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00:00:02Basically it's -- you take it to bare metal and start from there.
00:00:05Start from scratch, huh? oh, yeah.
00:00:07Narrator: Out at the farm, tony's cougar's looking more like an alley cat.
00:00:11Tony: It's another old car. it's dirty.
00:00:14You can see it's been sittingin one spot for quite a while.
00:00:17Narrator: It's the wrong year, and life on the farm hasn't been kind.
00:00:21See, the hard stuff is finding all the trim and stuff.
00:00:24All the parts are here, but it's still a major amount of work, any way you look at it.
00:00:29Things don't look better in the junkyard.
00:00:31Oh, yeah, that's attractive. what?
00:00:33If you sandblasted this, you'd get it back in a bag.
00:00:36You'd need a tetanus shot to work on this thing.
00:00:39What'd you say last time? rise from the rust?
00:00:41It's not rising from anywhere.
00:00:48It's pretty hurt.
00:00:49It's pretty wounded.
00:00:51Both wrecks crash out.
00:00:53Too much work, too much rust, too much money.
00:00:58Hey, tony, how's it going? hey.
00:01:01What you got?
00:01:02Oh, a '67? cool. all right.
00:01:05Um, can you send over some pictures so i can show barry?
00:01:08Yeah? good shape?
00:01:10Decent shape? workable? okay.
00:01:12Narrator: He's lined up another cougar for barry to check out.
00:01:16Maybe the third time will be the charm.
00:01:22Here's the cougar I told you about.
00:01:25It's a '67.
00:01:27Narrator: This is a tribute car.
00:01:29The year and model have to be right.
00:01:32Doesn't look too bad, huh?
00:01:33It's in pretty good shape.
00:01:35Broken window on the other side, but it's got the full console, the buckets.
00:01:40Narrator: The seller is singing, and barry likes the tune.
00:01:44Ford barrel on it.
00:01:45Somebody put the wrong carburetor at one time.
00:01:48 all the inner structure's real good.
00:01:51Doesn't appear to be wrecked before.
00:01:53All in all, it looks like a pretty good car.
00:01:56You know, the base of it. yeah.
00:01:58The floor pans look good.
00:01:59Barry: The car's actually in pretty good shape.
00:02:02And it's a '67, and that's what we're looking for.
00:02:05Body wise, it's got some rot around the back a little bit, but nothing that really can't be fixed.
00:02:10Narrator: If barry can get it for the right price, he can afford a little extra body work.
00:02:17So what are we at on this one?
00:02:19I'd like to do it around -- I'd take $2,000 on it. okay.
00:02:24And then, obviously I'll help you out with the parts and stuff.
00:02:31Barry wants this bad.
00:02:33Yeah. it's the best we can do.
00:02:34I know you wanted this particular car, you know.
00:02:37Yeah, we want a '67, and that's what it is, so that's the main thing.
00:02:41Time for the poker face.
00:02:43But with the time you have, I think this would be the best choice right here.
00:02:50How about $1,800? you're a pushover.
00:02:52I'll let it go at $1,800 'cause of the rust and the quarter problems. okay.
00:02:58That's a bargain.
00:02:59No, that's great. let's do it.
00:03:01Excellent. thanks, tony. appreciate it.
00:03:14With the cat in the bag, the team at the speed shop get to work.
00:03:19They need to start from scratch.
00:03:21They'll replace almost everything, with parts improved over a generation.
00:03:27Sure wouldn't want to break any of this glass.
00:03:29Because this will be a racecar, the interior will be bare bones.
00:03:33Barry loves this look, but it also saves him time.
00:03:37He wants to spend justthree weeks on this overhaul instead of the usual four.
00:03:43This is in very good shape up here.
00:03:50Narrator: But shop chief adam ramsay just found a flaw in barry's plan.
00:03:55This car has more parts than we ever would have thought.
00:03:59I think they go like this.
00:04:01I think they go that way.
00:04:02Yeah, I think we're at part like94 right now, so we're going totry to keep track.
00:04:07And we're looking at probably about 800 parts.
00:04:16There you go. you put it all back together.
00:04:19It's all you.
00:04:20 we're bleeding all over down here.
00:04:26Bad. speedo head.
00:04:28Narrator: Barry treats his speed shop like a surgery -- no grime allowed.
00:04:32You got a transmission fluid fetish, or what?
00:04:35He likes it. he showed me the video online.
00:04:40Okay, now you can take it out.
00:04:42This engine and gear box goes back to the grave, replaced by modern equivalents.
00:04:49Barry: We'll put a standard transmission, probably a trimex 6 speed in it.
00:04:53And we'll put a small-block ford 'cause that's the same thing.
00:04:56It'll be a bigger small-block ford, but a high revving one.
00:05:00Easy, easy, easy, easy.
00:05:04As far as drivetrain-wise, and that, it'll pretty much be a street car, but they were pretty much street cars then.
00:05:10They weren't full tilt racecars.
00:05:12That's what the trans am series was about.
00:05:13Narrator: Trans am promoted new production models as they hit the streets, inspiring customers to imagine themselves as race drivers.
