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00:00:00man: Oh !
00:00:01Son of a-- Bryan: Dad, you got hit with a flying rubber dong...
00:00:06in the dong.
00:00:09man: Oh !
00:00:16Ow !
00:00:22Tonya: Hello ?
00:00:23It's a condom.
00:00:24They don't break.
00:00:26I mean, that's what they're made for.
00:00:27( laughing ) Like...
00:00:31( commentator snoring ) ( man laughing ) ( bleep ) man: Why doesn't he just move the chair ?
00:00:42Why does he keep the chair under him ?
00:00:44I mean-- Ahh.
00:00:44Why argue with these people ?
00:00:47Danny: I'm sorry.
00:00:47I have three lawsuits pending that really rely on broken condoms.
00:00:53I don't comment on this.
00:00:56( man laughing ) man: ( bleep ) Oh, ( bleep ) !
00:01:01Ted: I'm looking at that guy's swinger's haircut, and I don't thinit's the first time a condom has exploded all over him. Mike: If only he'd used condoms a couple years ago, he wouldn't be getting condoms dropped on him now.
00:01:24man: Oh !
00:01:25Mike: So it's lesson learned.
00:01:30man: Ow !
00:01:31narrator: It's time Kevin: Apparently, of cinnamon.
00:01:40narrator: Ready ?
00:01:43commentator: All right, yeah !
00:01:44( cheering ) Swallow it, swallow it !
00:01:48Swallow it...
00:01:49John: You can't swallow it. it's too dry.
00:01:52man: ( mumbling ) I can't-- I wasn't even close.
00:01:54John: Youhe life of you.
00:01:57( buzzer ringing ) narrator: Despite evidence Nikki and April still think they can do the cinnamon challenge.
00:02:04Nikki: This is my best friend, April.
00:02:06We're "hammied." We think that we can do the cinnamon challenge because we love cinnamon toast.
00:02:14Judy: We're "hammied" !
00:02:16We're taking the cinnamon c narrator: What Nikki doesn't know is that her boyfriend John has filled her spoon with cayenne pepper.
00:02:26Nikki: You ready, bitch I'm ready.
00:02:28Nikki: Whoo !
00:02:28April: Ready ?
00:02:29Nikki: Uh-huh.
00:02:33( screaming ) kiss your girlfriend, it's gonna be like making out with a bowl of chili con carne.
00:02:45Nikki: I ( bleep ) hate you !
00:02:49John !
00:02:50Chris: Well, it clearly didn't damage the vocal cords.
00:02:53Nikki: ( Screaming ) That ( bleep ) hurt !
00:02:56Why would you do that to me ?
00:02:57I'm your girl-- Ahh !
00:03:02You jerk !
00:03:04weren't so "hammied," you could have caught up to him and tackled him.
00:03:08( Nikki screaming ) Loni: Get some milk, girl, get some milk.
00:03:12Nikki: We don't have milk !
00:03:14Loni: Oh.
00:03:18narrator: Later, Nikki cools her burning tongue by eating cream ch Nikki: It's like nonstop anguish.
00:03:26Billy: "Anguish" is not a word I would have thought that she knew.
00:03:31Nonstop, I guess that doesn't surprise me.
00:03:42( commentator screaming ) narrator: Ryan is passed out after a night of heavy drinking in Boston, and his friends have a bright idea.
00:03:58Kevin: Ryan's biggest fear is being buried alive.
00:04:01Oh, so he's libody.
00:04:07Daniel: Frankly, ryan's terrible choice in friends should be his biggest fear.
00:04:25Mike: Uh, a lot of tension in this sleepover.
00:04:28Chelsea: No dirt, no worms.
00:04:31I feel like these guys kind of phoned it in.
00:04:40( Ryan screaming ) commentator: Oh !
00:04:47John: Buried alive !
00:04:48I'm buried alive !
00:04:50No !
00:04:53( Ryan screaming ) commentator: Oh !
00:05:07Judy: "You know this is my biggest ( bleep ) fear." Nick: Why would you do that to me ?
00:05:11I had a few beers.
00:05:12And you buried me alive.
