:05:37Stephanie abrams live in atlanta.
00:05:39And those wide shots with the snow, steph, almost looks like a nuclear winter.
00:05:43Just hard to believe.
00:05:43>> That is a really good point.
00:05:46And al, also, a good point, you were talking about pictures and stuff.
00:05:49What people should do now and if you're in a hurricane zone, really any zone, is take a copy of everything you need, your house deed, your social security card and send it to somebody else.
00:06:00>> Or digitize it, scan it, digitize it and put the disc somewhere else or store it on one of those off line sites.
00:06:08>> Listen to that guy, he's way smarter than me.
00:06:11That's all I got to say.
00:06:12Al, we should do a little, like, hey, what's going on, like -- what is the family?
00:06:18I'm having a -- >> brady bunch.
00:06:19>> Some sort of brady bunch skit with these boxes.
00:06:22Okay, let's take you into the northwest and talk about the snow that we have been seeing there.
00:06:28Winter coming back in the pacific northwest.
00:06:32Snow showers in parts of western washington deep into the early morning hours.
00:06:35That won't be such good news for the morning commute, but it is good news for the kids there making snowballs there.
00:06:40More than 300,000 people lost power because of the wind and the snow and the ice.
00:06:45And it affected counties now qualify for federal disaster aid.
00:06:50>> All right, let's look at our next weathermaker.
00:06:53This is coming in from the west.
00:06:55Snow out west as this system tracks its way across to the east and as low pressure, cut off low develops and surface low develops, we're looking at more moisture by wednesday morning, wednesday afternoon.
00:07:07The heavier showers and thunderstorms will start firing up as this warm air starts to make its way in.
00:07:12We're looking for heavier showers and thunderstorms out of this system.
00:07:16>> Today we don't have to worry about that just yet.
00:07:19Let's have a look at what we need to worry about right now as you walk out the door.
00:07:23Maybe you're going out to walk the dog.
00:07:25There are freeze advisories.
00:07:28It is a little bit chilly out there.
00:07:30You might want to put the booties on the dog who is not used to the cold pavement, make sure you got booties on yourself as well.
00:07:39Look at raleigh, cold spot at 28.
00:07:41We'll warm up nicely.
00:07:42WE'LL SEE THE 70s AS WE LOOK Memphis, new orleans, back to texas.
00:07:46>> All right, steph, thanks so much.
00:07:4833 Past the hour.
00:07:49An important day for all the gop candidates.
00:07:52It is super tuesday.
00:07:53More than 400 delegates up for grabs.
00:07:56Today's vote count could determine who moves on and maybe who drops out.
00:07:59Let's check in with nbc's tracie potts in columbus, ohio, the state with the most competitive of today's races.
00:08:06>> Reporter: Al, good morning from a chilly columbus, ohio, where we're watching the state very closely because as you know not only is the primary today, but this is a battleground state in the general election.
00:08:17So today's primaries really sort of a proving ground for november.
00:08:23both top candidates mitt romney and rick santorum spent their last full day of cpaigning in ohio.
00:08:28>> We have been all over the state from a to z, all right?
00:08:32Akron to zanesville.
00:08:34>> Reporter: Despite nbc's latest poll showing an unenthusiastic republican electorate -- >> I just don't think the republicans have a viable candidate.
00:08:43>> Reporter: -- Romney insists he's winning last minute voters here.
00:08:47>> I keep hearing people tell me they were undecided and now they have decided to join with us.
00:08:51>> It is gut check time.
00:08:54Who wants it the most?
00:08:55What do you say?
00:08:57>> Reporter: Rick santorum has a two-point edge in ohio, a virtual tie.
00:09:01Last night he focused on romney's flip-flop on contraception coverage.
00:09:05>> He will be the weakest candidate we could possibly put forward on the most important issue of today.
00:09:14>> Reporter: Santorum's also leading polls in tennessee.
00:09:18Newt gingrich hopes to win delegates there and says romney must.