00:05:26But right now, tony's imagination has turned to the dark side.
00:05:31Oh, boy.
00:05:32Oh, no.
00:05:33Oh, boy. that's nasty.
00:05:36Narrator: Rust. but redeemable?
00:05:39This side's not as bad, tony.
00:05:42Tony: Huh?
00:05:42This side's not even close to being as bad.
00:05:43Ei maybe.
00:05:47Tony: Oh, man, it's all over the place.
00:05:49I see about forty hours in rust repair alone.
00:05:52You know, that's a week in my book.
00:05:54But barry's book tells another story.
00:05:57To hit auction, the cougar needs to be in paint in half that time.
00:06:02 it's in the quarter panel.
00:06:04The whole package tray, that whole quarter panel's gone.
00:06:08That's ugly. it's a lot worse than I thought.
00:06:11Me, too. that's ugly.
00:06:12Tony I know this is a '67 'cause that's what we wanted to do.
00:06:16We've just got an incredible amount of work here.
00:06:18Barry's racer just stalled in pit lane.
00:06:22It's gone.
00:06:23What'd they do,park this thing in a lake?
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00:09:18Narrator: In just 19 days, barry white's hoping to cash in on a piece of american racing history at the russo and steele auto auction in monterey.
00:09:28To get these bidders' engines revving, barry's planning a tribute car to racing great dan gurney.
00:09:36Auctioneer: Yes or no?
00:09:38Sold, $215,000.
00:09:42Narrator: Designer chris brown uses old racing photos to conjure up the spirit of gurney's '67 mercury cougar.
00:09:50We're going to do thistrans am inspired, you know, tribute car.
00:09:55I think it's going to show the lines really well with the two-tone paint that we're planning on doing, and it's a very masculine-looking muscle car.
00:10:04Narrator: And chris is not going to disappoint a legend.
00:10:08But out back, the news is all bad.
00:10:10This $1,800 wreck is starting to look like money down the drain.
00:10:16It's rusted through here.
00:10:20And there's rot in the bottom quarters back here.
00:10:21Yeah, I mean that's the stuff we thought we were going to fix.
00:10:24Bottom line is, this cougar won't cut it.
00:10:27 it'll never be ready for deadline.
00:10:30And this is all hooked to the hinges.
00:10:37Hey, tony. how's it going?
00:10:39Hey, so you got a cougar?
00:10:41Narrator:" well, we might be interested in one of those.
00:10:46You gonna be around for a while?
00:10:48Yeah, we'd like to come over and take a look at 'em, if that's okay.
00:10:56Narrator: With 18 days to auction, they need a replacement fast.
00:11:00Fortunately, cougars seem to be a dime a dozen.
00:11:03They might need them all the way they're going.
00:11:06Come on, push.
00:11:08[ Grunting ] where was this when the boys were junk shopping?
00:11:16There's a good one for tony to pull out.
00:11:18Yeah, just a bit of bondo and a couple of hammers.
00:11:22Be good to go. what do you think?
00:11:26Perfect door stand.
00:11:27Barry's already blown $1,800 on the first one, and two days stripping it down.
00:11:32He could use a bargain.
00:11:34How much is this thing?
00:11:36Ah, this one's like 500 bucks.
00:11:40Another 500 bucks nudgesthe spend-ometer to $2,300 and 60 work-hours.
00:11:46Smile a little. you get to fix it.
00:11:49[ Beeping ] Narrator: Barry's nearly a week behind schedule.
00:11:55But this time, the body checks out.
00:11:58Tony's cut some slack, and new parts chris ordered for the first cougar should be arriving soon.
00:12:04That car is basically the platform of a mustang.
00:12:06You know, it's the same basic car as a mustang, so it shouldn't be too hard to get all the parts.
00:12:12Narrator: Quickly stripped, the second cougar is ready for a work over at tony's shop.
00:12:17Bring it up a little. turn it some more.
00:12:20With just 17 daysto auction, this is notwhere barry wants to be.
00:12:27The paint design is a challenge for chris -- CAPTURING THE TRANS AM SPIRIT OF THE '60s.
00:12:32But we will put the numbers on the side of it.
00:12:35They had one that was kind of cool looking that was a little crooked on the hood, and also you know, maybe a little team cougar logoif we can reproduce that.
00:12:43That would be kind of cool.
00:12:45But it's gonna look the racecar look.
00:12:46Narrator: The reject cougar has come to some use.
00:12:50Barry's using it as a stand-in to build the roll cage.
00:12:53Want to bring it up to the roof line and down to the floor here, and then a side bar.
00:12:58But I want to keep the side bar kind of low, so you can get in and out fairly easy.
00:13:02We're going to put race seats in it and all that stuff, but I just want to be able to get in and out fairly easy.
00:13:07I think you're right. like 20 degree.
00:13:1020? Yeah.
00:13:11Although the cougar will be street legal, it has to look every bit the racer.
00:13:17Bidders will want the real deal.
00:13:19Every car is different.
00:13:20They don't make a kit, you know, a roll bar kit for a, you know, '67 cougar.
