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00:00:03And it gives you a little bit of taste for what tahoe is all about.
00:00:06Kind of the rustic feel and again locally owned and operated.
00:00:09And really a great place centrally located not too far, a couple of mimes from everything that's going on.
00:00:15Just a great place to take your family and friends.
00:00:18>> The tahoe valley lodge is offering a night's stay in either of their three luxury suites for half off.
00:00:26A $300 value for jcks.
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00:00:49There is no experience more unique than hot air ballooning and no better place to do it than the napa valley.
00:00:55I am joined now by bob barbarick, owner of balloons above the valley.
00:00:59And, bob, where are we going today?
00:01:03>> I think we're starting to go up.
00:01:05>> That's always good.
00:01:05>> The first place we're going to go is up.
00:01:11We are usually up in the air approximately an hour, give or take 15 or 20 minutes on each side of that hour, just depending on where landing spots are available to us.
00:01:21Once we come down, we head back to the napa river where there's a place called the general store where we have our champagne celebration breakfast buffet.
00:01:29>> I am looking forward to that.
00:01:31>> Lots of goodies.
00:01:36>> It is a unique way to see the napa valley.
00:01:39>> Absolutely.
00:01:40>> Napa valley is 26 miles long and five miles wide.
00:01:42And when you are driving up and down the napa valley looking at all the beautiful wineries, it's absolutely gorgeous.
00:01:50But when you are up in the air looking down, the perception is totally different and it's so serene and just a very, very unique way to see the napa valley.
00:02:07>> Fly high above the napa wine country this summer with balloons above the valley and enjoy a champagne brunch all for half off.
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00:02:39>> If you have ever wondered what it was like to race like a pro, then you have got to get down to gokart racer in burlingame.
00:02:46I am joined by dave robison, owner of gokart racer.
00:02:50And, dave, you've got quite the place here.
00:02:53>> We have a really fun event interest center here that everybody loves to come and race at.
00:02:57It's for any kind of party or event.
00:02:59And part of the fun is the racing.
00:03:01Then we've got a nice lounge area and everything for people to hang out and have a party or whatever.
00:03:09>> Tell me a little bit about the go carts themselves and the tracks you have here.
00:03:13>> We have two smaller tracks.
00:03:15They combine to make a bigger track, so on sunday nights from 00 to close, and all day monday, we combine them to make the big track.
00:03:22All the hard core guys will come on mondays to do the big track because they really love it.
00:03:27It's a really challenging experience for people who really do race cars and things like that.
00:03:31We get a lot of racecar drivers.
00:03:33We've actually had some pretty famous people here that are nascar racers and things like that, that make their living at racing.
00:03:41And they still have a lot of fun here just like everybody else.
00:03:47>> You guys are opening another location in the bay area pretty soon.
00:03:50>> Yeah.
00:03:51We're hopefully going to be open in dublin in around september or october.
00:03:55We're still just starting the build-out phase.
00:03:57But it's pretty well through all the planning and it's actually, you know, tearing the building apart and getting ready to build it back up.
00:04:06And the current plan is to open by october.
00:04:10>> Look forward to it.
00:04:11>> Yeah.
00:04:11It's going to be right in dublin, right at the 685-80 intersection.
00:04:16It's a really good location right by city hall.
00:04:19>> Race like a pro for half the price at gokart racer in burlingame.
00:04:24Get a $100 gift card for just 50 bucks and compete against your buddies all summer long.
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00:04:42I am joined now by angie jacoby, regional property manager for woodmont realty services.
00:04:48Angie, tell me a little bit about the properties itself.
00:04:51>> The properties are fantastic.
00:04:51We have over 64 properties in the bay area.
00:04:54They go as far north at santa rosa, as far down south as santa cruz and also sacramento.
00:05:01They have a variety of amenities and programs that specifically design it to each individual resident's needs.
00:05:06We offer amenities such as free tennis lessons, scuba lessons which you don't see very often.
00:05:11Residents can now pay rent with a credit card.
00:05:14We have a benefits residents program.
00:05:16We offer dry cleaning service, package delivery.
00:05:18You name it, we have it here.
00:05:20>> You do it all.
00:05:20>> We do.
00:05:21>> It's a full hospitality staff.
00:05:23>> Absolutely.
00:05:26>> Our goal is to simplify your life.
00:05:29Life can be very stressful.
00:05:31We want to provide all the conveniences so that you don't have to worry about your living environment.
00:05:37We want to create a community so that when you come home from work, you have a pleasant place to live and spend time with your family and friends.
00:05:50Geographically, we cover the entire greater bay area.
00:05:54Communities range in size from 11 units all the way up to 766 apartment homes.
00:06:01So as you can imagine, the 11 apartment community is very intimate.
00:06:08And the largest 766-unit building offers all of the amenities you can imagine, including four tennis courts, three swimming pools, a spa, sand volleyball, a clubhouse with eight billiard tables, a state-of-the-art movie theater, fitness center.