00:09:22>> Either he'll figure out how to win the south or won't be the nominee.
00:09:25>> Reporter: He's running ads in super tuesday states promising $2.50 gas.
00:09:3050 plan stops the great gas holdup and puts money back in your pocket.
00:09:35>> Reporter: Ron paul is focused on today's caucus states, alaska,dakota, and idaho.
00:09:42>> No reason I cannot win this state.
00:09:44I suspect we are going to do that.
00:09:48Thank you.
00:09:48>> Reporter: In fact, ron paul will be in north dakota tonight.
00:09:52Mitt romney will be in achusetts.
00:09:54Gingrich will, in georgia.
00:09:55And santorum will be right here in chilly ohio.
00:10:00>> All right.
00:10:00Here is the forecast.
00:10:01Springfield, massachusetts, sunny, 41.
00:10:0435, Worcester.
00:10:07Boston, 37 degrees.
00:10:11VIRGINIA, UPPER 40s TO LOW 50s, Not all that bad.
00:10:16Now, msnbc's richard lui has "the wake-up headlines" again.
00:10:21 attorney generalric holder pointed to the circumstances behind the killing of american born al qaeda operative awlaki as legal justification for the killing of americans abroad.
00:10:32Holder said yesterday the cleric who was killed five months ago in yemen was planning to kill americans and a terrorist threat.
00:10:38>>> On the senate floor YESTERDAY, john McCain called air strikes against government troops in syria.
00:10:44The arizona republican argued has a moral and strategic obligation to force out syrian president bashar al assad.
00:10:52>>> And england's prince harry is on the caribbean island of jamaica, where he inspected the defense force honor guard.
00:10:59He's there as part of his overseas tour, celebrating the diamond jubilee of his grandmother, queen elizabeth.
00:11:05Al, back to you.
00:11:06>> He's touring some nice spots.
00:11:10>> That's right.
00:11:11When the weather's good.
00:11:12>> All right, richard, thanks so much.
00:11:14>>> Get ready for more room in the bins of change that will have planes making more carry-on space available.
00:11:21Details coming up.
00:11:54] what is this shorty?
00:11:59Uh, tissues sir, I'm sick.
00:12:01You don't cough, you don't show defeat.
00:12:03Give me your war face! raaah!
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00:15:23>>> Time for some eyewitness video at 40 past the hour.
00:15:26Not what you want to see if you're vacationing in hawaii.
00:15:29That's how I was told you're supposed to say it, hawaii, like that.
00:15:39Not hawaii.
00:15:39This is kauai.
00:15:41They're known for the luscious foliage and plants there.
00:15:43There was flooding on the roads and the mountainous areas you can get some problems as well.
00:15:48There was one road that had to be closed because of all this rain that fell.
00:15:53Keep sending in your photo and videos [email protected]
00:16:00Kauai is where they shot what is the movie with all the dinosaurs?
00:16:04Jurassic park.
00:16:04>> Jurassic park.
00:16:05Sounded like you were doing a pirate imitation.
00:16:07Let's get our latest business NEWS, CNBC'S jackie de Angelis.
00:16:14>> A new report is raising concerns about the rising debt load of college students and graduates.
00:16:19The new york fed says more than a quarter of the 37 million student loan borrowers have a past due balance of at least 30 days or more.
00:16:26This kountz for people making payments, not students snil school or those given permission to postpone payments due to financial hardship, grad school or other reasons.
00:16:36>>> Airlines are learning to adapt as passengers bring all their luggage on board.
00:16:42They're making overhead bins united has doors that curve out and when boeing designed its new 787 jet, workers brought luggage at costco to make sure they fit in the bins.
00:16:56Happy 100th birthday to the oreo cookie.
00:16:59The cookie was created in new york city and reportedly first sold through a grocery store in hoboken, new jersey.
00:17:04THAT WAS ON MARCH 6th, 1912.