00:05:21Leif: Then he goes and attacks the guy with-- ( man laughing ) fear is, change the subject.
00:05:39Talk about boobs or something.
00:05:41man: No, stop, stop, stop.
00:05:51( man laughing ) narrator: Louie is just returning home from a vacation and finds his entire apartment...
00:06:00Louie: Oh, my god.
00:06:06narrator: ... covered in wrapping paper.
00:06:09Louie: Oh, my god.
00:06:13Kevin: This is what it would look like if your house was vandalized by Santa Claus.
00:06:17Louie: Oh, my god.
00:06:20Brad: How long was he on vacation ?
00:06:22This looks like it took a year.
00:06:24Mike: It seems like this is a prank more on his friends and their free time.
00:06:29Louie: Oh, jeez.
00:06:32This is so creepy.
00:06:35Billy: Did they wrap all the wrapping paper ?
00:06:37Because that would blow my mind.
00:06:39Louie: Oh, you-- Oh, my God.
00:06:46Loni: This ain't even funny no more.
00:06:51Louie: Oh, my god.
00:06:53Jaime: I think that'd be fun.
00:06:54It makes everything exciting.
00:06:56Do I have a beer ?
00:06:58Yes, I do !
00:07:00Louie: You don't know who did this ?
00:07:02Who did this to me ?
00:07:03Mike: You don't know who did this ?
00:07:05All your friends are this bat ( bleep ) crazy ? Judy: Okay, here's who did it, your gay male friends, okay ?
00:07:15Toilet paper, food in the refrigerator and freezer.
00:07:18The clock.
00:07:20The sofa cushions.
00:07:22The chair.
00:07:23The TV.
00:07:24Gay !
00:07:26Louie: I'm keeping it on all Christmas.
00:07:32Danny: Best prank ever !
00:07:37narrator: Coming up...
00:07:38man: Let's go have some fun.
00:07:39commentator: I'm gonna kill you !
00:07:41( woman screaming ) Bryan: Ahhh !
00:07:48narrator: And...
00:07:50Jaime: This is way funnier if the victim has a problem with dandruff or cocaine.
00:07:56narror: Plus...
00:07:58man: April Fools' !
00:08:01( boy crying ) Brad: Now, that is truly a crap gift.
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00:11:52( phone ringing ) narrator: It's just days before Christmas in this Nebraska office.
00:11:58Coworkers have rigged a makeshift pulley system to bring the holiday spirit to their boss.
00:12:04Mike: And they said I'd never get to use my engineering degree.
00:12:07( imitating squeaking ) ( phone ringing ) Loni: Nerds know how to have fun, don't they ?
00:12:35Mike: He's the one guy in therk.
00:12:37Everyone else in the office is just like-- man: Oh, my God !
00:12:47Judy: My ( bleep ) office mates just took a big box of confetti and spilled it on me.
00:12:54But you sh 'cause we're a great company.
00:12:59( men laughing ) Jaime: This is way funnier if the im has a problem with dandruff or cocaine.
00:13:15'Cause then you're making a statement.
00:13:28John: Next time, you want to tar and feather him, 'cause you don't want him dragging that ( bleep ) throughout the office.
00:13:37Ted: Later, that snow-shouldered sport got the last laugh when he returned to the office wi an AK-47 and settled the score.
00:13:56( man speaking Russian ) narrator: At a press conference in Moscow, chess legend turned government critic Garry Kasparov speaks out against the Kremlin.
00:14:18( whirring ) Chuck: What is that ?
00:14:36Billy: So I guess this is what the Russian space program is reduced to. Leif: Boy, the last time I saw one of those-- Nope, never w one of those before.
00:14:50Daisy: Oh, hello.
00:14:52Oh, that is quite a package.
00:14:54Brad: I want one !
00:14:55I want one !
00:14:57Does it come in other colors ?
00:15:06Loni: Look at that guy.
00:15:07He swatted it like a profess chael: He's a chess player.
00:15:31He's already thought three moves down the line.
00:15:34"If they come at me "with flying penis, "I will say something smarty, "like, 'They're hitting below the belt.'"om, checkmate.
