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00:00:00In a perfect home run by a perfect wife.
00:00:06My friends call meupermom.
00:00:08They think I can accomplishabout anything, and I generally do.
00:00:11Supermom stacy is super scheduled.
00:00:15Husband steve and kids stacia, christine, kelsey, elizabeth and steven know where they have to be every minute of the day, and they're never, ever late.
00:00:24 I cannot fall off schedule.
00:00:27If I do, then it starts to crumble.
00:00:31(horn honks) LET'S GO!
00:00:31 I can't let the house crumble.
00:00:34 she is always telling us to go faster.
00:00:39(Stacy) CHRISTINE, LET'S GO!
00:00:41There are a lot of rules in this house-- making your bed before you go to school in the morning, , when they can wear makeup and when they can't.
00:00:50The younger 3 need to be up by 7.
00:00:52You can't date till you're 16.
00:00:54There's even a rule of when, you know, who can talk to you at certain hours of the day.
00:00:5900 at night because he says at I get too emotional.
00:01:06Yeah, if you get emotional,,you lose.
00:01:08He wants to know exactly what we're doin', with who, when, when we're getting back.
00:01:12I mean, he needs to know, like, the exact time.
00:01:15Some people might describe me as a little controlling.
00:01:17As well as a fanatical devotion to scheduling, stacy loves to clean.
00:01:22It's very difficult for me to go to sleep with the house a mess.
00:01:25My mom is a clean freak. I'm very anti-pet.
00:01:28Animals running everywhere-- they're unclean.
00:01:30It's disgusting.
00:01:32Hello. hi, hon.
00:01:32Husband steve works hard at his house building business, and stacy takes care of his every need at home.
00:01:39I come home and everything's in order, it really is.
00:01:44Steve doesn't have a clue of what it takes around here to get the household chores done.
00:01:48In 17 years of marriage, he's never scrubbed a toilet.
00:01:51He's never washed laundry.
00:01:54He's never scrubbed the floors, and he certainly has never ironed his clothes.
00:01:59But while steve gets off lightly, stacy makes her kids do chores for at least an hour every day.
00:02:03If the children don't do their chores, I will wake them up in the middle of the night and have them do it right then.
00:02:09If we have clothes out of our drawers or something, she'll take out drawers and dump our clothes.
00:02:15I kikinda feel angry when she does this.
00:02:17No, I'm not very happy at all. we're strict.
00:02:20We're grooming them to be valuable members of society.
00:02:23I mean, really, no one does like a slacker.
00:02:25It's the day of the swap, and the two wives prepare to leave their lives behind.
00:02:30What do the couples hope to learn from the swap?
00:02:33I hope that steve learns to step up to the plate and help me around the house a little bit more in the evenings.
00:02:41He needs to really loosen up with being able to talk to the girls at night.
00:02:47Let's go.
00:02:48Bye. love you.
00:02:50I think it'd be great if somebody came in here and got things organized.
00:02:53I would like it to be not as dirty.
00:02:55I would love for my mom to learn how to put her family before the animals sometimes.
00:03:04LOVE YOU! (Steve) BYE!
00:03:12after a 700-mile journey, the wives get to see where they'll be living for the next two weeks.
00:03:17 I think I've just gone to heaven.
00:03:21.. it looks homey.
00:03:24(barking) AAH! (laughing) Aah!
00:03:30(squeals) WHAT IS THAT?
00:03:32Ohh! what is that?
00:03:33 he's huge.
00:03:35It looks like there's no animals living in here.
00:03:39There's no hair. there's no, um, sound.
00:03:42It's so clean. it's kinda sad.
00:03:44Okay. ohh! oh, my goodness.
00:03:48Aah! what is that?
00:03:49Is that a goat?
00:03:51Ohh! we have a goat in the house.
00:03:54She has died and gone to heaven.
00:03:55I have died and gone to outer darkness.
00:03:59Oh, wow. folded clothes.
00:04:01If this is a teenager's room, I do not see a teenager.
00:04:05Oh, my! ohh! what is that?
00:04:08Ohh! oh, my goodness.
00:04:10.. oh, my goodness.
00:04:11Quite seriously, oh, my goodness.
00:04:15This is filth. okay, I'm gonna just say it.
00:04:17This is--this is filth.
00:04:18Oh, organized. she's organized.
00:04:21It's gonna be a challenge to be super organized.
00:04:25There's no walls. there's no privacy.
00:04:27There's no--you can hear everything from that room THAT YOU'D GET IN THAT ROOM. (gasps) In my mind, I'm picturing extremely redneck and extremely lazy.
00:04:38I think for one of the first times in my life, .. literally.
00:04:43For the first week, the wives must live by the rules of their new family.
00:04:48Each wife has written a manual as a guide to the running of their home.
00:04:51"Steven and I have made rules and regulations "for everything in this house.
00:04:56" (chuckles) DOES THIS SOUND LIKE A CULT?