00:17:07Kraft, which owns the brand, says 25 billion oreos are eaten each year, about 70 million cookies a day.
00:17:12And to celebrate, there is going to be a limited edition birthday cake oreo with sprinkles and cream filling.
00:17:17Doesn't sound too bad.
00:17:18Back over to you.
00:17:19>> Wow.
00:17:20And you go on the shelves today, they're like 18 different kinds of oreos.
00:17:24I can't even -- >> lots of variety.
00:17:26>> It is crazy.
00:17:26All right.
00:17:27Thanks so much, jackie.
00:17:31>>> Are you complaining there are so many different kinds of oreos?
00:17:34Many choices, just I want to pick one.
00:17:36>> Let me get out my violin for you, al.
00:17:42How do you eat your oreos, by the way?
00:17:44>> Twist them off and then, you know -- >> you're a twister.
00:17:48You're taking it apart.
00:17:49I do it whole.
00:17:50I'm a dunker.
00:17:51I like it in the milk, I like to dunk it like that whole and then -- okay.
00:17:55Let's talk about the severe weather that is going to ramp up as we head over the next couple of days.
00:18:00We have the snow here in the west.
00:18:01Here is our system and it is bringing rain all the way down into places like fresno.
00:18:06Now, this moves eastbound.
00:18:08Ahead of this we have all of that moisture.
00:18:10Remember al was talking about this earlier in the show.
00:18:12We just get that stream of moisture and then we have our lifting mechanisms coming in and that means we could see the threat for severe weather.
00:18:18Now, it exists here into oklahoma and texas as we head into tomorrow night.
00:18:23Mainly damaging wind gusts and spotty hail.
00:18:26Can never rule out a tornado.
00:18:27This is not going to be like what we saw last week.
00:18:30This whole system moves eastbound as we head into our thursday and, again that threat for severe weather exists again anywhere from missouri all the way back down into austin.
00:18:40And then it gets into the southeast as we head into our friday.
00:18:44It loses that punch, al.
00:18:45>> All right, thanks so much, steph.
00:18:4743 Past the hour.
00:18:48Let's check in with jen carfagno at the big video briefing wall with the latest, including some new tornado video.
00:18:54>> The new video, the new pictures continue to come in.
00:18:57We have some new video right now of one of the deadly tornados that struck last week.
00:19:01And this one, this developed south of new pecan, indiana, and headed into henryville.
00:19:06That is where young angel babcock was found in a field after the tornado hit her home.
00:19:11The 15-month-old later died of injuries she received.
00:19:14She and her family were laid to rest on monday.
00:19:18In the tornado disaster areas there has been an outpouring of support and donations for the victims.
00:19:22First baptist church in henryville, indiana, is filled with coats and other donations from victims of the two tornadoes that struck last week.
00:19:30It is a church where 200 people took refuge and survived a huge twister that hit.
00:19:38>>> Nearly a year after a tornado ravaged joplin, missouri, president obama will return to the town to speak at the high school's graduation ceremony.
00:19:46That ef-5 tornado hit just an hour after the school's 2011 commencement.
00:19:51The school was severely damaged commitment.
00:19:53The school was severely damaged.
00:19:54The school have been attending class at a mall.
00:19:58Graduation is scheduled for may 21st.
00:20:00Al, those are the top stories we're tracking, back to you.
00:20:03>> Jennifer carfagno, thanks so much.
00:20:05We'll take a look at the next chances of snow.
00:20:08Winter weather update ahead.
00:20:10All ahead on "wake up with al" as you look at new york city, a beautiful morning.
00:20:15A nice day.
00:20:16That is a postcard right there.
00:20:18We've got temperatures going up INTO THE UPPER 30s TO LOW 40s Under beautiful skies.
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00:25:26>>> 50 Minutes past the hour.
00:25:27Od morning detroit.
00:25:28Not a bad one for you today.
00:25:33Again, you've had a pretty easy winter of it.