00:15:42Kevin: Now we're making flying penises a political thing ?
00:15:47You know what ?
00:15:48Now I might actually register to vote.
00:16:01man: I'm gonna teach my aunt that she needs totart locking her door.
00:16:04Got your basic Jason mask right here.
00:16:07Let's go have some fun.
00:16:09Brad: This is how you try to teach her the lesson of "lock your door" ?
00:16:12God, I hope she wears her seat belt.
00:16:15( phone ringing ) woman: Hello ?
00:16:24( banging ) Oh !
00:16:26( screaming ) Jaime: Well, they seem like a wacky, fun family.
00:16:35( woman screaming ) man: Stop, don't jump.
00:16:39( woman screaming ) Billy: She has got a "Friday the 13th"-quality scream.
00:16:45Can we hear that again ?
00:16:46( woman screaming ) man: Stop, don't jump.
00:16:56Loni: Ahh, ahh !
00:16:58Bryan: Ahh !
00:16:59Ahh !
00:17:00Ahh !
00:17:01( woman screaming ) man: It's a mask.
00:17:04It's a mask, you see ?
00:17:07Jason, the movie ?
00:17:08woman: You almost scared me to death, Douglas !
00:17:11What are you doing ?
00:17:12I'm gonna tell your mother on you !
00:17:14Kevin: Oh, she thought she wae.
00:17:16That's why it's funny.
00:17:21Billy: You get the sense that maybe his mother hears about a lot of things narrator: The aunt vows to lock her door from now on.
00:17:29Loni: Not only will she lock the door next time, she gonna put on about five locks, like normal old women do.
00:17:35( woman screaming ) man: Got a speciase.
00:17:48narrator: As a reward for acing a test at school, this nine-year-old receives a special treat from his parents on April Fools' Day.
00:18:02Mike: Whenever your parents videotape you just eating something, chances are, you're not gonna like it.
00:18:17Kevin: Hey, kid, why don't you book learning and go with some street smarts ?
00:18:21You parents are ( bleep ) with you.
00:18:36to have children...
00:18:38to torture !
00:18:58( toilet flushing ) Brad: Now, that is truly a crap gift.
00:19:06Michael: It's toilet-paper cake.
00:19:08Life is ( bleep ), okay ?
00:19:10And your mom and I just took a big dump on all your hopes and dreams.
00:19:14Eat it.
00:19:15Eat it, kid.
00:19:21( boy crying ) Jaime: There's nothing quite as beautiful as the moment a child's spirit breaks.
00:19:40Ted: ( Laughing ) That'll teach him Little nerd.
00:19:45( boy crying ) narrator: Coming up...
00:19:48( boy screaming ) ) ( woman laughing ) Roger: Always research the dangers of your childish and thoughtless prank.
00:20:01narrator: When "World's Dumbest Pranksters" continues.
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00:20:08Leif: Yeah !
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00:23:14DuRyan Smith's birthday, and his coho for a special guest to stop by.
00:23:20man: Can you hear me ?
00:23:22Can you hear me ?
00:23:23Can you hear me ?
00:23:28Jaime: What mother agrees to this ?
00:23:31man: We're gonna play a little game, since it is your birthday, "Guess the Stripper." Get it right.
00:23:35man: Here she comes.
00:23:36man: Get it right.
00:23:37Just stand there, just stand there.
00:23:38Now feel around.
00:23:39Feel around.
00:23:41Chuck: Something tells me mom's a little freaky, okay ?
00:23:44DuRyan: Yeah.
00:23:45Whoo !
00:23:51Tonya: Holy ( bleep ).
00:23:53He's doing his mama.
00:23:55Woo-hoo !
00:23:59Oh, okay.
00:24:01Brad: Freud hit it on the head with this one.
00:24:04Mike: Ooh, yes.
00:24:06This is-- This feels familiar in a really interesting way.
00:24:09I kind of like it.
00:24:11DuRyan: Oh, the ass !
00:24:15Okay, it's the ass.
00:24:16Jaime: Well, she probably spanked him, so it's nice it could come full circle.
00:24:21man: What are you doing ?