00:05:02"Our house is a virtual zoo." yeah.
00:05:05" you can tell.
00:05:08 rusty, especially, she even sleeps in " (groans) THAT'S DIRTY.
00:05:16(bleats) "My morning routine is hectic and timed to " boy, she has got it wrong.
00:05:22" a kitchen needs to be cleaned daily, e several times a day.
00:05:29"Steven and I have been married for 17 years.
00:05:31"He's never done a load of laundry, mopped .." "fallon doesn't care how dirty the house is.
00:05:37" .." oh, my. "or ironed " "i don't ask her to clean because she won't do it.
00:05:45" I don't think that's a good thing to show his son.
00:05:48What a good example she is to her dghter fallon, who will now turn out to be just like her mother.
00:05:54"If the children get bad grades, they're " I'm sitting here getting emotional over reading this.
00:06:03I was grounded my whole high school life.
00:06:06Whoa. this just brings back memories. sorry.
00:06:11Coming up-- ..
00:06:16And stacy's nervesstart to fray.
00:06:22We had a goat.
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00:08:59Laid-back sabrina never does housework and makes her husband sleep with a goat.
00:09:02She swapped lives with perfect supermom stacy, who schedules every minute of the day.
00:09:08In the first week, the wives have to follow their new families' rules.
00:09:11Later, they get to make some changes.
00:09:15It's the moment of truth.
00:09:17The two wives are about to come face-to-face with their new husbands and children.
00:09:23Hi. how are you?
00:09:24I'm steve. sabrina.
00:09:26I'm fallon. nice to meet you.
00:09:28Hi, stacy.'m fred. hi, fred.
00:09:29What is your name? elizabeth.
00:09:33I'm christine. and this is cooter.
00:09:36I'm steven. steven.
00:09:37This is polly. stacia.
00:09:40This is goldie.
00:09:41This is cat. meet stacy.
00:09:43And there's a goat. we can't forget the goat.
00:09:45AND THE GOAT. (bleating) (gasps) I've never been much of a schedule person.
00:09:54Oh, that's our life.
00:09:57Very structured.
00:09:58I think steve isis kinda worried.
00:10:00Sabrina will struggle with the schedule and its structure of our house and the rules and things of that nature.
00:10:07She seems a little bit more laid-back than my mom.
00:10:10I mean, but she's fun. she seems really fun.
00:10:13You know, I'll be honest here.
00:10:14It not being real clean really took me aback.
00:10:18It really did.
00:10:19Didn't look clean to you?
00:10:21You wipe around the messes? pretty much.
00:10:24The bathrooms only get cleaned once a month?
00:10:27Maybe even not that.
00:10:29queals) I think she may be in a little shock over what she's seen.
00:10:34She doesn't know what to do with this many animals.
00:10:37She'll probably be very stressed and very irritated.
00:10:40My anxiety level is up a little b.
00:10:42I'm anxious.
00:10:43It's 5 a.m. on the first day of the swap.
00:10:47It's very early in the morning, but I am up.
00:10:51In alabama, steve's already gone to work, leaving new wife sabrina with a grueling 20-hour day ahead of her.
00:10:57Girls, we've got ten minutes.
00:10:59Completing the first of five loads of laundry and chauffeuring daughters ..
00:11:06Let's get movin'. quickly.
00:11:07...Must all be done before sunrise.
00:11:10She's off to a promising start.
00:11:12Bye, y'all. have fun.
00:11:13I can understand why mom gets exasperated just having to go back and forth.
00:11:18Let's slip it and get goin'.
00:11:20I haven't stopped moving yet. let's go.
00:11:23So far, we are in the time frame.
00:11:2714-year-old christine is competing in a race today.
00:11:30Sabrina will have to pick her up at 5 p.m.
00:11:33In order to get home in time to make dinner for 6:30.
00:11:38In texas, it's a typical mayfield morning.
00:11:42Fred's gone to work, and everyone else is still in bed.
00:11:45Stacy has had her first sleep-in ever, but with eight animals to take care of, it's now down to the dirty work.
00:11:53I do not know how people can wake up to this crap every day.
00:11:59It's just gross.
00:12:00And you know what's grosser, is that they use their good towels to clean it up, and then they shower with them.
00:12:08Animals should be secondary to your home.
00:12:11 gotta go.
00:12:15, and sabrina is still onon her way home from christine's track meet.
00:12:21Oh, she's not here.
00:12:22It's the first time steve's dinner has not been on the table in 17 years of marriage.
00:12:28No food!
00:12:29She's had no concept of abiding by a schedule-- just unimportant to her.
00:12:35(breathily) OKAY.
00:12:36Sabrina's concept of schedule has been derailed by deciding to wait for the track results after christine ran her best time this season.
00:12:45Hey, hey, hey.
00:12:46I apologize for being late here.
00:12:52Do you make rice much? yeah.
