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00:03:20Raleigh and jericho strauss and parents todd and janice ..
00:03:35At bali's sacred monkey forest, a sanctuary on the site of an ancient hindu temple.
00:03:42Jericho and raleigh get a real taste of the exotic.
00:03:4910-Year-old raleigh puts up a brave front, but he's a little nervous.
00:03:53Raleigh's the cautious one, and so he started in with a lot of questions.
00:03:57"Won't these monkeys--"you know, "are they " " long-tailed macaques have dwelled here for five centuries.
00:04:07Being with the monkeys is kindalike swimming with the dolphins.
00:04:10I had a little camera, and I was shooting some of the video, but it was mostly my dad shooting the video.
00:04:19They have long fangs that are very intimidating-looking.
00:04:23THESE TWO K9s That are poking out of the side of their mouth.
00:04:27Those 1-inch fangs are like sharp steak knives, and the only thing on the minds of these ravenous creatures is finding something good to sink them into.
00:04:45The guides, they give you a little lecture-- don't tease the monkeys, don't make eye contact with the monkeys, because then you're engaging with them.
00:04:52It doesn't take long for the family to realize they're aggressive, and sometimes territorial.
00:05:00I was just kind of, like, nervous because they kept just running out of nowhere and jumping on people.
00:05:08Janice has food in her backpack, and 1 18-pound macaque, the leader of the pack, is determined to get it.
00:05:18There was a rather large male monkey and some family members that were walking across the park.
00:05:24The large male monkey grabbed onto the side of my skirt.
00:05:30The male monkey was giving this vibe of like, "you don't need to move anywhere, "i'm hanging on to your skirt " so I kind of just let him do his thing.
00:05:43He was showing that he really was assertive, and he was trying to show his power.
00:05:47He was bigger than the rest of them, he had the big teeth hanging out his mouth.
00:05:52The monkey stands his ground-- one hand on janice and one eye on raleigh, who is definitely breaking the rules of engagement.
00:06:05(Todd) RALEIGH DECIDED THAT, UH, HEY, YOU Know, he's kind of kidding.
00:06:10He kind of moves over real slow.
00:06:12My brother was kind of laughing, just kind of saying, "no," like, "get away," and stuff.
00:06:17Raleigh's eye contact, pointing, and sudden moves are seen as an act of war to the monkey.
00:06:24Now he wants food and revenge.
00:06:28He won't let go.
00:06:34He reaches out and grabs janice's skirt and starts to pull the skirt out of this monkey's hand, and that's when he just went crazy.
00:06:44He let go, and he charged raleigh and grabbed him with both hands and just sunk in, right on his thigh, on his leg.
00:06:53It was like a scream thati haven't really heard too much come out of his mouth.
00:06:58Raleigh screamed, and I thought he was in a lot of pain, I thought he really got hurt, and I was expecting to see some blood.
00:07:05(Todd) IT'S THAT FIGHT OR FLIGHT SYNDROME That you get in those panicky situations.
00:07:09I was ready to kick some monkey butt.
00:07:11Turns out the vengeful attack would prove ..
00:07:16And raleigh takes it like a champ.
00:07:19Dude, he bit me.
00:07:21When he bit me, I could feel the points of his teeth coming down.
00:07:27The monkey bit on top of my shorts, so luckily, there was extra protection.
00:07:37Todd, janice, and the kids decide they've overstayed their welcome at the monkey forest.
00:07:46We weren't really excited anymore, 'cause it kind of freaked us out a little bit.
00:07:50I would go back to the monkey forest knowing what I know now.
00:07:58Even on accident.
00:08:01He bit me.
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00:10:55Mark and irene vivian are headed to the remote vanuatu islands, specifically tanna, 1,000 miles eastof northern australia.
00:11:03Tanna is home to one of the world's most active volcanoes, mount yasur, definitely on the vivians' must-see list.
00:11:17The couple hangs on tight during the 3-hour trip to the volcano.
00:11:24And there doesn't seem to be a smooth road on the entire island.
00:11:35The rocks and uneven surfaces have taken their toll on the tourist van.
00:11:47But as far as the vivians are concerned, witnessing mount yasur in all its glory is well worth the obstacle course it took to get here.
00:12:00And yasur does not disappoint.
00:12:08The awestruck australians are treated to a spectacular show.
00:12:13Irene has seen enough.
00:12:19But not mark.
00:12:23Oblivious to danger, he's heading right for the rim.
00:12:39(bleep) Never mind the hurling boulders and 2,000-degree lava.
00:13:02Mark vivian is fearless against the rising wrath of yasur.
00:13:09But it won't be long before mother nature puts this mere mortal in his place.
00:13:16(bleeping) Yasur unleashes a fiery, scalding, relentless fury.
00:13:40(bleeping) Mark finally gets the message and scatters.
