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00:00:02♪♪ Building wordsbefore our eyes ♪♪
00:00:05♪♪ Nothing's betterthan a letter ♪♪
00:00:06♪♪ They hold our worldtogether ♪♪
00:00:07♪♪ With Dog ♪♪♪♪ And Sheep ♪♪ ♪♪ And Duck ♪♪ ♪♪ And Pig ♪♪
00:00:10♪♪ There's alwaysa surprise! ♪♪
00:00:13(barks) KIDS:Word World!
00:00:20(croaks, whimpers) (giggles) ♪♪ Welcome to our world ♪♪
00:00:28KIDS:Word World!
00:00:30♪♪Word World♪♪
00:00:31KIDS:Word World!
00:00:32♪♪ It's a beautiful world ♪♪
00:00:34♪♪Word World.♪♪
00:00:40Kids: NARRATOR: It was a hot summer day in Word World, and Dog...
00:00:51(barking) ...was looking for a way to keep cool.
00:00:56(groans) And Sheep...
00:01:02had her own way of cooling off.
00:01:04Well, I think the best way to keep cool is with a little sprinkle of...
00:01:09(knob squeaks) KIDS: Water!
00:01:20Yes, indeedy, there is nothing like nice, cool water for flowers.
00:01:25(barks happily) (laughs): Oh, yes, you are absolutely right, Dog.
00:01:30And for sheep, too.
00:01:32(sighs happily) NARRATOR: And Bear...
00:01:37hadherway to keep cool.
00:01:40Hi, Dog!
00:01:41It's time for a refreshing shower to cool off.
00:01:44♪♪ Ah, do, bah, do, bah, ditty, ditty ♪♪
00:01:47♪♪ Datty, do, do, bah, do, bah... ♪♪
00:01:55KIDS: Water!
00:01:58(sighs): Ah...
00:02:00Yep, nothing like a cool, refreshing shower on a hot day.
00:02:06(Bear sighs) (barks) NARRATOR: Even Frog had his, well, very own way of cooling off.
00:02:16(barking) (panting) What am I doing, Dog?
00:02:21(giggles): Staying cool!
00:02:24(curious bark) It doesn't look that way?
00:02:27(chuckles, pants): Well, just watch!
00:02:30(panting loudly) (loud panting continues) (relieved sigh) (panting) (sighs) (panting) (relieved sigh) (panting) NARRATOR: And now it was time for Dog to cool offhisown way.
00:03:00(Dog pants, whimpers) (pants, whimpers) (curious bark) (whimpers, pants) (surprised bark) (sad bark) (grunting) (soft grunt) (spitting) (curious bark) NARRATOR: Meanwhile, Sheep was enjoying her sprinkler, until...
00:03:42(singing) Ow! Oh! Aah! Oh!
00:03:45Ouch, ouch, ouch, ow!
00:03:48(humming tune) (gasps) Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah!
00:03:56(panting) Ooh! Ee! Ow! (whimpers) Ouch.
00:04:01(whimpers) (loud crash) Ouch again.
00:04:09(groans, pants) What in Word World is going on around here?
00:04:16That's what we came to ask you.
00:04:19I don't know.
00:04:20Do you know, Mr. Narrator?
00:04:22NARRATOR: Uh, me? Well, no.
00:04:24It's a mystery to me, too.
00:04:26(laughs nervously): Uh, uh, pardon me?
00:04:28Hi, Sheep. Hi, Sheep. (barks "Hello") Uh, hi. Uh, I don't mean to interrupt or anything, but d-did-did somebody say "mystery"?
00:04:36NARRATOR: Yes, uh, I did.
00:04:38W-Well, forgive me for being so forward, uh, but this can only mean one thing.
00:04:44This is a job for...
00:04:47(whooshing) ...Detective Sheep, S-H-E-E-P, at your service.
00:04:53Now, then, uh, what seems to be the, uh, trouble?
00:04:57Well, I believe what we have is a drought.
00:05:03Uh, what's a drought?
00:05:05A drought is when you don't have enough water.
00:05:09Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, ah, but the question is, of course, why?