00:13:25Give me a total on that, and I'll wipe that down.
00:13:28Barry: Basically we want to put a main hoop in it.
00:13:31We'll put plates on the floor.
00:13:33You're just distributing the weight evenly.
00:13:36You know what it's going to look like?
00:13:38It's gonna look like a racecar.
00:13:40What are we building? a street car.
00:13:44Street car?
00:13:46Hit him with the piece of pipe.
00:13:51Narrator: Back in the paint shop, the real cougar is almost ready for paint.
00:13:57Get back to work, will ya?
00:14:00It's thursday, and tony wants to be eating hot dogs at a nascar race come the weekend.
00:14:07So you're staying home this weekend?
00:14:09You're not going to the races 'cause you didn't get it painted on friday.
00:14:14It'll be painted on friday. both colors?
00:14:18You bet.
00:14:19The only thing standing betweentony and a nascar meet is some cans of red and silver.
00:14:24All right, flo, chris is gonna explain this paint job to us.
00:14:27Narrator: And instructions from chris.
00:14:30This picture here.
00:14:31That's this.
00:14:33Well, okay.
00:14:34It doesn't show the trunk.
00:14:37...Who's not 100% sure.
00:14:39...One of his cars, and it looks like the silver just goes along here.
00:14:45Goes down.
00:14:46Whatever color you want the doorjamb, the whole doorjamb gets that color.
00:14:49The reason being, if you start wrapping and masking and stuff, he'll be here for two days doing this.
00:14:53I know the outside of the car's silver.
00:14:56I'm just -- I don't -- no one in this paint booth understands each other.
00:15:00You know, I don't want to say"hey, guess what," you know?
00:15:03'Cause after you get this son ofa [bleep] painted, you know, there's no turning back.
00:15:08He wants to mask it after the silver.
00:15:09Because you're just going to put the silver in the spots where we need?
00:15:13Chris, is that what you're telling me? yeah.
00:15:15Narrator: If these guys don't get things sorted, this project's going to endin tears.
00:15:19We going to get overspray onand everything else then?
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00:18:50Narrator:READY OR NOT, IN ONLY 12 DAYS, Barry and his team will be here, the russo and steele auto auction in monterey.
00:18:58Auctioneer: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
00:19:03Narrator: Fast money, if if the dice falls your way.
00:19:05Barry knows it's a crapshoot every time, but he keeps coming back.
00:19:10This time, he'll bring a '67 mercury cougar, a car that made trans am folklore and dan gurney a trans am legend.
00:19:26It's as sweet as they come.
00:19:28Barry: Yeah, it's very cool.
00:19:29The silver and red is kind of different.
00:19:34Looks like a racecar.
00:19:36Or it will.
00:19:38Can you guys come here for a minute?
00:19:40Narrator: 12 Days to auction, but before the auction, barry wants to take the car racing, and get the blessing from dan the man.
00:19:48But that's going to cost him three days, leaving barry and team only nine days to build this car.
00:19:55The squeeze is on.
00:19:56We got nine days, and we got to crank on this thing.
00:20:03Do we know where the "z" bar -- it's out on the pallets, right?
00:20:09Are you taking charge of this deal or what?
00:20:13Hope not.
00:20:19Throw that wheel outside.
00:20:21Stack 'em. get 'em out of here.
00:20:23Narrator: They're one man down.
00:20:25Tony's eating hot dogs at nascar.
00:20:33We need parts.
00:20:34What part -- you want to bring some parts over here?
00:20:37We need a bunch of crap.
00:20:39Mike and jen are going to start bolting stuff on this car.
00:20:42Everybody's got to really dig in and help.
00:20:44Narrator: That includes family.
00:20:46But any of the pieces -- door locks, trunk lock -- let's start doing this stuff.
00:20:50Tony's going to paint the other stuff.
00:20:51 you know how these goes on.
00:20:54You've done this. you know how these go on.
00:20:59They're working with more than 800 parts, some original, some new.
00:21:05The roll cage is custom-made, suitable for a weekend's racing, but with enough room for grocery shopping.
00:21:11Barry: A fairly accurate reproduction of dan gurney's car in '67.
00:21:17 you know, they never are.
00:21:19It's going to be a street car.
00:21:20It's got baer brakes, it's got global west suspension.
00:21:22It's got all the stuff now -- the car probably, in reality, if you talked to dan, it'd probably be a little better now than it was then.
00:21:28Narrator: And that's barry's supermuscle philosophy -- yesterday's heroes running today's hardware.
00:21:35Nicely done.
00:21:36Becky and jen are on fire, and so is barry's spend-ometer.
00:21:41$20,000 Bucksand 200 work-hours.
00:21:46And there's more to come.
00:21:49Are you saying we don't need to use the shim plate?
00:21:51Dan gurney's cougar had a manual gearbox, something barry isn't familiar with.
00:21:56This is a 28 inchout of balance, right?
00:21:59Barry: What's that?
00:22:00This motor is 28 inchout of balance.
00:22:03I have no idea.
00:22:04He's called in clutch guru red roberts.
00:22:06We'll need to know.