00:06:26And I could go on and on.
00:06:33>> The value that we add to our properties is enormous in the sense that you can live at a property and you can play tennis, you can play basketball, you can work out in the fitness center.
00:06:42You can go swimming.
00:06:44All these things that you would have to pay for elsewhere, you get to do as part and included in the properties.
00:06:49In addition to that, a lot of times we have people concerned about signing long-term leases.
00:06:53We offer flexible lease terms.
00:06:55A great example of the value that we add to our property is at fair oaks west where you have a movie theater, you have tennising pools.
00:07:01Courts, you have swimming pools.
00:07:03We have tennis lessons and scuba lessons there.
00:07:05And with all that you can still rent an apartment there for $952 a month right now.
00:07:11>> Wow.
00:07:12That's unheard of in the bay area.
00:07:13>> Very, very competitive.
00:07:15>> This week, woodmont real estate services is offering an incredible deal.
00:07:19Get a studio apartment at their fair oaks west community for just $952 a month.
00:07:27Or a two-bedroom for just over $1,500 a month.
00:07:31Plus get half off your security deposit.
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00:07:42We're back in south lake tahoe with more half off! deals.
00:07:45Let's talk a bit about the americana vacation club.
00:07:49>> The americana is in a quieter location.
00:07:54And right now the front of their building is in full bloom.
00:07:56And they always plant these gorgeous flowers so they really, really take good care of their property.
00:08:01Again, different kinds of accommodations.
00:08:03It's locally owned and run, so you really get personal service there.
00:08:07>> Is it located near the slopes?
00:08:09>> It is very close.
00:08:09And heavenly and sierra and kirkwood, they will all pick up right near there.
00:08:14The bus stops are located within walking distance.
00:08:17>> Stay in a beautiful room at the americana for half off.
00:08:21A $100 value for just 50 bucks a night.
00:08:24Hurry and get your gift card now.
00:08:27We have eight available.
00:08:30The four suites resort -- that sounds so luxurious.
00:08:35>> That's a very, very wonderful property.
00:08:36And one of its features is it sits right underneath the heavenly gondola.
00:08:41So when you get in the morning and you're going skiing, you just throw your skis over your shoulder and walk about 100 yards or so and there you go.
00:08:49You're up on the mountain in 10 minutes.
00:08:52So right next to heavenly village so you can walk to dining and other activities.
00:08:56It's just the perfect location.
00:08:58>> Get half off a night's stay in a one bedroom suite at the forest suites resort, a $150 value, yours for just 75 bucks.
00:09:07We have eight cards available now.
00:09:12Carol, tell me a bit about the stardust vacation club.
00:09:16Where is it?
00:09:17>> Well, it is actually right downtown and within walking distance of everything that is going on in the heavenly village and around the casin that you can go gaming or you can have fine dining or casual dining.
00:09:28You can go shopping.
00:09:29The different stores are down there that you can -- >> browse around and spend the day.
00:09:33>> Yeah.
00:09:33It's good for families.
00:09:34Good for just couples.
00:09:35It has kitchenettes in some ofe units.
00:09:37The units.
00:09:39Outdoor pool.
00:09:40It is a beautiful location to stay and you're in the middle of everything.
00:09:43>> Get one night of lodging at the stardust lodge and stay just one block from the state line for half off.
00:09:51A $100 value for just 50 bucks.
00:09:54Pick yours up now.
00:09:57all the well, that's all the time we have for this week's show.
00:10:00But don't you worry because we'll be back next weekend right here on abc 7.
00:10:05Plus catch the show every day at on the living well hd network.
00:10:10And remember, you can get your gift cards and watch the show 24/7 at watchhalfoff.com.
00:10:18From the tahoe valley lodge in south lake tahoe, I'm jenn coleman.
00:10:22Thanks for watching.
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00:12:10Soccer in a stinky sewer of the all you need is a ball and a tetanus shot.
00:12:17Girls behaving badly, and thong, garter and a razor scooter.
00:12:26Just another monday night.
00:12:28Wind suffering never looked so good.
00:12:31And the "whacked out sports top " that's ..
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00:15:30We're back on "whacked out sports," we're in italy where weeks of unseasonably heavy rainfall is turned the soccer pit into a muddy ditch.
00:15:39Rather than cancel the game and make pizza or stomp grapes, they're going to play on.
00:15:45I really don't know what it would take to stop a soccer game.
00:15:50Not something silly like a riot or earthquake.
00:15:55There's a vacant lot full of broken bottles and rusty nails and it's a tetanus shot waiting to happen.
00:16:03Every day around lunchtime, some shirtless dude grabs garbage cans for a quick match.
00:16:15They're your lone goal.
00:16:23The crowd was psyched and the players were soaked.
00:16:26Let's grab the extreme express back to the states for an all girl parking lot punch fest.