00:12:54Stacy cooks it entirely different.
00:13:00We're not gonna eat at least until 8:30.
00:13:02This may be a midnight meal.
00:13:04Yes, all because we stayed at the track meet.
00:13:08No, we're gonna follow a schedule, we're gonna be home. people are gonna bhome.
00:13:13Do you get mad if stacy doesn't follow the schedule?
00:13:15But I never have an opportunity to find out.
00:13:17th stacy's definitely a mom, you know, time.
00:13:23It certainly is the most outrageous violation of the schedule that's occurred in our home.
00:13:30I can't think of anything like this before.
00:13:33I am so sorry.
00:13:40In her pajamas.
00:13:41Hey, where you goin'?
00:13:43I'm leavin' to go to work.
00:13:45Right now? mm-hmm.
00:13:46Are you gonna wear that to work? yeah.
00:13:49You're gonna actually leave the house in your pajamas? mm-hmm.
00:13:53Why don't you just slip on a pair of jeans or something? they're all dirty.
00:13:56I would think you would want to dress well, lot of times I'm lazy.
00:14:01Okay. hmm.
00:14:03So they let you wear that in the kitchen?
00:14:06Your pajamas? mm-hmm.
00:14:09All right, see you later.
00:14:11Bye. bye.
00:14:12I'm choosing to be strict with my kids.
00:14:15I mean, I've raised mine that you don't even come down to school with your pajamas on.
00:14:20You get on your clothes.
00:14:21I don't care what your job is. it is disrespectful.
00:14:25 sabrina's been working nonstop for the pastst8 hours, and she's still not finished.
00:14:33It is kinda late at night.
00:14:34This would be a nice time to just sit down and relax, but she keeps movin'.
00:14:39And there's no help from steve.
00:14:41How muchdoyou know about ironing, steve?
00:14:44I cannot iron.
00:14:45I would like to see steve helping out a little more.
00:14:49I do think he needs some jobs.
00:14:51Doing nothing is not an option for the wasdin kids.
00:14:54They're made to do chores every single day.
00:14:58How much do you like dusting?
00:15:01Not really.
00:15:01If the kids fail to keep the rooms anything less ththan perfect, sabrina must punish them by tipping out their drawers.
00:15:08This is a little harsh to me.
00:15:10I don't know who's getting something out of it, really.
00:15:14Is it for mom's benefit to make sure that room is clean?
00:15:18I don't know, but, um, I have a hard time agreeing or even accepting that one.
00:15:25Fred's home from work, and now it's time to start his otherob as his daughter's personal servant.
00:15:32Hey, dad? huh?
00:15:34Will you do these for me?
00:15:42Will you wash those?
00:15:44I'll stick 'em in.
00:15:45 is that all it takes-- she just tosses it over, and you say, "sure, ba. I'll toss it in"?
00:15:52Yeah, I guess.
00:15:53'Cause nobody else will pick 'em up.
00:15:59I mean, I'm dumbfounded, really.
00:16:01Fallon, you do know how to wash clothes.
00:16:05Yeah, I do.
00:16:07So if you know how to do laundry, how come you don't ever do it?
00:16:10I do have laundry baskets. they're just full.
00:16:13Clean or dirty?
00:16:15I think fallon needs to learn to be an adult, 'cause she is, and I think that her dad needs to stop treating her like she's 2 and start stepping up to the plate.
00:16:25Sabrina's chauffeuring duties are giving her the chance to find out about the strict rules that dad steve has set down for the kids.
00:16:31I hear you're not allowed to talk to dad ..
00:16:35No. at night?
00:16:37No, I'm not. well, why?
00:16:38I don't know. he just says I get too emotional.
00:16:42 I mean, it's kinda like, " would you like to dad about the stuff that you worry about?
00:16:51I would, actually, 'cause it kinda seems like he's, you know, kinda doesn't wanna talk to me and he doesn't really care what I think about after 9:00.
00:17:02I wanna see steve loosen up.
00:17:05I wanna see him not so structured, not so rigid.
00:17:10In texas, fred's wife has banned bedroom walls so her beloved dogs and goat can have free access to everyone's rooms.
00:17:19I'm stunned that you guys, a couple, wouldn't have a little more privacy time.
00:17:24They are so not private.
00:17:27I think this house would be just almost perfect if you had walalls.
00:17:30Fallon needs the privacy, and fred and sabrina need their own time together outside of their daughter listening and hearing in their private moments.
00:17:39It's ridiculous.
00:17:40A week of living stacy's life has made sabrina reflect on her relationship with her own family.
00:17:47Stacy here does a lot for r family, I can see.
00:17:50 this is what he needs.
00:17:55I think he deserves to have a clean house, you know?
00:17:58And he has always said, "you know, gosh, it just would be nice, "you know, if I didn't have to roll the hair " I don't know.
00:18:07I just don't feel worthy of it-- you know, to be loved like that.