00:22:07This flywheel is made so it's got bolt-on counterbalance.
00:22:10So if you've internally balanced the motor, then we need to unbolt the weight before we put this on.
00:22:15 I'll definitely find out.
00:22:17You never stop learning in this business.
00:22:21Other way.
00:22:23This is called a pressure plate.
00:22:25They're a full threaded bolt and they have no shoulders, so you got to put the dowel pins in with the full threaded bolts.
00:22:33Big red is talking another language.
00:22:35Okay, so if you're using a shouldered bolt, then you don't have to use the dowel pins.
00:22:38And the stock bolt from ford has a shoulder on it?
00:22:41Uh, no, it does not. okay.
00:22:43Unless you're talking the early-type flywheels.
00:22:47So we'll just go ahead and put the pins in and get some grade "a" 5/16 bolts?
00:22:51Um, no.
00:22:53If you put the pins in, then you need to put the metric bolts in.
00:22:56Are we following this?
00:22:58You don't need the dowel pins if you're going to put the 5/16 shouldered bolts in.
00:23:03Okay. okay. we'll make it work.
00:23:08We don't have a choice.
00:23:09Barry's steep learning curve isn't over yet.
00:23:12Earlier this week, his wife and daughter dropped a bombshell.
00:23:16They were looking for a new place to live.
00:23:18Barry: We were driving along, and somebody said something about an apartment.
00:23:22..i didn't know if I was moving out or who was moving out.
00:23:28Narrator: It was some relief to learn only one was moving out, his 20-year old daughter, jen.
00:23:33"You know, I didn't move outuntil I was married," " and then he's like, "if you've got to do what you got to do," and that's usually like, I really don't want you to, but you do what you have to.
00:23:45This is my room. it's clean.
00:23:48Yes, it is.
00:23:48Narrator: Barry's happy his golden girl is stepping out on her own, but it's still a sad day for any father when the inevitable arrives.
00:23:56Barry: You know, it seems like five years ago she was just a little kid, and now she's 20 years old, and felt like she needs to move out.
00:24:04So that's kind of the way it is.
00:24:05they all grow up, unfortunately.
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00:28:32Narrator:JUST SIX DAYS TO AUCTION.
00:28:34Six days till barry whitefinds out if there's money in tribute racecars.
00:28:40[ Auctioneer chanting ] his team are beating on an old '67 mercury cougar, bringing it back from the dead and giving it the spirit of driving legend dan gurney, and the start of the trans am era.
00:29:06Barry's been wrestling with a manual gearbox, a first for his supermuscle car line.
00:29:13But with some help, it's falling into place.
00:29:16You're the man. you're the fire man.
00:29:18[ Laughs ] you just got to be rough, hundee.
00:29:22Is that the secret?
00:29:31Jen may have just moved out of home for the first time, but in the shop, it's like nothing has changed.
00:29:37Stop talking for a minute.
00:29:39Go get some teflon sealant out of the right drawer, top box.
00:29:45The big drawer in my toolbox.
00:29:46Put a little bit all the way around, come back, screw it in that hole.
00:29:51These two have always been close, and barry's not letting a little geography end that.
00:29:56I guess at the end of the day, she still hangs out and goes to dinner with us a lot of times at the shop and works with us in the evenings, so it's all good.
00:30:05I get to see her a lot anyway.
00:30:07Kids today!
00:30:11Narrator: Barry sees his family like his cars -- appreciating the past while looking to the future.
00:30:17The cougar gets all-new high-performance suspension.
00:30:21Damn, you guys are good.
00:30:23With chris's racing decals, it's starting to look like a top cat.
00:30:29Dan gurney would have loved these brakes in '67.
00:30:32Standard drums are replaced with large diameter disks.
00:30:36Look out. get your butt out of the way.
00:30:39And what dan would have given for this -- a jon barrett 347 small-block, a high revving, 550 horsepower power plant.
00:30:49I'm excited. this is good.
00:30:51Something went right.
00:30:55To help the engine breathe, barry wants big pipes with enough clearance for racing.
00:31:00I'm really concerned about the ground clearance going around the corner.
00:31:04If we go around the corner at 60 miles an hour, you know, I just don't want it to be dragging on the ground, so if we can get another half inch clearance or so, that would be the best thing.
00:31:22With just three daysto auction, barry wants to leave himselfenough time for a day at the track and a meeting with the cougar's inspiration, dan gurney.
00:31:30There you go. in. done.
00:31:34Narrator: It'll make his daughter happy, too.
00:31:36Jen: I think it'd be really cool to have him look at it, and it'd be nice, you know, to have him sign it.
00:31:40It'd just be nice to just go meet him and talk to him.
00:31:45Just in time, chris comes through.
00:31:47They have a meeting with dan gurney.
00:31:50He's a really busy guy, but we've got about an hour pencilled in.
00:31:53Yeah, he was pretty excited about it, but said he doesn't have a whole lot of time.
00:31:59Now barry needs his cat to be best in show.
00:32:03Jen: You've got it, ming.
00:32:05As they head for the finish line, the spend-ometeris still cranking -- $28,500 with 260 work-hours.