00:05:13Well, we'd better investigate.
00:05:16Hm, yes, yes.
00:05:18Hm, yes. Mm-hmm.
00:05:24What's that down there?
00:05:26Fetch, Dog!
00:05:27(barks "No") (chuckles): Uh... uh, please.
00:05:31(barking) (sniffing excitedly) (barks) (barking) (panting) (barks) Yes, mm-hmm.
00:05:48 a-t- e-r.
00:05:54Hmm. Wait!
00:05:55Those are the same letters that were coming out of my shower!
00:05:59And my water wheel!
00:06:02(barks "And my bowl") And my sprinkler!
00:06:05You know, I'm beginning to have an idea about what is happening here.
00:06:10(curious bark) Oh, most certainly I am, Dog.
00:06:12Frog, what we need now is your chalkboard.
00:06:17(croaks) Many thanks, Frog.
00:06:21(garbled): You're welcome!
00:06:23(grunts): Sorry.
00:06:25(clearly): You're welcome.
00:06:27So, let me get this straight.
00:06:29No one has any...
00:06:31W-a- t-e-r.
00:06:37B-But instead of getting water, we're getting...
00:06:41A-t- e-r.
00:06:47"Ater" instead of "water." That's right!
00:06:52So-so-so, uh, what's missing?
00:06:54(barks "W") Yes! Well done, Dog!
00:07:01The "W" is missing.
00:07:02It seems like all the W's are missing fromeveryone'swater!
00:07:08But where have they gone?
00:07:10Well, the only way to find out is to look where the water starts.
00:07:15(Dog barks curiously) ALL: Mountain!
00:07:23The game is afoot!
00:07:24And so the WordFriends made their way as fast as they could through the heat all the way up to where the water started-- the waterfall at the mountain.
00:07:37It's so hot today.
00:07:40NARRATOR: Where they found their friend Duck.
00:07:44.. 253...
00:07:49(sighs) Well, that's all of them.
00:07:52SHEEP: Aha!
00:07:54Mystery solved.
00:07:56Oh, hi, guys.
00:07:57What you doing?
00:07:58We were just going to ask you the same thing, Duck.
00:08:01Yes, Duck, what are you doing?
00:08:06Glad you asked.
00:08:06I found the greatest game to play up here.
00:08:09Whacking these, uh... these, uh...
00:08:13thing-a-ma-doodles out of the water.
00:08:15I just love these thing-a-ma-doodles.
00:08:17Look how many I got.
00:08:23Actually, Duck, that's not a thing-a-ma-doodle.
00:08:27Huh? It's not?
00:08:28Well, it sure looks like one to me.
00:08:30I mean, it's all pointy. Look.
00:08:32It's the letter "W", Duck.
00:08:35A "w"?
00:08:37Well, I'll be.
00:08:39Don't you just love them anyway?
00:08:41I mean, the way they go down and up and down and up.
00:08:45(quacking) It's like a roller coaster ride.
00:08:48Uh, yes, Duck, but the problem is...
00:08:51well, without them, Word World does not have any water.
00:09:01No water?!
00:09:02Oh, it's so hot. I mean...
00:09:07(panting) I'm getting... thirsty.
00:09:13Who would do such a thing?
00:09:16Well, Duck, I don't mean to point any hooves, but that would be... you.
00:09:23Yes, I'm afraid so, Duck.
00:09:25You see, taking away the "W" from "water," leaves us with just "ater." And you can't drink ater.
00:09:36(quacking) I didn't mean to.
00:09:38I just...
00:09:39That's okay, Duck.
00:09:41It's easy enough to fix.
00:09:42We just have to put the "wha" back into "ater." Sheep's right.
00:09:47So come on, everyone, grab some W's because it's time to...
00:09:52ALL: Build a word!
00:09:55(lively music playing) ♪♪ It's time to build a word ♪♪
00:10:02♪♪ Let's build it, let's build it now! ♪♪
00:10:06Sheep: KIDS: Water!
00:10:21♪♪ Yeah, we just built a word ♪♪
00:10:23♪♪ We built it, we built it. ♪♪
00:10:28And just in time.