00:25:35Let's see if that will continue at 50 past the hour.
00:25:38Time for the winter weather update.
00:25:40For that we turn to tom.
00:25:43 >> certainly are.
00:25:46Especially for the east.
00:25:47Any worries about winter weather put away a little while, really going to concentrate winter weather, snowfall for the for the next couple of days.
00:25:55This is our winter watch graphic we're looking at here.
00:25:59Through tonight, interm west, these areas, snow from a system I'm doing to show in a minute.
00:26:05Denver across front range wednesday and wednesday night there will be activity as well there.
00:26:09Take a quick look at water vapor imagery al.
00:26:15This system, I'll circle it, down in the upper levels of the atmosphere is actually going to cut along here.
00:26:21You were talking about the heavy rain later in the week out of the gulf.
00:26:26This system is responsible for forcing that.
00:26:28Before it does it's going to produce snowfall across the region.
00:26:31We have a cold frontal boundary through the area right now.
00:26:35At the surface going to bring that snow to the region a look at our computer model, rpm model showing in the white how the snow will move forward in time.
00:26:44Again we're looking into the overnight hours tonight and into wednesday morning, back across salt lake city, a little snow in that area as well.
00:26:52Denver will pick up freezing drizzle in the day on wednesday.
00:26:55Finally the system moves on and begins to produce rainfall been talking about on the back side a little bit of snow into the front range with easterly winds.
00:27:03All in all put this together.
00:27:04Not too bad for this week.
00:27:06Looking at anywhere from 5 to 8 in tahoe, four to six in aspen.
00:27:12Not that bad.
00:27:14Ski areas should be happy.
00:27:15The east should be free in a few days.
00:27:18Al, back to you.
00:27:19>> Thanks so much.
00:27:19We want to pivot and send to jennifer carfagno.
00:27:22She's moved to the dmc.
00:27:24You're a busy lady.
00:27:25>> THIS IS HOW I GET200317T235900][s:M][pa:SZ=M,BT My exercise, I run around the forecast center.
00:27:30com and specifically on our app, I want to talk about APPLE AND THEIR 25 BILLIONth App.
00:27:43Our app is awesome and I love it.
00:27:46We are number two of downloaded apps, number five on the iphone.
00:27:51The only provider on both thoseles.
00:27:53It's a great app, very functional.
00:27:58Hourly forecasts.
00:27:59Las vegas windy today.
00:28:00There's an airport weather warning because of the gusty winds expected.
00:28:03When you look at the weather channel app, you can see the favorites, vegas and austin, south by southwest starting the end of the weekend to the weekend.
00:28:11A lot going on there.
00:28:12Unfortunately a lot of weather coming in.
00:28:14Rain friday, saturday, and sunday.
00:28:17It's awesome, al.
00:28:19Back to you.
00:28:19>> To app developers.
00:28:21I love both on iphone, I wish they could synchronize so the favorites are on both and you don't have to add them.
00:28:34>> I'll put in a request for you.
00:28:36>> Let's check last time with steph.
00:28:40>> What?
00:28:41I think I got caught with my hands in the cookie jar so to speak.
00:28:45By the way, I want to show you, ted, our phenomenal vp, I know, these are the or I don't birthday cakes.
00:28:56They literally smell like birthday cake.
00:28:58He wants them.
00:28:59He's like give me those cookies back, abram.
00:29:03According to weight watchers per our power, one cookie is one point, according to weight watchers.
00:29:12If you need to factor that in.
00:29:14One point per cookie.
00:29:17The forecast through saturday.
00:29:18Back to al.
00:29:19>> Yeah, I'm about to toss mine.
00:29:22Remember, "wake up with al" always on facebook page.
00:29:24Live weather updates 24 hours a day on weather.com.
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00:35:07>>> This morning we're talking winter.
00:35:12Grab the winter bag.
00:35:13Heavy rain pushing in later this week.
00:35:15All the details in your coast-to-coast forecast seconds away.