00:32:14Of 800 parts they've refurbished or replaced in the cougar, this is barry's favorite.
00:32:20They've designed this new shifter.
00:32:21We can adjust this actually in three different positions to get this where we want.
00:32:26This is that whole supermuscle car do what, you know -- putting new technology in.
00:32:32When you're trying to go around a corner, you want to -- steering wheel's going to be here.
00:32:36You want to be able to bang this into another gear ..
00:32:39And we can always, at the track adjust this shifter, if it's too low or too high.
00:32:45Narrator: The custom-built dash screams racecar.
00:32:48The whole interior is an industrial theme, made for purpose, not appearance.
00:32:54But to the right buyer, it should be pure elegance.
00:32:57Barry: quit screwing around.
00:32:59Narrator: New wheels and rubber mean the cougar is almost done.
00:33:10Yeah, fits perfect.
00:33:11Just cut at little bit, we'll be good to go.
00:33:14Just one more question to ask -- will she start?
00:33:20Okay, fire it. let's go. it's gonna run.
00:33:25[ Engine turns over ] perfect.
00:33:35Roll the window up.
00:33:37...Even when it shouldn't.
00:33:40Barry is locked out, and he's not happy.
00:33:46I think the thing fell off.
00:33:48Who shut the door?
00:33:50They're due at the tracktomorrow.
00:33:55son: HEY MOM!
00:33:55wife: WHAT IS THIS?
00:33:59wife: WHY?
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00:34:17Airplanes that fly cleaner and farther on less fuel.
00:34:23And make nonstop travel possible to more places.
00:34:28Announcer: Around the globe, the people of boeing are working together-- to bring us together.
00:34:34That's why we're here.
00:35:10isa yet a lot of natural gashas impurities like co2 in it.
00:35:22Where it won't getinto the atmosphere.
00:35:24Exxonmobil is spending morethan 100 million ..
00:35:26To build a plant that willdemonstrate this process.
00:35:33To reduce greenhouse gasemissions significantly.
00:37:14Narrator: In just three days, the russo and steele auctionin monterey, california, will be a hothouse.
00:37:20Buyers and sellers facing off, each wanting a bargain, each wanting twin.
00:37:26Sold, $215,000.
00:37:27Barry's fishing for race fans with money and a sense of history.
00:37:31Auctioneer: What have you got? $145,000.
00:37:35[ Auctioneer chanting ] all right, let's see what we got.
00:37:40Narrator: His '67 mercury cougar, a tribute car to racing great dan gurney, is all but done.
00:37:49If he can just get the door working.
00:37:52Everything's working clean and free.
00:37:56It's hard to say.
00:37:57I don't know why it did it.
00:37:59It seems to be working okay now.
00:38:00I think the door panel might have got hung up on the inside.
00:38:06Narrator: It's the little things.
00:38:14Somebody stick a fork in this. it's done.
00:38:17It looks good.
00:38:22Narrator: In almost record time -- two and a half weeks -- the team turned a junker into a race ready supermuscle car classic.
00:38:33$32,500 And 320 work-hourscan turn back time.
00:38:39Barry: It was really cool to work on a project like this because it's still exciting to see something go from an historic photo to reality.
00:38:46Narrator: But this '67 cougar is practical history.
00:38:51Barry: We tried to replicate it as close as we could, but still keep it a street car.
00:38:56Narrator: The technology is supersized.
00:38:59Barry: You know, we got the big power brakes and all that which they probably wouldn't have even had.
00:39:08Narrator: The bare-bones interior almost smells of racing fuel.
00:39:13The stick shift says business and ultimate control on the track.
00:39:28Under the hood, a go fast jon barrett custom 347 small-block.
00:39:34550 Horsepower looking to let loose.
00:39:41It's the complete package, fit for thpllegend who inspired it.
00:39:57That's good right there.
00:39:59But before its royal audience with dan gurney, barry has another appointment at the willow springs international raceway.
00:40:07Barry: Willow springs?
00:40:09It sounds like bottled water, doesn't it?
00:40:11Tony: Yeah, right.
00:40:13So I don't know where the spring is.
00:40:15I was wondering that when I was on my way out here.
00:40:19I mean, we got brand-new sticker tires and everything, so it's going to be hard to say what we're going to do, but we've just got to keep it on four wheels and not tear it up too bad.
00:40:28Narrator: Barry gets to play racing legend for a day.
00:40:32It's a dilemma, though.
00:40:33His heart wants to smoke this thing.
00:40:35His head wants to keep it pretty for auction.
00:40:40Barry: The driving part of it's going to take over the auction part pretty quick.
00:40:48Narrator: Race drivers know it as the "red mist," the rush of blood behind the wheel.
00:40:54Having a lot of fun.
00:40:56This is bitchin'.
00:40:57Well, what we did is come out of the banking, AND THEN WE COME THROUGH THE S's THROUGH Here, and you have to get down in some low gears through there.
00:41:05Narrator: Some warm up laps before letting loose.
00:41:08You got to be careful going down gears.
00:41:11We got a pretty low gear in this car.