00:18:16I've always tended to put my animals before him.
00:18:20Where I'm hoping before I die, I do put fred first somewhere.
00:18:25(sniffles) YEAH.
00:18:26Coming up--the wives take control.
00:18:29From now on, the animalswill go outside.
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00:22:11Today everything is about to change in the mayfield and wasdin households as the new wives take control.
00:22:17I am looking forward to just bursting in and blowing up their routine.
00:22:25Rule change can't get here quick enough now.
00:22:28I mean, I'm ready.
00:22:32The families are summoned to the rules change ceremony.
00:22:35It's time for the wives to lay down the new rules, which the families must obey.
00:22:40(sighing) Steven, your house is too structured and scheduled, and I'm gonna bring some fun into this house.
00:22:52.. yeah.
00:22:52What you've allowed your house to become is unacceptable.
00:22:56It's filthy and it's unorganized.
00:22:57You've allowed the animals and your wife and your daughter to control the house and not you.
00:23:04There will be no schedule.
00:23:07I will also confiscate the clocks in this house.
00:23:11We have commitments.
00:23:12It seems like a very irresponsible concept to have-- I'm getting ready to show you how life works with other families.
00:23:20From now on, the animals will go outside.
00:23:21What do you mean, outside? for how long?
00:23:24STAY OUTSIDE AND LIVE. (bleats) I don't know how we're gonna do that, because they're liable to bark and yell and scratch, and I don't know if I can sleep through all the dogs barking thall night.
00:23:33Steven, animals bring fun, life and love into a home.
00:23:39I'll be taking the kids to a pet store, where they each can buy the pet of their choice.
00:23:45(gasps) Wait a minute.
00:23:47Speaking of animals, we're having a pet party.
00:23:50It's like the inmates are running the asylum.
00:23:53In my home, keeping the house clean is a responsibility that everyone takes, and everyone pitches in to do.
00:23:58So I've made a chore chart for the three of us to follow. okay.
00:24:03Fallon, if you fail to do your assigned jobs, then there'll be a consequence.
00:24:08.. ever.
00:24:10(cheering) No, no-- instead-- you have to wait.
00:24:15Instead, you will assign the chores to dad.
00:24:21Oh, I like that one.
00:24:22Fallon, you're an adult now, and you need to start acting like one.
00:24:26You're unappreciative and yore lazy.
00:24:29Your room is an actual disaster zone, to say the least.
00:24:32You don't take pride in your belongngings, and you live in filth.
00:24:36So you'll be asked to go up to clean your room.
00:24:39It's ridiculous that stacia isn't allowed to talk to you past 9 p.m.
00:24:44Because she's so emotional.
00:24:47But from now on, stacia, you will be allowed to tal to dad whenever you want.
00:24:53Thank you.
00:24:54Bedrooms without walls are ridiculous.
00:24:56I'll be hiring someone to come in to build you temporary walls and to have doors for each of your bedrooms.
00:25:02I don't have a problem with the wall issue myself.
00:25:05I'd like to see what it looks like.
00:25:06You don't like to have friends over because of the way the house looks, so once we get the house cleaned up, we're going to have a housewarming party.
00:25:14I feel ambushed.
00:25:15You know, I didn't think there'd be a lot of changes.
00:25:18No clocks? we're gonna have a circus.
00:25:21The house is gonna be a circus.
00:25:23Coming up--stacy's new rulesdrive fred to breaking point.
00:25:28I don't agreewith all your stuff.
00:25:30LAST NIGHT I WAS KIND OF IN...(sniniffles) Sorry.
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00:28:42Stacy has ruled the family has to clean the house from top to bottom, but fallon is refusing to even get out of bed.
00:28:51Fallon, are you gonna lay there all day?
00:28:53.. later.
00:28:55I don't like the attitude that she has of laying there.
00:29:00 sleeping all day is a waste of time.
00:29:04There's too many things that can be done.
00:29:05You'll waste the day.
00:29:07 you waste the day, and you're not productive. oh, great.
00:29:10But stacy's determined she's not going to waste her day.
00:29:14Okay, first thing is we gotta get the dogs out.
00:29:18Cooter, out.
00:29:19Time for them to experience a different way to live, and in my opinion, the right way to live.
00:29:22We're gonna do this kitchen top to bottom.
00:29:25.. right. so... okay?
00:29:27I can't say that I'm looking forward to more work, 'cause there's a lot of work to do.
00:29:34I've been waiting to do this for days.
00:29:40(bleats) In alabama, in an attempt to bring fun to the overscheduled wasdin household, sabrina has ruled that the kids can choose and buy their own pets.
00:29:51I know what I want-- one of those, here, one of those-- that's a lizard. I know.
00:29:57I'm excited to get my new pet.
00:29:59It is fun to see the kids get excited.
00:30:01I'm just worried about what dad's gonna think when I get home.
00:30:05(Sabrina) GO, GO, GO.