00:24:22DuRyan: Slapping the ass.
00:24:23Just, y'know...
00:24:24What, what ?
00:24:25Todd: Ooh, my son.
00:24:26My little baby.
00:24:28Oh !
00:24:28My little pony.
00:24:30man: Is it hurting ?
00:24:32woman: That hurts.
00:24:35DuRyan: Yo.
00:24:36man: Yo.
00:24:38DuRyan: Can I take this off ?
00:24:39man: Yeah.
00:24:40( DuRyan screaming ) Bryan: ( Screaming ) I have a boner !
00:24:55narrator: DuRyan eventually recovers from the prank.
00:24:59Judy: This guy's never gonna get a hard-on again.
00:25:09narrator: This Washington state high school has a long tradition of pranking on Halloween.
00:25:15boy: Tyrone.
00:25:16boy: Are you going trick-or-treating ?
00:25:19Tyrone: No, probably-- ( boy screaming ) Ooh.
00:25:26Michael: Boom !
00:25:27Ding-a-ling !
00:25:29School's back in, bitch.
00:25:30Tyrone: No, probably-- ( boy screaming ) Ooh.
00:25:34Mike: Oh, you're gonna surprise him ?
00:25:36He has a surprise for you.
00:25:37A fist in your face.
00:25:38Tyrone: No, probably-- ( boy screaming ) Ooh.
00:25:43get together with my friends, you know, and we really support this-- ( boy screaming ) Loni: Would somebody please check on the scary person in the trash can, please ?
00:25:53'Cause he went down.
00:25:55( boy screaming ) Todd: Brothers you can't scare like that, see, especially me.
00:25:59If you try to scare me like th turn around and punch you, too, 'cause I ain't fighting that kind of stuff.
00:26:04Ahhh !
00:26:13narrator: Two Alabama teens decide to have some fun by pretending to stretch a rope across a busy road.
00:26:24commentator: Get a life, you turds !
00:26:26All right, whatever.
00:26:27Roger: You can't beat the invisible-rope trick.
00:26:30Always a crowd favorite.
00:26:32commentator: Pull, pull the rope !
00:26:34Pull it !
00:26:35Pull the rope !
00:26:36( hong ) Easy there !
00:26:40Harder, tauter !
00:26:41Kevin: Ladies and gentlemen, Alabama's only mimes.
00:26:44Jaime: Give 'em a break.
00:26:45They're in Alabama.
00:26:46What else are they gonna do ?
00:26:48commentator: Yeah.
00:26:49Yeah, that's it.
00:26:50Pull, pull !
00:26:53Yeah, tauter !
00:26:54Taut-- careful !
00:26:56Got a rope here, careful !
00:26:57Careful there !
00:26:58All right.
00:26:59Oh !
00:27:01Morons !
00:27:02Loin: This is why we need to keep giving kids Xboxes.
00:27:05So they won't be messing with us on the roads.
00:27:07narrator: Ten minutes after being pranked, a driver returns.
00:27:12commentator: What's up, dicks ?
00:27:14Brad: If you're gonna double-back 20 miles to go after the prankster, run him down in the field.
00:27:21commentator: What's up, dicks ?
00:27:24Michael: Should have thrown an invisible bottle.
00:27:26That would have been funny.
00:27:28Frank: I would have hit him with a condom with urine.
00:27:30That would be a good one.
00:27:32commentator: What's up, dicks ?
00:27:33Mike: Guys, if you keep this up, you're never gonna get an invisible girlfriend.
00:27:37You need to focus your invisible energies elsewhere.
00:27:40commentator: Pull !
00:27:41Pull the rope !
00:27:41Pull it !
00:27:42Pull the rope !
00:27:43Pull !
00:28:09Michael: We're gonna put Saran Wrap up and trick our dog !
00:28:12( laughing ) Kevin: It's a bad sign when two adult humans have to really talk out their plan for pulling a prank on their dogs.
00:28:21( dog barking ) ( woman laughing ) but human cruelty is even funnier.
00:28:38( woman laughing ) Wes: These guys are officially dumber than their pets.
00:28:45Judy: It's a shame they don't have kids.