00:41:12Narrator: Corners are a new concept for this former drag racer.
00:41:16As you're coming downhill, you can get back on the throttle, then you have to get out of the throttle to make the last turn.
00:41:22Narrator: Barry and the tires are up to temperature.
00:41:27Let's go.
00:41:29Whoa, hello.
00:41:39Narrator: Barry's transported back to the '60s, To the start of the trans am era, and he did it in just three weeks.
00:41:47Barry: This was an incredibly short build, and to be able to take a car like that and put that many performance modifications on it, and take it out on a track, fresh, not even broken in, and flog it and go 'round the track and not have, you know, a bunch of problems, I think that really says something about the shop.
00:42:05Narrator: And something about barry.
00:42:06This is probably the most fun we've had doing these cars.
00:42:09It's pretty insane.
00:42:11Narrator: What price this sort of happiness, and what price this car?
00:42:18Barry's about to find out.
00:42:25He has just one hour with one of the country's biggest names in car racing, dan gurney.
00:42:30This car is a tribute to the man who gave motor racing so much.
00:42:35Brings back old memories. yeah.
00:42:39[ Engine revs ] you'll probably want to take a look at that motor.
00:42:46In his seventies, dan gurney still has his finger on the racing pulse.
00:42:51Barry: It's a street version.
00:42:53Dan: Got a lot of carburetor.
00:42:53Yeah, two fours, but that's what you had on the other one, so we mimicked that.
00:42:58Chris: It's got six gears this time instead of four.
00:43:01So it's a little better. yeah.
00:43:03Well we should have had this when we were racing.
00:43:05Narrator: Dan's mind races back 30 years,mi to a cougar duel with teammate parnelli jones.
00:43:11Well I was behind parnellithis time, and he was going acrossthe verge on the grass, and blam, great big rocks came up, and the whole windshield caved in about a foot.
00:43:24I was still trying to drive it, and this thing was at least a foot down there and all crumpled up there.
00:43:30Thanks, parnelli.
00:43:32That's a regular teammate.
00:43:33Yeah, yeah, throw rocks at you. that's cool.
00:43:37A big moment for jen.
00:43:38She wants to adopt a legend.
00:43:40Jen: He'd make such an awesome grandpa just 'cause he has all these racing stories.
00:43:44It would be so cooljust to sit and listen to him for however longyou had to listen to.
00:43:48Narrator: yeah, I'll take it.
00:43:52[ Laughter ] and dan gives the car his official seal of approval.
00:44:00Cool. thank you.
00:44:01You're welcome.
00:44:02Narrator: It's been a wild ride.
00:44:04Now it's time to go get some money.
00:44:07D-day in monterey.
00:44:10The russo and steele auto auction is raging.
00:44:13Auctioneer: Marty, I got to go. yes or no?
00:44:16Hundreds of cars, thousands of people, from all walks of life.
00:44:20Barry: We got our mix of muscle cars.
00:44:22We've got restored you know, original cars, we've got hot rods.
00:44:27 we've got a couple of customs.
00:44:31We've got some racecars.
00:44:32You know, it's a mix of a lot of things.
00:44:35Narrator: Even with all this competition, barry's supermuscle racing cougar is starting to make its mark.
00:44:41I don't know whether I'd want to run this car it's so nice.
00:44:45Just the detail.
00:44:45You know, from the wheels to the engine, the decals -- just everything about it, just top-notch.
00:44:53It's going to hold its own on the track, and I think that's just like a whole nother appeal to this car is the fact that, yeah, you could drive it on the street, and then on the weekends, put it on the track.
00:45:01Narrator: There's race fans here, but how many?
00:45:05Chris is hoping traditional buyers will be tempted, too.
00:45:08Chris: Something you can show up at the local cruise in and have a good time in and not park next to yourself.
00:45:13You're not going to pull up next to another cougar like this.
00:45:16So, I think there's a lot of appeal there.
00:45:19Narrator: Confidence is pretty high.
00:45:20But then a discovery -- serious competition.
00:45:24A 1971 richard petty nascar drive -- the real deal.
00:45:29Barry: Petty car built late '70s.
00:45:31Narrator: It's going to bethe battle of the legends.
00:45:35LATE '70s ROADRUNNER.
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00:47:42HEATHER: I never got to open gifts early.
00:47:43It's brilliant!
00:47:44KIMMY: We're ready for Santa now!
00:47:46CHRISTOPHER: Let's go find him!
00:47:49KIMMY: Is that him?
00:47:50ALL: Awww!
00:47:51CHRISTOPHER: There he is! Up there!
00:47:53KIMMY: Santa!
00:47:54(Everybody gasps) WESLEY: Uh-Oh...
00:47:55KIMMY: (Sad) Awww, no Santa.
00:47:56CHRISTOPHER: Maybe opening another gift would cheer us up...
00:47:58MICHELLE: Nice try. But Jingle Jammies will be it.
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00:48:25[ Auctioneer chanting ] Narrator: When barry white and his team arrived at auction, they planned to blow away the competition with a dan gurney tribute car -- a '67 mercury cougar, street legal, but built for the track.