00:35:19>>> Also the recovery from the deadly tornado pushes on as we hear new incredible stories of survival, including a mother who lost both her legs to save the lives of her two children.
00:35:29>> Everything started hitting my back.
00:35:33Beams, pillars, furniture.
00:35:36Everything was slamming into my back.
00:35:39But I had my children in the blanket, and I was on top of them.
00:35:45I was reaching out holding them and trying to keep everything away from them so it didn't hit them.
00:35:53>> You can hear more of this mom's miraculous story coming up and how her family is recovering this morning.
00:35:59>>> Plus super tuesday voters across a dozen states on the way to the polls to pick a republican nominee for president.
00:36:06Will the weather get in the way?
00:36:09We'll have your complete forecast and an inside look at the latest polls and a live report right here on "your " closed captioning provided by the weather channel >>> GOOD MORNING, MARCH 6th.
00:36:35Stephanie abrams alongside jennifer carfagno.
00:36:36Mike is taking a day or two of rest.
00:36:39>> Much needed.
00:36:40>> We have our hands in the cookie jar this morning.
00:36:43Or I don't turns 100 today.
00:36:46They have birthday cake cookies.
00:36:47>> On the front, a candle.
00:36:49>> Right.
00:36:50Jen and I decided we can't eat oreos on air because you get all the chocolaty goodness in your teeth so we won't look so cute men we smile.
00:37:01Let's talk about what's happening across the country.
00:37:03Maybe you're having oreos.
00:37:09>> We've had some snow, even in manassas, virginia.
00:37:19We saw several inches.
00:37:20Today, you mentioned a winter grab bag.
00:37:23Sort of like we have a little bit of everything but not a lot of anything.
00:37:27>> Yes.
00:37:27You know, there's a lot going on out here when we tbout snowfall, which is something we haven't seen in a while.
00:37:34Let's have a look at local storm or reports over the last 24 hours.
00:37:38Remember yesterday on air we were talking about the clipper racing across this vicinity?
00:37:43Some spots saw almost five inches of snow into virginia into the west of i-95.
00:37:48As we take a bigger look, high pressure.
00:37:50What this means is air is being suppressed.
00:37:53In order to get storms, you need lift.
00:37:56Who doesn't like a little lift, huh?
00:37:59We don't have that gng on right now along the east coast.
00:38:01That's all along the west coast where our next system is starting to take shape.
00:38:06We have chillier temperatures.
00:38:07Look at bangor at 6.
00:38:10OTHERWISE 20s AND 30s AND 40s IN Some spots.
00:38:12We do have freeze advisories in the south, from south carolina to georgia where temperatures ARE INTO THE 30s.
00:38:18We'll have more on the winds because that will be a big story coming up.
00:38:21Let's talk travel with jen first.
00:38:23>> Wind will cause travel issues today.
00:38:26If you're driving this morning, , the biggest problem is the sun glare.
00:38:34We spring ahead this week.
00:38:36That will change the sun angle on the morning drive.
00:38:38Show you the roadways.
00:38:39Take you to the streets, dry conditions all across the northeast.
00:38:43Everyone has sunny skies.
00:38:46It's a little chilly.
00:38:47Temperatures in sirnak lake, we were at subzero, minus 15 an hour ago.
00:38:55Warm-up below average in the northeast.
00:38:57We stay dry.
00:38:58We stay dry in the south thanks to high pressure steph talked pout right here.
00:39:02Keep an eye on florida the next couple of days.
00:39:04Clouds on the increase by later today and tomorrow.
00:39:06We could be looking at showers today with that on-shore flow.
00:39:09Not until tomorrow.
00:39:10Don't worry too much about that.
00:39:13Let's talk about southwest.
00:39:14Very windy today, i-15.
00:39:16It is going to be tough for travel on the interstates.
00:39:18That windy.
00:39:19The big-rigs.
00:39:20This wind hazardous, then snowfall to talk about.