00:10:32Building words sure makes me thirsty.
00:10:36(barking) That's right, Dog, we still have a lot of W's to put back.
00:10:44(humming tune) Two points.
00:10:51(humming tune) (humming) (sighs) NARRATOR: So, by adding the "W" back to "ater..." ...everyone cooled down and enjoyed the water again.
00:11:32Oh, water. Yuck.
00:11:35NARRATOR: The end.
00:11:41KIDS: Sheep.
00:11:43Oh, hello.
00:11:45You're just in time for our song.
00:11:47Come on.
00:11:52♪♪ S and T, S and T ♪♪
00:11:55♪♪ They're terrific friends, you see ♪♪
00:11:58♪♪ Put them together and here's what you've found ♪♪
00:12:02St-- a whole new sound.
00:12:05♪♪ St... age ♪♪
00:12:12ALL: Stage!
00:12:13♪♪ S and T, they're all the rage ♪♪
00:12:16♪♪ Look, we've built a stage... ♪♪
00:12:19(music slows then stops) (all gasping) Oh, no.
00:12:25What's the matter?
00:12:27I can't get up onto the stage.
00:12:30(grunting) It's too high.
00:12:35If we can't get up on the stage, we'll never be able to finish our "S" and "T" song.
00:12:42Oh, what are we going to do?
00:12:45There has to be a way.
00:12:47We need something to help us get onto the stage, so we don't have to take such a big step.
00:12:55(quacking) Step... stage...
00:12:59St... st...
00:13:02I know.
00:13:03All we have to do is...
00:13:05ALL: Build a word.
00:13:08Another "st" word.
00:13:11♪♪ It's time to build a word ♪♪
00:13:12♪♪ Let's build it, let's build it now. ♪♪
00:13:16St... airs.
00:13:21KIDS: Stairs!
00:13:23♪♪ Yeah, we just built a word ♪♪
00:13:25♪♪ We built it, we built it. ♪♪
00:13:28Well, now that we have these stairs, it will be easy to get up onto the stage.
00:13:34Let's finish our song.
00:13:37♪♪ S and T, they're all the rage ♪♪
00:13:40♪♪ Look, we built a stage ♪♪
00:13:44And stairs.
00:13:45♪♪ S and T, S and T ♪♪
00:13:48♪♪ Make a perfect blend, you see ♪♪
00:13:51♪♪ Though I may stammer ♪♪
00:13:54♪♪ I'll stand tall and state ♪♪
00:13:58♪♪ S-T, st, that sound is great... ♪♪
00:14:03(holding note) ♪♪ St. ♪♪
00:14:09(pants, barks) KID:Word World!
00:14:13KIDS:Word World!
00:14:14♪♪ Welcome to the placewhere words come alive ♪♪
00:14:18KID:Let's build a word.
00:14:20KIDS:Word World.
00:14:21KID:Word World.
00:14:21KIDS:♪♪ Jump to the beat ♪♪
00:14:23♪♪ Clap your handsin the air ♪♪
00:14:25KIDS:Let's build a word!
00:14:26Word World!
00:14:27KID:Word World.
00:14:29♪♪ We've got friendsof every size ♪♪
00:14:33♪♪ Building wordsbefore our eyes ♪♪
00:14:35♪♪ Nothing's betterthan a letter ♪♪
00:14:37♪♪ They hold our worldtogether ♪♪
00:14:38♪♪ With Dog ♪♪♪♪ And Sheep ♪♪ ♪♪ And Duck ♪♪ ♪♪ And Pig ♪♪
00:14:42♪♪ There's alwaysa surprise! ♪♪
00:14:44(barks) KIDS:Word World!
00:14:50(croaks) (whimpers) (giggles) ♪♪ Welcome to our world ♪♪
00:14:59KIDS:Word World!
00:15:01♪♪Word World♪♪
00:15:03KIDS:Word World!
00:15:04♪♪ It's a beautiful world ♪♪
00:15:06♪♪Word World.♪♪
00:15:10Kids: NARRATOR: Once upon a time in Word World...