00:48:43But they might just be trumped by this classic -- one of richard petty's old nascar racers, with race-track form and the champion's mark.
00:48:53Tony: He signed the headrest. you see it?
00:48:54No! yeah, check it out.
00:48:56Oh, yeah. yeah, yeah, that's right.
00:48:58Narrator: This nascar is the real deal, and barry is impressed.
00:49:02Barry: This is a documented richard petty NASCAR FROM THE '70s.
00:49:07Barry I don't know how many races it won or what it did or any of that, but this is a real car.
00:49:12Ours is obviously a reproduction of dan's car, but, yeah, you know, it's a -- well it'll be a gauge to see what things are going for.
00:49:20Auctioneer: This car will be sold on a bill of sale.
00:49:23Richard petty -- high point, north carolina.
00:49:26Narrator: Petty's racer is going up against gurney's.
00:49:28Which will take the winner's check?
00:49:31Auctioneer: $100,000. Now $200,000.
00:49:34Narrator: An opening bid of $100,000.
00:49:36That kind of money barry dreams of.
00:49:39But then this is the real deal.
00:49:41A car driven by arguably the greatest nascar driver of all time.
00:49:47Any advance over a $150,000?
00:49:49$155,000. Now $175,000.
00:49:51 I want $200,000.
00:49:55Last call. hands up, bids in.
00:49:56Going once, going twice, third and final call.
00:50:01Sold that car, $175,000.
00:50:04Your way, danny. $175,000.
00:50:05Man #2: We're gonna bring up this little stunt car comin' up right now.
00:50:10Narrator: 175 Grand.
00:50:12That's something to think about as barry prepares for his turn.
00:50:16Man #3: We've got tlc in the house tonight with barry white.
00:50:20Auctioneer: Here we go.
00:50:21This particular cougar was built as a modern tribute to dan gurney's 1967 trans am series racecar.
00:50:26Narrator: If only they knew the race behind the scenes to get it to auction.
00:50:35There was a false start.
00:50:37Oh, boy. oh, no.
00:50:39Oh, boy. that's nasty.
00:50:40Narrator: The first cougar was a rust bucket.
00:50:44 it's in the quarter panel.
00:50:47That's ugly. it's a lot worse than I thought.
00:50:52How much is this thing?
00:50:54Ah, this one's like 500 bucks.
00:50:58...And start again, one week behind.
00:51:00I t some corners to a couple of things that I didn't like.
00:51:03But you know what? it's going to be fine.
00:51:07Looks like the silver just goes along here.
00:51:10...Part guesswork.
00:51:11Chris: So you just kind of fog it.
00:51:13He wants to mask it after the silver.
00:51:16How about the overspray stuff?
00:51:17Narrator: But there were no doubts it would be a racer.
00:51:21[ Engine revs ] ..
00:51:26Whoa, hello.
00:51:27Narrator:..Just like its predecessor did in '67 for dan gurney.
00:51:31Brings back old memories. I'll take it.
00:51:34[ Laughter ] you're telling me you got about 500 horsepower in this thing.
00:51:39Thing's bad ass. it flies. it's fun.
00:51:42" we'll take it. we'll take it. we like it.
00:51:47Auctioneer: Barry white, ladies and gentlemen.
00:51:49One more time. barry white, right here.
00:51:50Narrator: Barry's got $32,500 riding on this.
00:51:54Time to roll the dice.
00:51:56Auctioneer: Who'll get $40,000 and go?
00:51:59I got $15,000.
00:52:00I got $15,000. $20,000.got it.
00:52:02Now $30,000.$20,000. $25,000. $30,000.
00:52:05How about $25,000, $30,000?
00:52:06Barry: Being an old racecar,you know, with dan signing it and telling us a bunchof old stories, and you know, we'll have some things we cantell the new owner about.
00:52:14Auctioneer:NOW $30,000 NOW 30 GRAND. ON A $25,000, $30,000.
00:52:16Narrator: Barry just watched anoriginal richard petty racecar drive out the doorfor 175 grand.
00:52:24Auctioneer:$30,000 THE BID AND NOW $35,000.
00:52:25Narrator: Maybe all the moneywent with it.
00:52:28Yep, $35,000.dan gurney's signature.
00:52:31Barry:THE THING WITH A NO RESERVE AUCTION, You are gambling.
00:52:33You're gambling a lot,so it's a do-or-die deal.
00:52:37Auctioneer:HANDS UP, BIDS IN.
00:52:41$36,000, $37,000.
00:52:45The highest bid of 36 grand is just a little over break even.
00:52:50Three weeks of hard labor could be for nothing.
00:52:52Auctioneer: Folks, we thought this car would be closer to $75,000, but it's a no reserve sale.
00:52:58Your hand in the air counts for everything.
00:53:00I've got $36,000.
00:53:01Narrator: But there's still a spark in the room.
00:53:04Auctioneer: $37,000. $37,000.
00:53:07$36,000, $37,000. Anybody else want to play?
00:53:10$36,000 Now, want $37,000 on it.
00:53:13Man #4: Let's go!