00:28:53Ted: Turns out the dog was shooting this prank for the Pet Channel.
00:29:02Danny: Thank god that guy only suffered a head injury.
00:29:04Therefore, no damage done.
00:29:09Mike: I have a prank.
00:29:10You don't have a dog anymore.
00:29:11How ?
00:29:11That's my prank, ( bleep ).
00:29:13( dog barking ) ( woman laughing ): Coming up...
00:29:21boy: Ow, my eye !
00:29:23Ow !
00:29:24Ow !
00:29:25Kevin: And everybody went blind !
00:29:27Great prank ! narrator: And he's in the Army now.
00:29:31woman: My son.
00:29:33man: Mom, Mom, Mom.REA HAVE THE HOTTEST CAR On the block.
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00:34:04narrator: Armed with a fire extinguisher, three pranksters wait for a friend outside a bathroom door.
00:34:14Daniel: Some like talc after a shower.
00:34:16Personally, I prefer a nice, refreshing blast of highly compressed nitrogen gas.
00:34:24boy: Ow, my eyes !
00:34:25boy: You okay ?
00:34:26boy: Ow, ow !
00:34:28Kevin: And everybody went blind !
00:34:30Great prank.
00:34:31Mike: What do you think comes out of there ?
00:34:33Whipped cream ?
00:34:34boy: Ow, my eyes !
00:34:36boy: You okay ?
00:34:38boy: Ow, ow !
00:34:39Ow !
00:34:41woman: Go, go, go, go, go !
00:34:42Bryan: Sorry.
00:34:44I thought-- I thought it said "organic." Danny: Well, really, it's too bad they didn't do this to me.
00:34:49I am a fire crotch, you know.
00:34:58S how "I didn't mean to" stands up in court, kid.
00:35:02didn't think it would get in his eyes and mouth and nose.
00:35:05boy: Ow !
00:35:06Ow !
00:35:13Brad It takes years to master that sort of thing.
00:35:15boy: Oh, gosh !rror: The viim eventually regains his sight and his wits.
00:35:24boy: Ow, my eyes !
00:35:25Roger: Let this be a lesson,prank.
00:35:34boy: Ow, my eyes !
00:35:36boy: You okay ?
00:35:37boy: Ow, ow !
00:35:46narrator: Alexander needs a broom handle, a dish of water and a victim.
00:36:03Yiayia: Got it ?
00:36:14tricks on your grandma.
00:36:16Life is playing tricks on her at this point.
00:36:25Frank: Now, my grandmother would've-- Loni: Oh, lord, he Somebody help her !
00:36:40She gotta go to bingo.
00:36:47Michael: I work my fingers to the bone in the old country, Everyone's just like, "That's Grandma." narrator: At Northwestern University, Dr. Priest's Organic Chemistry class is about to be interrupted.
00:37:53man: Hey.
00:37:54Hey, what's up ?
00:37:56Sorry, excuse me, I just gotta do something here.
00:37:59Chicken, chicken dance !
00:38:01Chicken, chicken chance !
00:38:03Chicken, c Chicken, chicken dance !
00:38:06Chicken, chicken dance !
00:38:08Ted: God, it's so embarrassing.
00:38:10The student you've been screwing shows up in a chicken suit.
00:38:14man: Chicken, chicken dance !
00:38:15Chicken, chicken dance !
00:38:18Chicken, chicken dance !
00:38:20Wes: Is it just me or is this kid being kind o a ( bleep ) ?
00:38:23( rim shot ) commentator: Chicken, chicken dance !ance !
00:38:27Chicken, chicken dance !
00:38:29Loni: This is making me o do the dance !
00:38:31man: Yes !
00:38:32Chicken, chicken dance !
00:38:33Chicken, chicken dance !
00:38:34Loni: Forget chemistr man: Chicken, chicken dance !
00:38:37Chicken, chicken dance !
00:38:38Chicken, chicken dance !
00:38:43Brad: I really ne to get off cable.
00:38:46man: Whoo, chickens go cluck, cluck, cluck !
00:38:50Cluck, cluck, cluck.