00:15:19(humming tune) ...Sheep was getting ready to play one of her favorite games.
00:15:31Pretend Princess.
00:15:33(knocking) ♪♪ Come in. ♪♪
00:15:36Welcome to my princess party, Bear and Dog.
00:15:42Oh, thanks, Sheep.
00:15:44I can't wait to play Princess.
00:15:46(barking) But first, we need a crown.
00:15:55I have the letters "C" and "R" for the "cr" sound.
00:16:00And the "N" for the "nn" sound.
00:16:04But I need an "ow" sound.
00:16:07I just can't remember what letters make the "ow" sound.
00:16:12Oh, oh, oh, I know.
00:16:18.. w...
00:16:25Cr... ow... nn.
00:16:33KIDS: Crown!
00:16:35Oh, what a beautiful crown.
00:16:38We can take turns being the princess.
00:16:41Ow! Ow!
00:16:42NARRATOR: It seemed that Sheep and Bear both wanted to be princess.
00:16:47Oh. (panting) I'm sorry, Sheep.
00:16:49D-Did you want to be the princess first?
00:16:52Oh. Okay, okay, okay!
00:16:53(laughs): Well, I crown you...
00:16:56Princess Sheep.
00:16:58(contented sighs) NARRATOR: Bear was very kind to let Sheep go first.
00:17:03I, uh, uh, Princess Sheep, proclaim you, Dog, to be the Royal Knight of Word World.
00:17:12(barking, panting) Okay, let's play.
00:17:18Hey! Uh, what about me?
00:17:20Don't I get to be something?
00:17:23Oh. Uh, I'm sorry.
00:17:24Uh, well, Bear...
00:17:25You can be my royal lady-in-waiting.
00:17:31Oh. Okay.
00:17:33What am I waiting for?
00:17:35Well, I guess you're waiting for your turn to be princess.
00:17:41(all laughing) Your wish is my command, Princess Sheep.
00:17:48What should my first royal deed be? Uh...
00:17:54Oh. I know.
00:17:55A royal princess needs a royal gown to wear.
00:18:01(clearing throat) Lady Bear, with these letters, please build me a gown.
00:18:08All right. But then I get to be princess, right?
00:18:12Uh, well, yes.
00:18:13Then, you'll be princess.
00:18:17Guh... ow... nn.
00:18:22(sighs) What letters make the "ow" sound again?
00:18:26(whispers): O... W.
00:18:28Oh. Okay!
00:18:30Here goes!
00:18:44KIDS: Gown!
00:18:45Uh, uh... a gown, uh, fit for a princess.
00:18:49(growling approval) (laughing) Well, let's dance, Sir Dog.
00:18:56♪♪ In a crown ♪♪
00:18:58♪♪ And, uh, lovely gown ♪♪
00:19:00♪♪ Princess Sheep danced round and round.
00:19:05NARRATOR: Things were going splendidly for Princess Sheep, but she forgot one important thing.
00:19:13(Bear sighs) She forgot that her friend Bear was waiting forherturn with the crown.
00:19:19Let's show everyone in World World my gown and crown.
00:19:24I thought it was my turn to wear the crown now.
00:19:28Um, well, uh, yes, Bear, but, um...
00:19:31actually, first, um...
00:19:33Sir Dog, open the royal door.
00:19:38(barking) ♪♪ Ta-ta-ta-tah, ta-ta-ta...♪♪
00:19:44Lady Bear!
00:19:45A little, uh, help here?
00:19:48(nervous laugh) Princess Sheep is, uh, having trouble getting through the, uh...
00:19:54(grunts) ...uh, the door.
00:19:57Uh... okay.
00:19:59And, uh, uh, now...
00:20:01out into Word World.
00:20:04(Bear groaning) Dog! Help!
00:20:09(groaning) Princess Sheep is down!
00:20:23Princess Sheep is down!
00:20:24Sir Dog! Lady Bear! Help!
00:20:34Much better.
00:20:35W-what a fine day it is in Word World.
00:20:39Well, it's perfect for a princess.