00:53:14$36,000, $37,000. $36,000, $37,000.
00:53:19Now $38,000.$38,000, $38,000, $38,000.
00:53:24$37,500. Now $38,500.
00:53:25$37,500, $38,500. $37,500, $38,500.
00:53:29$37,500. $38,000.
00:53:31Last call, hands up, bids in.
00:53:33$38,000 Going once.
00:53:35$38,000 Going twice.
00:53:42Sold, sold, sold that car.
00:53:43Sold the car at $37,500.
00:53:46Narrator: $37,500 -- just five grand profit.
00:53:51This buyer has got a bargain.
00:53:54I got a real deal. I really did.
00:53:57It's an unbelievable car for the money.
00:53:59It's probably worth triple.
00:54:01Narrator: Like barry doesn't know.
00:54:04I've learned now with the auctions, it's different every time, and some things you think will go medium go high, and some things you think'd go high, and it goes low.
00:54:11That's part of the whole process.
00:54:12The right guy, it it could have gone for three times that.
00:54:15Narrator: But barry ended up with something more than money.
00:54:18He got to be dan gurney for a moment.
00:54:20This is probably the most fun we've had doing these cars.
00:54:22It's pretty insane.
00:54:24Narrator:JEN GOT TO MEET HER IDOL.
00:54:27Jen: Listening to himwas beyond amazing.
00:54:29He would makesuch an awesome grandpa.
00:54:30Jen it'd just be so cooljust to sit and listen to him for however longyou had to listen to.
00:54:35Narrator:AND CHRIS AND TONY Turned out their most beautifulcreation yet.
00:54:38Chris: Everybody can makea really kick ass car, and I thinkthe result was stunning.
00:54:44Narrator: This cougargave something to everyone.
00:54:47Man #5:I'M GOING TO TAKE IT, ENJOY IT AND Run it a little bit, and just have some fun with itfor a while.
00:54:56episode ..
00:54:58What the hell are you getting us into, ron?
00:55:02I think there's a hole in the floor.
00:55:05Barry white's pushing the limits.
00:55:06You want me to make a list, or you got it in your head?
00:55:10I'll make a list.
00:55:12I've had a lot of these cars over the years.
00:55:15...A make his team mocks...
00:55:17Mostly old paint and rust.
00:55:19...And an auction he knows nothing about.
00:55:21DO YOU WANT TO PUT IT ON eBay? Jen: Yeah.
00:55:24It'll be one thing to get this '69 road runner ..
00:55:29Why is it every mopar we get has the floor like that?
00:55:32...And quite another to get it sold online.
00:55:35I don't know what coding is.
00:55:37Is barry heading for his own dot-com crash?
00:55:42Man: $8,600.
00:55:46Narrator: How to make a buck the barry white way.
00:55:50Just rip that out of there.
00:55:56It's exactly what we're looking for.
00:55:58You sleeping underneath there?
00:56:00...Get the right people...
00:56:02Barry: Jen, do something!
00:56:03Jen: What do you want me to do?
00:56:06Go draw something.
00:56:07...The right parts...
00:56:07Easy, easy, easy, easy.
00:56:10...And go to work.
00:56:12Bring it on.
00:56:14.. it's flawless.
00:56:17...Someone wants to buy it.
00:56:19Let your money bring you happiness.
00:56:21That's how you get from wrecks to riches.
00:56:25--Captions by VITA -&www.vitac.com Captions paid for bydiscovery communications, inc.
00:56:34There are 40 treasures hidden here in southern california and no one knows they're here.
00:56:40You said there's more down this way?
00:56:41Probably 10 or 15 more down here.
00:56:43This is one of california's best kept secrets -- a muscle-car wreck farm.
00:56:47Barry wants us to get a '68 or '69 road runner, 'cause that's what he had when he first started drag racing.
00:56:54For barry white's team, this time it's mopar or no car.
00:56:59That's a cool car, but it's not a mopar.
00:57:01That's what we're looking for.
00:57:03Barry has his sights set on family nostalgia.
00:57:05My brother and I ran a '69 road runner.
00:57:08That was a good car.
00:57:10That was a cool body style and was car of the year in 1969, I think.
00:57:15I'm sure there's one in here someplace.
00:57:17Back then, his '69 plymouth road runner was for love.
00:57:22This time, it's for money, and he wants to make a splash.
00:57:26We can take it to sema, maybe do a burnout across the parking lot or something.
00:57:29 see what they let us get away with.
00:57:36In just four weeks, barry plans to reveal his latest creation here at sema, the world's largest auto trade show.
00:57:44Ford, chrysler, chevrolet -- everybody who's anybody in the industry is either there or has vehicles there or something.
00:57:53100,000 Visitors from 100 countries.
00:57:58We just got to get some good qualified people out there that want a hemi road runner.
00:58:032 Million square feet of auto goodness, and barry wants to stake his claim with some showstopping super muscle.
00:58:12He can't sell the road runner here, but he can hook potential buyers.
00:58:19Back in 1969, chrysler-plymouths came in three flavors -- the basic satellite, the rare gtx, and the youth-centered road runner.