00:39:23>> Take you to detroit.
00:39:25No snowfall here.
00:39:26We do have a nice sunrise.
00:39:2831, A few scattered clouds.
00:39:30How will it shape up in the midwest today.
00:39:32We will have temperatures starting off a little chilly.
00:39:35Not that bad.
00:39:36Especially for midwest standards.
00:39:37As we head into the afternoon, we're going to see that sunshine.
00:39:42There's wind kicking in.
00:39:43More details on that.
00:39:44KANSAS CITY IN THE 70s WITH WIND Blowing around as well.
00:39:49That's shorts and t-shirts weather, isn't it?
00:39:51As we work our way to the south, new orleans, is the going to be warmer?
00:39:55It will be as we head south.
00:39:57Here is a look I think on bourbon street right there.
00:40:00It is bourbon street.
00:40:02Where are we going to see temperatures end up today?
00:40:05WE'LL SEE THE 70s BY LUNCH TIME Hour.
00:40:08Into places like florida we'll STAY INTO THE 70s UNTIL WE GET Into the evening hours.
00:40:12Miami, though, you're going to hold strong there.
00:40:1572 By midnight.
00:40:16, one of my favorite cities, 30 degrees there right now.
00:40:20Maybe you're getting out to walk the dog early this morning.
00:40:23Well, it's going to be a little on the chilly side all the way into new england.
00:40:26This afternoon when you're doing the walk maybe at lunch time or after work, really no problems here and no rain or snow to speak of.
00:40:34>> Five minutes past the hour, time for a check of headlines.
00:40:37Richard lui joins us from msnbc in new york.
00:40:40Good morning, richard.
00:40:40>> Good morning.
00:40:41Here are the latest headlines.
00:40:44Republicans in 11 states will make the selection for gop candidate, primaries and candidates from coast-to-coast.
00:40:49Stakes are especially high in ohio where the race between mitt romney and rick santorum has been incredibly close.
00:40:55At the white house yesterday president obama told israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu that before using military options he wants to give sanctions time to work.
00:41:09Speaking to the conference says israel cannot wait much longer, emphasizing the right to attack to keep from developing a nation.
00:41:19>>> How lucky a 3-year-old oregon girl was.
00:41:24She's recovering after swallowing 37 tiny magnets.
00:41:28It took surgery to remove them all.
00:41:32>> Did you swallow anything?
00:41:33>> No but I'm nerve ow about my kids.
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00:43:35>>> The windy city, 34 degrees.
00:43:37Average high is 43, jen.
00:43:39>> Chicago, you're going to have some warm weather coming your way in the next couple of days.
00:43:45Favorite tweet, colonel tribune, high expectations of the day.
00:43:49I speak primarily of the weather.
00:45:24>>> Time to take you in hawaii.
00:45:27This is in kauai.
00:45:29When I was there I was told to.
00:45:32>> Announcer: It hawaii.
00:45:34That's how the locals told me to do.
00:45:36Rain and mudslides.
00:45:37Local tv reports residents of one town had to go to higr ground.
00:45:41Shelters are open as well.
00:45:46Kauai where I believe "jurassic park" and other films were shot.
00:45:50>> It was.
00:45:51It looks just like it.
00:45:54You'd expect it to be filmed06 there.
00:45:55It's lush and tropical because they get a lot of rain.
00:46:00The moisture affecting hawaii, this plume of moisture to the northwest this year.
00:46:05We are going to see more showers.
00:46:06Actually the focus of the showers and storms is going to little further south.
00:46:11Seattle a little snow this morning for you.
00:46:12Down to 32 degrees.
00:46:14Not snowing at the moment.
00:46:16Portland area as well.
00:46:18The better chance for getting snow was going to be to the south.
00:46:21That's right ahead of the front as we track the system we're going to see snow in the sierras.
00:46:32Showers in the san francisco area.
00:46:32Windy ahead of the front.