00:20:42The sun is so warm.
00:20:43I think I should like to be, uh, well, closer to it.
00:20:47I think I need a royal tower.
00:20:51Lady Bear, uh, well, Sir Dog...
00:20:55build me a tower.
00:20:57(barks "Okay") Okay, Sheep, but then do I get to wear the crown and be princess?
00:21:03Well, yes, Bear, after you build the tower, you shall wear the crown and be princess.
00:21:10Okay. We can use the "ow" sound from the gown And here's the rest of the letters.
00:21:19Thanks, Dog.
00:21:23T... ow... rr.
00:21:36KIDS: Tower!
00:21:37There's your tower, Princess Sheep.
00:21:40Now can I wear the cro...?
00:21:44Oh, Sir Dog.
00:21:46Oh, my knight in shining armor.
00:21:50Oh, well, come and rescue me.
00:21:53(barking and panting) (surprised growl) I will, uh, uh, let down my hair so that you may climb this, uh, wooly stair.
00:22:14(grunting) Uh-oh. (barking) (barking) (growling) Well, help, Lady Bear!
00:22:23Oh. Okay, I'll help you, but then can I have a turn with the crown?
00:22:28Yes. Yes! Anything!
00:22:36(groaning) Princess Sheep is down!
00:22:44Princess Sheep is down!
00:22:46Okay, now it's my turn to wear the crown.
00:22:50Well, uh, uh, well, yes.
00:22:52But first, I need to be carried back, actually, to my royal, uh, haystack.
00:22:59Huh! Oh...
00:23:00NARRATOR: Poor Bear.
00:23:01She didn't think Sheep would ever let her wear that crown.
00:23:04I don't feel like playing anymore.
00:23:09Well, uh, well, well, what's wrong with Bear?
00:23:12Well, uh, well, I thought shewantedto play princess.
00:23:17(barking) NARRATOR: She did, Sheep, but you never gave her a chance to wear the crown.
00:23:23Oh, no.
00:23:25Every good princess knows the most important part of being a princess is being kind to others.
00:23:32(barks "Yeah") And I wasn't very kind to Bear...
00:23:37oh... was I?
00:23:39Well... Uh-uh.
00:23:41Oh, well, I have to find Bear.
00:23:44I have to make it up to her.
00:23:45NARRATOR: So Sheep ran off to find her good friend Bear.
00:23:51(barking) You're right, Dog.
00:23:55Sheep dropped the crown.
00:23:57Maybe you can bring the letters to her.
00:24:01(barking and panting) (panting) Oh, Bear!
00:24:11There you are!
00:24:14(panting): Oh, well, I came to say...
00:24:18uh, uh... I'm so sorry.
00:24:21I should have shared the crown with you sooner, Bear.
00:24:26Oh. Thanks, Sheep.
00:24:29I... well, well, I want you to, uh, wear, the, uh, crown for the, uh, rest of the day.
00:24:37(gasps) Oh, no!
00:24:39The crown!
00:24:40(Dog barks) Ta-dah!
00:24:43Oh, Dog!
00:24:44You rescued the letters!
00:24:47Well, you really are a knight in shining armor.
00:24:53(laughing) Well, well, come on, Bear!
00:24:55It's time to...
00:24:58BOTH: Build a word!
00:25:00(lively music playing) ♪♪ It's time to build a word ♪♪
00:25:05♪♪ Let's build it, let's build it now! ♪♪
00:25:21KIDS: Crown!
00:25:23♪♪ Yeah, we just built a word ♪♪
00:25:25♪♪ We built it, we built it! ♪♪
00:25:28Uh, now, with this crown...
00:25:30I, I now declare you Princess Bear.
00:25:35Oh. Thank you, Sheep.
00:25:38Princess Bear, your wish is my command.
00:25:45I commandyou to have fun with me for the rest of the day!
00:25:49Oh, well, you're such a good princess, Bear.
00:25:54(laughing happily) NARRATOR: And so Sheep, Bear and Dog played together, and for the rest of the afternoon they lived happily ever after.
00:26:06The end.
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