00:13:52(bleep) Incredibly, in the middle of the chaos, mark asks another fleeing tourist to stop and take his picture.
00:14:30Two smitten ostriches in south africa are hoping to make a lot of these.
00:14:38There's a pretty saucymating dance going on.
00:14:43Tourists wayne crawford and his wife are front and center for this bird-lesque show.
00:14:55The couple can't get enough of the flirty hookup.
00:15:06Until this love struck bad boy ..
00:15:14And unleashes 250 pounds ..
00:15:18That's about as closeas you want to be to an ostrich.
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00:15:45Oh! oh, no!
00:15:58Catastrophe at a campground-- an out-of-control helicopter ..
00:16:05And headed straight for a family.
00:16:07Hundreds of thoughts cross your mind, like, people getting hurt, people dying.
00:16:11.. oh!
00:16:14And a direct hit.
00:16:16Her body just plops up,and the next thing I think is, oh, my god, she's dead.
00:16:24Now no one on this safari is safe.
00:16:27I remember the guide yelling at my brother to swim.
00:16:31And a wild motorcycle ride comes to a crashing end.
00:16:44(man) OH, GOD!
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00:16:58A 6,500 mile vacation across the united states in an r.v.
00:17:05The ransijn family is from the netherlands, and they figure this is the perfect way to take in all the glory.
00:17:13We had a lot of fun just cruising around the united states.
00:17:17On their way west, frank, bianca and their sons wouter and jeroen pulled into the popular angel lake camp site just outside elko, nevada.
00:17:27We stopped there, uh, to have lunch, because we liked the scenic view.
00:17:32But their picnic plans are cut short when they spot a daring helicopter rescue unfolding high up on a cliff.
00:17:42(Frank) ONE LADY GOT STUCK ON A ROCK SOMEWHERE, And she didn't have the right gear to get down to the campground again, so they sent out two rescue workers to get her.
00:17:52Frank focuses in to catch the drama.
00:17:55I decided to get my camera out and just start taping it, because I thought, well,i've never seen a rescue before with a chopper on my vacation.
00:18:06The rescue chopper pilot hovers just inches above the rocky edge, then two firemen are lowered down to pull the stranded hiker out.
00:18:14It was taking your breath away.
00:18:16It was really terrifying.
00:18:18Within minutes, the woman and one of the firemen are hoisted up and flown to a nearby landing zone.
00:18:30The scary part looks like it's over, so the boys head inside the r.v.
00:18:35They have no idea this rescue is about to take a terrifying turn.
00:18:40The one rescue worker's still on the mountain, uh, he was just there with the gear, so they wanted to pick him up with the chopper.
00:18:49The pilot and two firemen return to the cliff to pick up the remaining rescuer.
00:18:56The helicopter just was hanging above the rock, and the rescue worker just climbed in.
00:19:01But just as the chopper starts to pull away, bianca gets a sick feeling in her stomach.
00:19:07I knew the helicopter was in trouble from the moment he was over this cliff.
00:19:13You feel that it was not going right.
00:19:16That took my breath away.
00:19:18Bianca's gut instinct was right.
00:19:21Inside the cockpit, the frantic pilot works the controls, trying desperately to lift off the ledge.
00:19:28Normally, you expect to-- that it pulls up, like, it goes down a little bit, and then it goes up a little, but it didn't do it.
00:19:37It's going down, in a hurry, and heading straight toward the camp site.
00:19:45And right at the ransijns' r.v.
00:19:48You didn't know from that point where it was going, if it was going to hit you, or in the neighborhood of your r.v.
00:19:57There were many people with children, our children, of course.
00:20:03I was terrified.
00:20:06(crash) We saw the blades spinning for two, three times, one of the blades broke off and flew in the air.
00:20:20Then you get goose bumps.
00:20:21I still get it when I see the tape.
00:20:27I heard the chopper hitting the ground.
00:20:29My stomach just turns around.
00:20:31Hundreds of thoughts cross your mind, like, people getting hurt, people dying.
00:20:37Especially was afraid for the people of the helicopter, but when it was seriously going wrong, of course, you're also afraid for your own family.
00:20:46The chopper just misses the r.v.
00:20:48With wouter and jeroen inside.
00:20:51We heard, like, this awful noise, oh, whoa, there must-- gone something wrong with the chopper over there.
00:20:58Basically what we saw was just a drop, hitting the ground, and we were like, what just happened?
00:21:04Frank and bianca are relieved their boys are okay, but all their thoughts go immediately to the passengers on the helicopter.
00:21:13It's not a good feeling if you see that people are maybe going to die.
00:21:17I was really thinking the helicopter would explode.
00:21:19Everybody was just terrified, and they were all shocked.
00:21:24Women were crying.
00:21:26Frank takes off running toward the downed chopper.
00:21:31I decided to run over there, because I wanted to see if I could help some people.