00:38:51Mike: I don't know if you realize this This is inappropriate right now.
00:38:55Yeah, the chicken knows.
00:38:56The chicken knows he's not supposed to be d man: I am a chicken...
00:39:04. in college.
00:39:05And it's lonely sometimes, 'cause in college, chickens don't get no respect !
00:39:14Chicken dance !
00:39:16Whoo, yeah !
00:39:17( bleep ) Leif: He actually tackles Where's that footage ?
00:39:22commentator: Woo !
00:39:23Chicken dance !
00:39:24No, no, wait-- No, no !
00:39:26Hold up !
00:39:27Okay, look out !
00:39:29I'm sorry.
00:39:33Oh, dude...
00:39:35Kevin: Northwestern students.
00:39:36Smart ?
00:39:38Funny ?
00:39:39commentator: If you like chicken, then you might want to come to-- Chicken dance !
00:39:46Yeah !
00:39:55man: Okay, here's the deal.
00:39:56It's April Fools' Dayo an April Fools' prank on my mom and stuff.
00:40:02narrator: College-bound Brad has typed up a fake Army-enlistment letter and placed it in the family mai.
00:40:08Brad: Hopefully, she freaks out big time.
00:40:10She's looking.
00:40:12She's going to the car.
00:40:14She's coming up.
00:40:43Brad L.: In what part of his brain did he think faking going into the Army during a time of war was gonna make his parents laugh their ass off ?
00:41:07Todd: Stop scratching your nuts.
00:41:08Stop scratching your nuts.
00:41:13Ted: Grabbing the crotch, that's caltell.
00:41:16He has the worst poker penis I've ever seen.
00:41:19Judy: Do they le jock itch in the army ?
00:41:27Mike: She's going into the garage to turn the car on and kill herself.
00:41:33Come on, it's time to stop the prank.
00:41:44Tom: April fools' !
00:41:46Except for the rash on the Chris: And next year, mom's comeback April Fools' joke-- she enlisted him.
00:41:57narrator: You've been fooled by 19 idiotic pranksters, but the dumbest prank of all is yet to come and it's out of this world.
00:42:11Find out what it is right after this.LOVE IN MY TUMMY ♪♪
00:43:07.. ♪♪
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00:46:09narrator: In England, a woman arrives home from choir practice and discovers a news crew and what appears to be a meteor in her front yard.
00:46:18man: What was your reaction when you walked around the corner and saw all this ?
00:46:21woman: I couldn't believe it.
00:46:22I just keep saying, I cannot believe this.
00:46:24I cannot believe it.
00:46:25narrator: What she doesn't know is the rock has been placed there by a TV prank show.
00:46:32woman: Oh, my God.
00:46:34man: Okay, it's okay, it's okay.
00:46:36( studio audience laughing ) woman: What do you want ?
00:46:46John: Is this lady for real ?
00:46:47woman: What do you want from us ?
00:46:51What are you-- Where are you going ?
00:46:54Please come back.
00:46:56Do you want a cup of tea ?
00:46:58( studio audience laughing ) Brad: Did you just offer an alien tea ?
00:47:04Could you be any more British ?
00:47:06woman: I have been singing tonight.
00:47:09Did you hear me ?
00:47:10"alien": Yes.
00:47:11woman: Yes ?
00:47:11"alien": Yes.
00:47:14woman: Did you like my singing ?
00:47:16Do you want me to sing again ?
00:47:20"alien": Yes.
00:47:21woman: Yes ?
00:47:23♪♪ I believe... ♪♪
00:47:25( studio audience laughing ) Bryan: ♪♪ You're my alien ♪♪
00:47:33♪♪ You're so cute ♪♪
00:47:37♪♪ You're so wise ♪♪
00:47:40♪♪ With black eyes ♪♪♪♪
00:47:42woman: Did you like that ?
00:47:46I know.
00:47:47Yes ?
00:47:49John: Heaven forbid a real alien lands on her property and she starts singing.
00:47:54We're all dead.
00:47:56( "alien" groaning ) ( studio audience laughing ) woman: What is this ?
00:48:16man: That's how you know you've been pranked ?