00:30:06(Steve) OH, MYOODNESS.
00:30:07Go for it, dad. this is the food for it.
00:30:11What is this?
00:30:12We want our house to be a house of order, and obviously with pets running around here, it would create chaos in our home, and i abhor that.
00:30:21(water gurgling) Stacy's determined fallon is going to cooperate and clean her room.
00:30:27Go through this basket first, 'cause we need the baskets.
00:30:30Put the clothes that need to be waed at that end of the bed.
00:30:33You got it? okay.
00:30:34I'll go get you another basket for the clothes that are clean.
00:30:37 because I think once we get the clothes rollin', you're gonna start seeing floor.
00:30:43I hope she's ready to get her room cleaned for her sake, but I am ready to take the cell phone or, you know, the keys to her car.
00:30:53Got you.
00:30:55I understand her reasoning behind it, ..
00:31:01Telling her she lives like a pig or whatever---- I forgot what she said, but she may have got her feelings hurt on that one.
00:31:07In alabama, sabrina has got rid of the schedule and has put a stop to the kids doing chores.
00:31:13I think the house is getting a little bit dirtier, 'cause we haven't been doing our chores, and there hasn't been anything cleaned.
00:31:23I can't imagine that sabrina really thinks that the house could actually run like this-- no chores, only fun, fun, fun?
00:31:30You know, life doesn't work that way.
00:31:32It's just chaos.
00:31:36You think it's wrong for children to do chores?
00:31:39So here we have-- no.
00:31:40 I wanted them to see dad do it.
00:31:44But without assigning chores, we have learned that they won't get done. that's not true.
00:31:50I just wanted you to get a taste of that chore that they are supposed to have to do all the time.
00:31:59(barks) Fred, who never stands up to anyone, is angry about stacy's treatment of fallon and is finally making a stand for his daughter.
00:32:07Stacy, I do not agree with the statement that fallon is lazy and unappreciative.
00:32:12Can and should fallon keep her room clean?
00:32:15 I do think that sabrina and I both need to let fallon go and grow up, ..
00:32:24(clears throat, sniffles) It's our only daughter.
00:32:32(sniffles) Sorry.
00:32:36I don't agree with all your stuff.
00:32:38 I know that your daughter probably doesn't agree with all of them.
00:32:43I guess the bottom line is now itit's my rules.
00:32:47I would just hope out of respect for me that you would have respect for the rules that I've set.
00:32:52I think my dad needs to learn to stand up to my mom the way that he did tonight with stacy.
00:33:02Yeah, I need to assert myself more.
00:33:05I need to be more involved.
00:33:08What do y'all want to start dad off with?
00:33:10Just like mom gives you your chores, what are we giving dad to do?
00:33:15I'd say vacuuming the basement stairs.
00:33:16And I say dusting. all right.
00:33:18Sabra's ruled that steve-- who doesn't do a single chore around the house-- be given chores by his own kids.
00:33:23And stacia has assigned him latrine duty.
00:33:26I need the bathroom cleaning stuff.
00:33:28Wow. you've never done this before?
00:33:31No, I haven't.
00:33:32But I need the stuff. okay.
00:33:34Tell me which one to use for toilet bowl cleaner.
00:33:36Now you shut the lid and then clean it under.
00:33:40And you use your fingernails to get into the little corners.
00:33:43Stacia was enjoying my cleaning the bathroom probably more than I would have liked for her to have enjoyed it.
00:33:49All right, the toilet is clean.
00:33:52This is a hard job.
00:33:52This is what I go through every saturday.
00:33:53You guys do that every time?
00:33:57Every saturday. okay.
00:33:58This is the first bathroom that I've cleaned at home since I've been married.
00:34:03Stacy just does it.
00:34:04I should probably do this occasionally, at least.
00:34:09After her showdown with fred, stacy is hoping to win the family over with walls for their bedrooms.
00:34:20(Stacy) WELL, WHAT DO YOU THINK?
00:34:22It's not what I expected, but-- go take a look.
00:34:26I have a shelf. yay!
00:34:29It wasn't what I expected.
00:34:31But is it a good not what you expected?
00:34:34 it's nice.
00:34:37You get to shut the door.
00:34:38Yeah, and I can lock it. privacy, privacy.
00:34:39You deserve it at 18, fallon.
00:34:43They're pretty neat.
00:34:45They look good.
00:34:46And it was dark. it was cool.
00:34:48And I didn't heaanything, and I guess I passed out.
00:34:53Oh! lolooky, I got my friends.
00:34:56Coming up--steve has to copewith some unwelcome guests, and stacy is infor a big surprise.
00:35:03I'm shocked.
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00:38:41Now that walls have gone up around fallon's room, she's determined to prove herself to stacy and keep it clean.
00:38:49There's crackers, crumbs everywhere.
00:38:51 I don't know how long it's been since I vacuumed this floor.
00:38:57Beginning of rule change, she said I was lazy and unappreciative.