00:21:36(siren wailing) I had some fear about my father going down there, just trying to check on people while the helicopter might blow up.
00:21:44By the time frank gets to the crash, all that's left is smoldering wreckage.
00:21:53After the rescue worker said to me, like, put your video off, I just immediately did it.
00:22:01At that time, we didn't knowif someone was injured or not.
00:22:04Then, what can only be described ..
00:22:08These incredible snapshots reveal
00:00:01So he can stand and lift her head out of the water.
00:00:04 thankfully, she regains consciousness, but she's still in deep trouble.
00:00:10Wake up! wake up!
00:00:19She's got a serious head wound, and blood fills the water around her.
00:00:25Oh, my god!oh, my god, oh, my god.
00:00:28What do I do? it--your head's open.
00:00:30I tried to place it back together, like, if I could fix it, like my hands could actually fix the wound, but I couldn't.
00:00:37I just see--i see the top of her skull, and I start freaking out.
00:00:41Listen to claudia, barely conscious and in pain, as she tries to calm her younger ..
00:00:45 and tell him ..
00:00:54Oh, my god.
00:00:55Oh, my god. okay.
00:00:58Someone help!
00:01:03In your bag--can you stay? are you good?
00:01:07Oh, my god.
00:01:09Um, your phone's in your bag.
00:01:12(bleep) Oh, my god.
00:01:15He's got the cell phone, but he's got no signal.
00:01:19Oh, my god.
00:01:27In fact, he has to run nearly half a mile before he can get through to anyone on the phone.
00:01:33The last thing he wants to do is leave claudia bleeding and alone, but she knows that getting help right away is her only chance.
00:01:43(bleeping) I'm barefoot, running through the woods, and I'm clicking the phone, waiting until I get a signal.
00:01:51 I mean, it's only one bar, but, oh, my goodness, that's the best bar I've ever seen.
00:01:57Claudia holds a blanket tight to her head to slow the bleeding.
00:02:01She needs all the patience and strength she can muster.
00:02:07It takes nearly an hour and a half from the time of the accident before an ambulance reaches her.
00:02:13Serious brain injury and paralysis ..
00:02:21But in the end, claudia pulls through, a lucky break, after her nearly fatal encounter with a broken tree limb.
00:02:30I sustained a blow to the head, which ended up being, um, right around a 7-inch laceration that went there, back, and it split off here.
00:02:40I had stitches on the inside, then I had 24 staples on the outside.
00:02:45I had a broken vertebrae-- it broke off the back of it.
00:02:49And she has total recall of the event, up to a point.
00:02:57Oh. oh--claudia!
00:03:01The moment when I'm face down in the water, I know I'm under water, I know I can't breathe, and I know I can't get my armsand legs to ..
00:03:11But I know that at some point, I'm gonna have to breathe, and I'm thinking, struggle, try and get turned over, but I just--i can't get my body to work with me.
00:03:20After that, I don't remember anything.
00:03:26It wasn't pretty, but morgan got the job done, and claudia is forever thankful.
00:03:33It was a lifesaver.
00:03:35If he hadn't have been there, there wouldn't have been any running to get help.
00:03:39There wouldn't have been anybody to pull me from the water.
00:03:42I couldn't even turn over so I could breathe, so having him there made all the difference.
00:03:49Morgan and claudia are still good friends, still seeking new adventures in the wild on long vacation days, only now, they look twice before they leap.
00:04:00I'm just thankful for her to be here.
00:04:02I never thought I'd actually want someone to be here more in the world than her.
00:04:07(Claudia) OH.
00:04:12There's no telling what you'll stumble across on vacation in africa.
00:04:19It's a hopeful encounter with some exotic animals that entices emily thies and her brother richard to take a guided safari down the zambezi river.
00:04:31My brother had been doing some research online and found that zimbabwe was a place that offered these canoe trips where you could see tons of animals and really get a different experience.
00:04:42Just five minutes into their trip, they hit the jackpot-- a herd of african elephants swimming across the river.
00:04:51When we first saw the elephants, I had the feeling of just wanting to get closer and closer.
00:04:56Emily and richard can't resist the temptation, so they beach their canoe and watch the elephants as they climb up onto the shore.
00:05:05Richard is less than 10 feet away, in the front of the canoe, and that's a little too close for one elephant's comfort.
00:05:13In the blink of an eye, 5 tons of pure unadulterated rage goes on the attack.
00:05:19(elephant trumpeting) What I remember most vividly is the guide yelling at my brother to swim, because he was still very close to the elephants.
00:05:34Up next, can richard out-swimthe elephant, or will he be caught in the stampede?
00:05:42Two motorcycle riders take on a highway to hell, I thought, oh, no, we're in a lot of trouble.
00:05:52Comes crashing down.
00:05:55(bleep) ..