00:48:18Not the Vaseline-covered plastic alien you've been singing to for 20 minutes ?
00:48:23( "alien" mumbling ) Tonya: If it was to happen to me, I wouldn't know that it wasn't real.
00:48:31I would think, oh, yeah, right.
00:48:32You know, I mean-- Hey, other things have happened.
00:48:35We are not alone in this universe.
00:48:41narrator: We've secretly replaced our regular pen with a very special pen.
00:48:46Nick: Shh.
00:48:47Let's see what happens.
00:48:49Judy: Oh, okay.
00:48:50Well, thank you for talking like this.
00:48:53man: No problem.
00:48:55( pen buzzing ) Judy: You ( bleep ) suck ( bleep ) ! Daniel: Oh !
00:49:00Judy: I hate you !
00:49:01( pen buzzing ) Jaime: Oh, what the ( bleep ) ?
00:49:03That is so ( bleep ) up !
00:49:06I thought I was having a heart attack.
00:49:08Roger: All right, what do you want me to say for the promo ?
00:49:10( pen buzzing ) Ow !
00:49:12( bleep ) Is that a joke ?
00:49:16You ( bleep ) piece of ( bleep ).
00:49:19( pen buzzing ) Todd: Mother( bleep ).
00:49:22Oh, I got a-- I got a pacemaker, dude !
00:49:24( bleep ) Bryan: Oops.
00:49:26Todd: You got me.
00:49:27Captioned bySoundwriters™™ >> Narrator:..
00:49:33>> Aah!
00:49:34>> Narrator:..O ..
00:49:37>> Aah!
00:49:39>> Narrator: They laugh at your ..
00:49:41>> Not cool.
00:49:42>> Narrator:..Take pleasure in your shame.
00:49:45>> Aah!
00:49:46>> Narrator: We're counting down ..
00:49:48>> The house! fire!
00:49:50>> Narrator:..Practical jokers gone wild.
00:49:53[ Laughter ] who will be number one?
00:49:57>> Hey.
00:49:58>> [ Laughs ] >> Narrator: The kid who trashes the garbage man?
00:50:04]]ú >> [bleep] >> Narrator: What about the car ..
00:50:10[ Engine turns over, explosion ] >> [ laughs ] >> Narrator:..Or the mother of @ >> unh!
00:50:16>> [ LAUGHS ]p >> Narrator: From thousands of ..
00:50:21These are the most joyful ..
00:50:24>> Aah!
00:50:25>> Narrator:..Of prankster genius.
00:50:30>> Aah!
00:50:33>> Narrator:..On "top 20 practical jokers " time to drop in for number 20.
00:50:44[ All cheering ] not long ago, in front of thousands of people, amir blumenfeld was made to believe he landed a shot worth half a million dollars.
00:50:55[ All cheering ] only to learn it was a hoax by his friend streeter se ththat's cruel?
00:51:06Wait till you hear what's in store for payback.
00:51:10>> Hey, guys.
00:51:11Amir here.
00:51:12This is my revenge prank.
00:51:14>> Narrator: When streeter signs up to go skydiving, amir devises a plan.
00:51:18>> What if, when streeter jumped out of the plane, the skydiving instructor that he was attached to told him that the parachute wasn't going to open and that streeter would be convinced he would be plummeting to his inevitable death?
00:51:30 ] >> Narrator: In on the gag, the instructor rigs a fake ripcord.
00:51:36>> He's gonna spend about 30 to 45 seconds in a free fall, convinced he's gonna die.
00:51:41[ All cheering ] >> Narrator: As streeter gets ..
00:51:48...So does amir.
00:51:55And gets the shock of his life.
00:52:04Streeter sees his fe passing by at 120 miles an hour.
00:52:10Finally, the instructor pulls the real cord, but the torture is far from over.
00:52:21He convinces his student that the emergency chute won't hold.
00:52:29And it's panic mode all over again.
00:52:37He's freaking out.
00:52:48And half a mile below, amir's loving it.
00:52:55He comes in for a crash landing and a major surprise.
00:53:10It's a victory for both men.
00:53:23>> Oh, god, don't say that.