00:39:01I'm not really lazy, and I'm not unappreciative at all, by any means.
00:39:08In alabama, steve is finally coming to terms with doing the chores.
00:39:12Next up--a job he's never done in his life-- ironing.
00:39:16I have seven numbers on this iron.
00:39:18I have no idea what they mean.
00:39:23Is this how mom does it? uh, no.
00:39:26Steven even does laundry sometimes with mom.
00:39:29Steven does laundry?
00:39:31After half an hour, steve's still going strong on the same shirt.
00:39:36I may have to fill this water tank up twice.
00:39:39Oh, my.
00:39:40 everybody come up.
00:39:43Now, you know, this is not a real big deal or anything, but thisis was my first shirt.
00:39:48(Sabrina) I AM IMPRESSED.
00:39:50You can tell as you get better-- and I must say, the left sleeve looked impressive.
00:39:55Feel the crispness.
00:39:57I almost felt like I was getting a little emotional, which is not something I normally do.
00:40:01But it was a beautiful sleeve.
00:40:02I think you ought to give dad a hand.
00:40:04Now he maybe can help mom out some there, huh?
00:40:07(laughs) It's the day of stacy's house party.
00:40:11She wants fallon up and cleaning, but she's in for a surprise.
00:40:17Wake up.
00:40:19What got into you?
00:40:21I'M SHOCKED. (laughing) I am so shocked. what got into you?
00:40:28I was on a roll, so I just kept cleanin'.
00:40:31 oh, my goodness.
00:40:35(Fallon) I DO THINK I'VE PROVED A POINT TO Stacy that what she said in rule change wasn't right.
00:40:40She said I was lazy and unappreciative.
00:40:42And I think I did prove her wrong.
00:40:43You sacrificed a lot of sleep last night, didn't you? mm-hmm.
00:40:47I mean, you had to have.
00:40:48I can't give you a consequence, 'cause there isn't one to give.
00:40:52 seriously, your room is absolutely amazing.
00:40:57In alabama, sabrina's expecting some houseguests of the 4-legged variety.
00:41:03Oh! looky, I got my friends!
00:41:06This is nettie.
00:41:07I mean, what is it? it's a goat!
00:41:10(bleats) How will sabrina's pet party go down with uptight steve, who has no idea that his house has been turned into a farmyard?
00:41:17(Sabrina) WE'RE HAVIN' A PARTY! OH, MY GOODNESS.
00:41:20Say hi.
00:41:21What is this? it's a horse.
00:41:23Hon, i-i really-- you're doing just fine.
00:41:26They call that a calf, right?
00:41:28 you know where they belong?
00:41:32In the farm.
00:41:33On a farm.
00:41:34I came to the realization that it wasn't gonna be the end of life as I know it.
00:41:39Hey there!
00:41:39(Sabrina) ONCE HE STARTED RELAXING Around the animals, he had a great time.
00:41:43I mean, for him to pick up the goat and carry it down for me-- it just impressed me.
00:41:49Yeah, what if he starts eating my shirt?
00:41:52(laughs) I lightened up a little bit today, and we had a little bit of fun.
00:41:58" stacy's performed a miracle-- she's transformed the mayfield's filthy home .. to this.
00:42:09When I first came here, it was chaos, and it was a barn.
00:42:14It's now a home.
00:42:14To celebrate, she's invited over family and friends who the mayfields were previously too embarrassed to have visit.
00:42:22What do you think? it is awesome.
00:42:23It looks great. it looks really good.
00:42:25You've been hard at work. well, we all have.
00:42:28I'm proud of the house, and I don't have that worry about, you know, what are they gonna think about how dirty it is?
00:42:33I feel good about actually asking people to come over.
00:42:37Oh, my goodness.
00:42:39It's good. it looks like a different place.
00:42:42Oh, my. ye. oh!
00:42:44To see the look on their fes when they walked into my room and saw what I had accomplished myself-- ..
00:42:52It looks good, and it smells so nice.
00:42:54It meant so much to me, so much to me, that they could come to my home finally, and not feel in filth.
00:43:02It's now nearly bedtime, and steve wants to fulfill the last of sabrina's rule changes-- talking to stacia after his old 9 p.m. deadline.
00:43:11Stacia, you're gonna be 16 this weekend.
00:43:15Yes, I am.
00:43:16Beining 16 is a milestone.
00:43:19It represents the ability to drive, which gives you a tremendous amount of independence-- which is a little scary for a parent.
00:43:27It shouldn't be. it really shouldn't.
00:43:29So are you excited?
00:43:32Stacia is almost 16 now.
00:43:35She is growing up, anit's time that I see that, recognize that.
00:43:41I might lighten up a little bit.
00:43:44You need to.
00:43:44You should be very happy with that.
00:43:50(Both laugh) so you're gonna take him out and lead him?
00:43:52L yeah.