00:46:34Talk more about the winds coming up in 10 minutes.
00:46:36Along the front and just behind it is where we're going to see some trace of snowfall in the colorado rockies, back to salt lake city a couple of inches.
00:46:44Tomorrow we start to see moisture returning to the plains.
00:46:46We'll start to see more showers and storms.
00:46:48We're in this for a couple of days with rainfall around oklahoma and texas and down into arkansas and missouri.
00:46:54>> This morning four days later survivors in some of friday's tornado affected areas have been slapped hard by mother nature yet again.
00:47:02This time in the form of heavy, wet snow comp indicating a031735900] is camera doesn't do it justice.
00:47:14>> What it does do justice to is the sheer terror of friday's tornado outbreak.
00:47:19>> When it hit the house i barely made it in cleanup continues with some of the hardest-hit areas like henryville, indiana, now blanketed with several inches of snow.
00:47:42>> We have to work through it.
00:47:43We don't have a >> every item recovered, a small victory.
00:47:49>> Homeowners policy completely dry and buried in rubble.
00:47:53Started digging and there it was.
00:47:55>> The ef-4 that struck henryville so powerful, even brick and steel girder structures ripped apart.
00:48:05>> Think where the kids would be, interior hall, lowest room, down on their knees like this with their hands over their head.
00:48:13In this case, they wo by some kind of flying debris looks like.
00:48:17The deal was made to send them home about 30 to 40 minutes before the tornado and it turned out to be a good idea.
00:48:24>> In west liberty, kentucky, a massive ef-3 also caught on video as it tore through town leaving this in its wake.
00:48:32A community torn apart physically but not spiritually.
00:48:38>> We'll be back.
00:48:40Morgan county we'll be back.
00:48:41This church is still here.
00:48:42We'll have abuilding.
00:48:43It will be okay.
00:48:44It will be okay.
00:48:45>> Okay.
00:48:46So we want to look at the severe forecast as we head throughout the week.
00:48:49We are going to have it wednesday, thursday, on into friday.
00:48:52Here is a look at tomorrow night.
00:48:54It's going to be in oklahoma also as we head into texas.
00:48:58Severe threat moves eastbound as we head over the next couple of days.
00:49:01Look at it for thursday.
00:49:03Arkansas also into eastern portions of texas and then on friday it's going to head towards louisiana.
00:49:08Let's go to jen now who has the other weather headlines.
00:49:11>> Steph, thank you.
00:49:1314 Minutes past the hour.
00:49:14President barack obama has announced plans to speak at the 2012 graduation ceremony for joplin high school.
00:49:20Last year the school was severely damaged by the tornado that killed 160 people and destroyed most of the city.
00:49:26In fact, the tornado struck less than an hour after the school's 2011 commencement.
00:49:31This year seniors have been attending classes at a nearby mall.
00:49:35The graduation ceremony SCHEDULED FOR MAY 23rd.
00:49:38>>> MEANWHILE FLOODS ACROSS lid: Eastern australia have forced 13,000 people to evacuate their homs in the worst hit state of south wales, population 60,000, it's been deserted.
00:49:52Authorities say the levee is breached.
00:49:54They expect significant flooding to occur quickly.
00:49:56>>> Coming up next we'll talk more about the gusty winds from the west to the middle of the country.
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00:53:36>>> To cleveland we go where it's 28 degrees and ohio primary taking off.
00:53:41>> People are buckled up to go out and vote.
00:53:44Cleveland, temperatures will warm so much by the end of the day, 51, columbus 56, cincinnati, 61 by this afternoon.
00:55:27>>> Twenty years ago today isolated severe thunderstorms dumped large amounts of hail over georgia and florida.
00:55:35Check out these pictures.
00:55:36First of all, the black and white picture makes it look like 1950.
00:55:40This was 1992.
00:55:42That is hail filling the parking lot there in orlando.
00:55:44This is the orlando metro area.