00:53:24>> Narrator:..And streeter ..
00:53:28>> Duncan, please.
00:53:29Duncan. please.
00:53:32>> Narrator: Sometimes the best scare is a sneak attack with sound.
00:53:38Like firecrackers at your feet.
00:53:40[ Firecrackers pop ] >>ah!
00:53:42>> [ Laughs ] [ firecrackers pop ] >> Narrator: This desk jockey is gonna have a hard time living down that pansy hand wave.
00:53:57>> Aah!
00:53:57>> [ Laughs ] >> Narrator: But for the ultimate alarm, wait till you hear what happens at number 19.
00:54:11Andrew reynolds is about to treat his roommate, matt, to a little speaker shock.
00:54:19He rigs the computer's start-up to sound like a war zone.
00:54:33[ Windows log-off music plays ] andrew is lying in wait with the camera when matt comes home and logs in.
00:54:43His instant message -- duck.
00:54:47[ Machine-gun fire, explosions ] >> [ laughs ] >> Narrator: The desktop disturbance delivers, big-time.
00:54:58>> [ Laughs ] >> Narrator: Convinced he's under attack, matt hits the deck.
00:55:05[ Machine-gun fire, explosions ] >> [ laughs ] [ machine-gun fire, explosions ] >> Narrator: The scaredy-cat ..
00:55:23At number 18.
00:55:27What's the ultimate way to totally burn your mom?
00:55:32Tommy terrell has a hot idea.
00:55:44He's creating the illusion that the ho nothing's actually going up in flames, of course.
00:55:51It's all smoke and mirrors.
00:56:01The question is, will the trick like a charm.
00:56:23>> [ Laughs ] >> Narrator: One glance inside and mom freaks.
00:56:34The house!
00:56:35It's on fire!
00:56:37Get the dog!
00:56:40>> Narrator: Even his little brother falls for it.
00:56:42>> Rufus!
00:56:44>> Get the dog!
00:56:47>> Narrator: But it looks like rufus is in on the gag, too.
00:56:52[ Laughter ] >> yes!
00:56:58>> Narrator: The spectacular stunt proved one thing, for sure.
00:57:08>> The house!
00:57:11>> Narrator:..Cover your ears.
00:57:13>> Get the dog!
00:57:14>> Mom, mom, mom!
00:57:15Mom, it's a prank.
00:57:19>> Narrator: Now let's see what's cooking at number 17.
00:57:25Ryan bateman's got a can't-miss recipe for his cousin brendan.
00:57:30>> Who doesn't like fruit punch?
00:57:31So brendan's favorite drink is fruit punch.
00:57:33So we figured, why not give him fruit punch but not in drink form?
00:57:38In physical-pain form.
00:57:41>> Narrator: You simply hollow ..
00:57:44And find a place to hide it.
00:57:48Next, you lure in the thirsty sucker.
00:57:53Don't forget to add a dash ofuelty.
00:58:00>> I found something.
00:58:01You want some of this?
00:58:02>> What?
00:58:04>> Ho ho!
00:58:06>> Unh!
00:58:08>> The pun of the prank was probably my favorite part.
00:58:10Do you want some of this?
00:58:11>> What? >> fruit punch!
00:58:14Ho ho!
00:58:16>> Right when I turnedd was when I saw the melon going into my cheek.
00:58:21>> Ho ho!
00:58:22[ Laughs ] >> Narrator: To top it off, he gets no sympathy from his roomies.
00:58:39>> Narrator: Brendan will be okay.
00:58:42But this is one brutal joke that'll leave a bad taste in his mouth.
00:58:48>> Fruit punch!
00:58:50Ho ho!
00:58:52>> Narrator:..
00:58:53>> Yeah!
00:58:54>> Narrator: What's more fun -- ..
00:58:57What the [bleep] >> Narrator:..Or a bed with bite?
00:59:01>> Aah!ah!
00:59:03>> Narrator: Be careful on that ..
00:59:06>> Waah!
00:59:07>> Narrator:..Because things ..
00:59:10 >> [ laughs ] >> Narrator:..On "top 20 practical jokers