00:43:54It's the last day of the swap, and with their transformation of the mayfield house finally complete, stacy has decided to spend time with fallon.
00:44:02It's herirst day off in years.
00:44:05I've been called a "clean freak" before, from my children, ..
00:44:12Maybe I do need to take some time for myself.
00:44:16Yeah. I need to take some time for myself.
00:44:21Coming up--the couples are reunited.
00:44:24Missed you. I missed you.
00:44:26And fred stands up to sabrina,with shocking results.
00:44:30Keeping the animals outkeeps it cleaner.
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00:46:57Xx it's the end of the swap, and the wives prepare to say their good-byes.
00:47:01You're loved. you are, too.
00:47:03I do mean to keep my room clean.
00:47:05All in all, I think it will make me feel a whole lot better.
00:47:08Be good. okay.
00:47:10Don't forget about me.
00:47:11Take care of all those new pets, okay?
00:47:16Good-bye, goat.
00:47:18(bleats) Stay outside.
00:47:19I've learned not to be as much of a pushover, speak up when I need to speak up.
00:47:25I want him to be assertive.
00:47:27I think he needs to be assertive.
00:47:30After two weeks apart, the couples are about to be reunited.
00:47:34(Man) ♪♪ 'CAUSE IN MY HEART ♪♪
00:47:36♪♪ I know that I ♪♪
00:47:37♪♪ I'll always love you ♪♪
00:47:41♪♪ I'll always love you, baby ♪♪
00:47:45♪♪ darling, you'll have my love no matter where you go ♪♪
00:47:51.. ♪♪♪♪
00:47:53it's judgment time as the couples are about to come face-to-face across the table.
00:47:58You know, in our home, we're sort of quite papatterned.
00:48:03We're sort of schedule-oriented. yes, I know.
00:48:05But you brought some life into the home and some spontaneity and some fun, and that's your personality.
00:48:11And that was refreshing. yeah.
00:48:14We could utilize that, use that more in our home than we have been.
00:48:17I think, steve, you have loosened up a little bit.
00:48:20You're more relaxed with the girls.
00:48:21I have the thing about not speaking to stacia after 9:00?
00:48:25Well, it's removed. there's no time limit.
00:48:28Stacia can talk to me about anything she wants to at any time, as long as I'm awake.
00:48:32I think that if you do that, your daughter will come to you more on things that you want to know about but can't find out about. most definitely.
00:48:40Her being able to have that freedom to do that with you-- you will find that you're gonna be grateful for it.
00:48:47One thing that I've learned this week from this-- and I'll sayay "incredible"-- experience is that it's important that I take time for myself.
00:48:56And I want to take, you know, just a day, and just go do whatever I want.
00:49:02I'd survive. yes, you would.
00:49:04 the kids were really proud.
00:49:08 you cleaned a bathroom yes, he did.
00:49:13Household chores--i should step up to the plate a little more and help out a little more.
00:49:18Should I be helping out-- thank you.
00:49:22One of my things was that I didn't know if anybody could ever get that house cleananed up in the amount of time we did.
00:49:29 she stuck right with us.
00:49:33She had plans. she had everything organized.
00:49:35She had some problems with eight dogs and a goat.
00:49:38I get to tell that story later.
00:49:40What I did is I hired a contractor to come .. mm-hmm.
00:49:42To put wal and doors upstairs in your bedroom ! why?
00:49:48Let me tell you what happened as a result.
00:49:52I wanted for fred and fallon to have something thattheywant.
00:49:56Well, I know I can go home and change my rules any way I want to, so I'll do whatever I want to.
00:50:01 and we'll just go from there.
00:50:06I just think that we'll have some discussions about the animals when you come back.
00:50:10Eight dogs and the goat in the house causes a lot of dirt.
00:50:13Keeping the animals out keeps it cleaner.
00:50:16My animals-- I love 'em.
00:50:19.. I'm just...
00:50:26The deal.
00:50:27An hr after she walked out, sabrina finally agrees to come back and listen to what fred has to say.
00:50:33I just want to try some new things and see se how it will work to try and keep the house cleaner.
00:50:38Matter of fact, I still don't know how we did it with three people.
00:50:43I'm willing to try.
00:50:44Good. let's give it a try.
00:50:47You still love me? yes.
00:50:48Okay, good. we're all right then. never stopped.
00:50:50Never have.
00:50:53And it's so obvious he loves you very much.
00:50:56Yeah, well, he's a good guy.
00:51:00Good-bye. thanks a lot. great job.
00:51:03All right now.
00:51:05Good-bye! good-bye!
00:51:06The wives are about to be reunited with their families.
00:51:14 I missed you!
00:51:18Hey, rusty!
00:51:19How you doing, baby girl?
00:51:21And you know what? happy birthday!
00:51:23Today's your birthday! thank you!
00:51:26Hi, pretty girl.
00:51:29Oh, my goodness.
00:51:31It's different.