00:55:47Orange and seminole counties, hail, marietta georgia, weather channel building, parking lots filled with hail on this date.
00:55:55So steph, looking at the seven-day planner.
00:55:59No storms like that.
00:56:00>> Snow also.
00:56:01Looked like a big snowstorm, didn't it?
00:56:03I agree with you, jen, this pick.
00:56:05Isn't it amazing just in the '90s IT LOOKS THAT OLD.
00:56:12A way to make all of you feel old this morning showing you a picture from '92 and making it look ancient.
00:56:18Here is the forecast.
00:56:20The next big weathermaker.
00:56:22Not a lot in the east here except a lotf or I don't celebrating.
00:56:26THIS IS GOING TO BE MOVING EAST][pa Over the next several days.
00:56:28Warm air.
00:56:29Look at our temperatures all the WAY INTO KANSAS INTO THE 70s, Also into nebraska.
00:56:33This system is going to come through.
00:56:36It will cool us off a bit as we head through the day tomorrow.
00:56:39Showers through the up of michigan down through texas.
00:56:42Then we will see it track all the way eastbound.
00:56:44It does bring that threat of severe weather.
00:56:47You can see more blue showing up on the map here as we head throughout the week.
00:56:51As we head into thursday, spreads into the northeast with tail end back into the southern plains where we can get some of that snow and icing as well.
00:56:59Look at the cooler temperatures.
00:57:01KANSAS CITY WE GO FROM THE 70s TO 40s.
00:57:03So we will see a drop there for a lot of us.
00:57:06Pretty significant drop for a lot of us.
00:57:08As we head into friday and saturday it's into the south.
00:57:11Again, friday, stronger storms fire up into louisiana.
00:57:14Sunday as we work into our monday forecast we're going to -- wow, that was two sunday maps.
00:57:20I'm guessing this is monday and that is labeled wrong.
00:57:24See what we get next.
00:57:26>> Spring ahead.
00:57:27>> Were those two sundays or is my mind playing tricks on me.
00:57:31No telling with this mind as many of you know.
00:57:33So maybe that's tuesday.
00:57:34You know whatl get these maps worked out, jen.
00:57:38Let's talk about the wind.
00:57:39>> We spring ahead by the weekend.
00:57:42>> I don't think so.
00:57:43I don't think so.
00:57:44We'll fix that for you.
00:57:46Let's talk about how windy it is out there today.
00:57:48Winds that will make it difficult for southwest.
00:57:51Right now we've got winds gussing to about nearly 20 miles per hour.
00:57:55A lot of high wind watches and warnings and advisories posted in the southwest.
00:58:00Travel on i-15.
00:58:02This is always a tough drive in the wind.
00:58:04Unfortunately reports of blowing sand, that creates hazardous travel conditions.
00:58:10Big-rigs get blown over by the kinds of wind we're expecting, could reach 60 or 70 miles an hour.
00:58:16Not as windy across the plains.
00:58:18We are watching gusty winds.
00:58:23Emporia, kansas, windyest place in the country.
00:58:27T of the south blowing all day today and tomorrow.
00:58:29It's going to warm up temperatures, bring back moistures and dew points are going to start going up again.
00:58:34You'll feel a noticeable change especially from yesterday compared to later today and by tomorrow as well.
00:58:40Winds could be hazardous for travel.
00:58:42Coming out of the south, a cross wind for all of those east-west interstates here.
00:58:4740 To 50-mile-per-hour winds traveling throughout the area.
00:58:49>> A warm wind not some bitter windchills.
00:58:52Could be a lot worse.
00:58:53Coming up next rain in the forecast for drought stricken texas.
00:58:56Will it be enough to break the dry pattern the state has been stuck in for the past year?
00:59:02>> Time for your disney park's magical morning forecast.
00:59:07Bad weather cursed your morning, which isn't much fun at all.
00:59:10Here in beautiful disney land resort, you awaken to weather perfect for making magical memories that wiast a lifetime.