00:16:33Wow, most of my waking hours are devoted to hoping to see chicks get into a fight.
00:16:39But then when it actually happens, wow.
00:16:44We're in a church parking lot in the suburbs of cleveland and these two kitty cats do not know how to play nice.
00:16:52I guess it's kind of jarring.
00:16:55Where is the mud?
00:16:57Where is the oil.
00:16:59Pillows would be nice.
00:17:00I wonder what they're fighting about.
00:17:02Probably not a parking space.
00:17:06Maybe one borrowed the slacks without asking.
00:17:08If you crazy kids want to kiss and make up we have plenty of videotape.
00:17:15That's cool.
00:17:18The first thing we do each day here at "whacked out sports," besides giving mom her sponge bath, is span the globe from backyards to the backwoods to find slips for the little segment we call homegrown videos.
00:17:36Ever wonder who stayed if your hotel room before you?
00:17:39On the offchance it was these knuckleheads you might want to wipe down every square inch of the place with sanitizer to be on the safe side.
00:17:51This isn't a gaggle of federlines, these guys have a plan.
00:17:58Bush is going to ride the fuzzy scooter through the always of this this fancy hotel and jimbo's going to film it.
00:18:08Just to make it interesting, butch will be wearing the thong.
00:18:13Why are they doing this?
00:18:15I guess it's like jazz, you have to ask, you'll never know.
00:18:23That is truly disgusting.
00:18:27It reminds me, I have to pick up tea bags on the way home.
00:18:33The funny thing is there's a convention of fish tank gravel salesmen here last week and some did the same thing.
00:18:45Most major hotels, plate to know the thongry drives a wedge between you and security.
00:18:54They're not likely to turn the other cheek.
00:18:59Looks like the fun's over but they'll always have their memories.
00:19:05If they can even remember what city they're in when they wake up tomorrow.
00:19:10Let's grab our fuzzy scooters and head to the beach for a wet and wild whack tak hur.
00:19:22Linday and misty fly around the world doing fun stuff.
00:19:27It's their job.
00:19:28Think about that the next time you're cleaning the corn dog friar.
00:19:34The girls are in maui, taking a break from getting massages in their five diamond hotel to try out a little wind suffering.
00:19:43These structure dudes probably have the second best job in the world.
00:19:48After lindsey and misty.
00:19:51What do you know, they're not all that great at it.
00:19:57But who cares, they're hot.
00:20:02They'll never have to pay for a single drink as long as they live, or at least until age 40.
00:20:09Next week they're off to scuba in aruba and you'll be sprinkling pixie dust on some kid's barf.
00:20:21All my pain posse peeps and peepe let's bust a move with "whacked out sports top " today the top five "whacked out sports" things to do when in your spare time.
00:20:38Number five, got a foot fetish?
00:20:42Take up kickboxing.
00:20:47Number four, try out new ways to parallel park.
00:20:51Number three, combine your two favorite hobby, gymnastics and breathing with the aid of a machine.
00:21:00Number two, explore the great outdoors with your face.
00:21:06And the number one "whacked out sports" thing to do in your spare time, indulge your sweet tooth with a heaping helping of pavement pie.
00:21:18Stay right there because we've got looking for a cheap way to paint your house?
00:21:23I'm sure these paintballing pip squeaks will help you out.
00:21:32You're hooking it up with "whacked out sports," where beauty and flesh wounds are only skin-deep.
00:21:42Get ready to meet the suckingest, wretchingest, right hook catchingest cuties every to brake a nail on someone else's noggin plus bikinis that provide less coverage than a $5 insurance policy.
00:22:04It's "whacked out spor -( )-( ) - Announcer: - ( moans ) ah!
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00:25:19Welcome back it to " so far we've been enchanted by riding the rails.
00:25:28Bikinis in sails.
00:25:30A cat fighting bout and a natural -- gnarly face plant wipeout.
00:25:40Now it's time for the "whacked out sports" olympic events that didn't make it.
00:25:46Getting hit by a paintball is no fun.
00:25:49It combines the pain of getting shot with the humiliation of being covered in goo.
00:25:55Trying to shoot someone with a paintball on the other hand is one of life's great pleasures and doing it on this fully inflatable hell skate, you have the makings for a interesting afternoon and the national paintball association.
00:26:15The rules are simple, basically capture the flag with about 1500 bucks in accessories per playing.
00:26:23Ballers spend most of the game crouching, but their adrenaline is pumping hard.
00:26:28That's something I can identify with since mine is 120 beats her minute when I'm lying on the couch.
00:26:35What can I say, I love bacon.
00:26:37I don't know if the ppbl will catch on but I feel safer with teams of highly skilled paint splattering warriors on the ready.
00:26:53>>> There you have it, another collection of commas and concussion, especially prepared for your viewing pleasure.
00:27:05Whether you like your injies wet, dry, or on the rocks, we'll whack it out of the park for you.
00:27:17Good-bye and get help, everything.
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