00:51:32I ain't never worked so hard in my life.
00:51:34Look around. around the corner. whoa!
00:51:37Oh, wow. fallon.
00:51:40I'm so happy to be home. I really am.
00:51:43Stacy has managed in three days, and I couldn't do it in 24 years, so this is fantastic, guys. y'all did great.
00:51:49Coming up-- has stacy kept her promiseto take things easy?
00:51:55And has sabrina agreed to keep her beloved petsout of the house?
00:53:04 that's me!
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00:53:15Phillips' colon health.
00:54:35Vv in the weeks since the swap, there have been big changes in the mayfield home.
00:54:39Sabrina loves the idea of bedroom walls.
00:54:42 I love 'em.
00:54:44Oh, yeah. the walls are staying.
00:54:45And everyone now does regular chores to keep the place tidy.
00:54:50We've all been doing our part of chores.
00:54:52You've been cleaning, I've been cleaning.
00:54:55Fallon's been cleaning.
00:54:56We clean every day.
00:54:57We actually have clean clothes, so that's good.
00:54:59But has sabrina let her beloved animals back into the house?
00:55:04The animals are okay outsiside.
00:55:05It's been good for us, and they're learning, and I'm learning to keep 'em outside.
00:55:10Since the swap, friends and neighbors that have come over and visited, they actually ..
00:55:16(laughs) TO VISIT AGAIN.
00:55:19There have also been some big changes in the wasdin household.
00:55:24Stacy is now taking regular time-outs.
00:55:26I have learned to relax a little bit more and enjoy life, so that's been nice.
00:55:29 I loved that.
00:55:32Steve's been helping around the house and learned some new tricks.
00:55:37Even folding clothes the other day.
00:55:39I folded one pair of pants.
00:55:41But he folded one.
00:55:43And stacy has even let the kids keep the pets.
00:55:46I'm really excited that they chose well.
00:55:48And there was no goat, so I was okay.
00:55:50(bleats) ..
00:55:55--Captions by VITAC-- Each week from across america, two families are chosen.
00:56:03This week, the yonts family, who devote their entire life to their 5-year-old daughter's beauty pageants, and the jan-turans.
00:56:12Free-spirited ramona believes beauty comes from within and bans all forms of competition.
00:56:18Each wife is about to get a new husband, new children, and a new life.
00:56:29My god, she looks like a doll.
00:56:32Miss ramona, she thinks that tv is like drugs.
00:56:36[ Sniffs ] there's, like, no consideration for nutrition at all, it seems.
00:56:40It's just whatever.
00:56:42He's being a jerk.
00:56:45Dishwasher is leaking.
00:56:46If you're gonna blow my microwave up, don't touch it.
00:56:50...Real lives...
00:56:50[ Crying ] I'M VERY ENVIOUS OF MICHAEL AND Kim's relationship because we don't have that.
00:56:57...Real drama.
00:56:58Dad, this doesn't look very good!
00:57:00 she doesn't like my makeup job.
00:57:03I'm so angry now.
00:57:14In rural kentucky,every day is pageant day.
00:57:18Contestant number one,hannah yonts.
00:57:22Ultra-competitive parentscom and michael yonts spend $8,000 a year, a quarter of their income, PPSO 5-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER HANNAHppCAN COMPETE In beauty pageants.
00:57:32Good girl!you did knock-knock.
00:57:35Hannah started participatingin pageants when she was 3 months old.
00:57:39When you participate in something, you go there, you want to win, you want to bring home the crown, and it's an adrenalin rush.
00:57:46I like when I get a big crown.
00:57:49Kimberly: Hannah has participated in 60 pageants.
00:57:52She's never walked away with nothing.
00:57:55To achieve that ki of success requires daily ..
00:57:59Look at judge number one.
00:58:00...And two hours of makeup.
00:58:04First she does this, when she rubs your face.
00:58:09And the mouth, she puts lipstick.
00:58:11And then she moves on to my hair.
00:58:15If she does swimwear, you want the tanning.
00:58:20Michael, who works at an aluminum mill, is as fiercely competitive as kim and hannah when it comes to pageants.
00:58:26Michael: Is that your peek-a-boo?
00:58:28Hannah asked me for her third birthday, she wanted a stage built,so I went and got wood.
00:58:34I built her a practice stage.
00:58:35At the ripe old age of 3, sister maddie has already retired from pageants.
00:58:40Ow, ow.
00:58:41We've tried putting her on the stage during practice sessions, and she kicks, screams, and squalls.
00:58:48So now hannah is the focus and star of the family.
00:58:51I think, in general, people go through life judging everything.
00:58:56That would be pretty. that matches.
00:58:58So in the yonts house, everything from the kids' designer outfits to the kitchen has to be matching and coordinated.
00:59:03It jusust depends on whether you want to take the initiative to care what people think.
00:59:09Ready, freddy!
00:59:10And in this world where everything's about how you look,