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00:03:34>>> As we heard earlier tonight, daniel bryant proposing to a.j.
00:03:40Live on the 1,000 episode of raw, these two love birds will tie the knot next week.
00:03:46>> Next week is going to be huge.
00:03:49The group who revolutionized sports entertainment with their attitude will all reunite live eastern time to kick out the 1,000 episode of raw.
00:04:05And man, that ain't all.
00:04:07He'll give the wwe an official answer to his challenge to the match.
00:04:14Remember a couple weeblgs ago the rock tweeted the people shan't return?
00:04:22As promised, the wwe championship has been relentless.
00:04:26They will be live next week on THE 1,000th EPISODE OF "MONDAY " hash tag, raw 1,000.
00:04:47>> .
00:04:52>> The winner of the world's heavyweight championship.
00:05:03>> We have a resident show off.
00:05:05>> He has a reason to show off.
00:05:10Ziggler, last night, overcame 7 other match to win the money in the bank.
00:05:18It's a world championship skon tract.
00:05:21He can get a title match whenever he wants over the next year.
00:05:35>> Yeah, but alberto delrio got a broke to pay for it.
00:05:43He still holds that contract and he can use it any time.
00:05:46>> And how excited and happy was vicki last night?
00:05:49>> Oh, over the moon.
00:05:50Look at her.
00:05:50Still out there.
00:06:01>> As everybody knows, every single money in the bank check has been cashed in successfully.
00:06:08What that means is you're looking at the next world heavyweight champion.
00:06:18And it's only a matter of time before I pass this baby in on seamus.
00:06:23And when I do, I'm going to become the greatest champion in wwe history.
00:06:34I'll be better than brett heart.
00:06:40>> Brett heart.
00:06:42>> Better than stone cold steve austin.
00:06:45>> Stone cold.
00:06:54>> I'm the show off.
00:06:56>> I'm the future champion and it's undisputed.
00:07:04I'm better -- >> thank goodness.
00:07:11Here is one of the all-time break offs of rock and roll star.
00:07:23>> No, no, no, not tonight.
00:07:26For once, chris, this isn't about you.
00:07:30You're not going to lean on in here and steal my spot.
00:07:33This is my time.
00:07:34This is my moment.
00:07:36I won my money in the bank match last night.
00:07:54You didn't win yours.
00:07:56In fact, you never won money in the bank.
00:07:58When was the last time you won anything.
00:08:07>> No one, no one has been given more opportunities, more main event matches, more chances than you.
00:08:13Think about it, chris.
00:08:15When is the last time you actually won an important match.
00:08:31>> The great chris jericho.
00:08:33Are you losing your touch?
00:08:45>> Vicki, I think he's losing his touch.
00:08:50>> Oh, man.
00:09:13Well, chris jericho, a man of a few words tonight.
00:09:16>> I think he's lost his touch.
00:09:23Tonight, he faces the world's largest athlete.
00:09:25It's a knock out punch.
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00:12:49>>> I hate to accuse things, but one can wonder if cs funk is knocked out by big show, will this be the night that john cena cashes in the contract to win the championship?
00:13:01As past history shows us, people cash in the con trakts when a champion is most vulnerable.
00:13:08>> And out cold would be vulnerable.
00:13:11>> You never know, john cena, he may not have to be knocked out.
00:13:24>> There's big show.
00:13:27Oh, with a right hand, he caught him on the shoulder.
00:13:30>> He's trying to duck out of the way and big show is coming with an upper cut.
00:13:34>> He's got to use the quickness.
00:13:41You can't go straight ahead against the giant with the big show.
00:13:51He's going to crush him.
00:13:53>> He's going to be be an ink stain on the ring.
00:14:01Could this be the opening that the champion needs?
00:14:05>> There wouldn't have been anything that the champion needs.
00:14:09>> It's his toe right to the jaw.
00:14:11Big show.
00:14:12Coming off the rope.
00:14:14Coming back to be down.
00:14:16He's got him rocking.
00:14:28>> Is just about to say, he's going go downstairs.
00:14:36He went upstairs, way upstairs.
00:14:38>> Oh, no, this is what he has to avoid.
00:14:40He has to avoid the k-o blow.
00:14:47He said he was going to do it and I think we're about to see it.
00:14:50Big show, no.
00:14:59" we are live tonight.
00:15:14You can feel the momentum beginning the shift.
00:15:16He's beginning to believe.
00:15:18The champion thinks he can take the big man out.
00:15:20I've got to wonder if john cena is here after the match is over.
00:15:30As he goes for a third high.
00:15:33Big show is in trouble.
00:15:35The giants are released.
00:15:39>> For the bulldogs, big show counters.
00:15:45He's out of the way.
00:15:46He's down.
00:15:47Big show is down.
00:15:49You've got to take advantage of this.
00:16:02He's got to count.
00:16:03Don't waste any time.
00:16:04Get in.
00:16:11He's going to pull a huge victory here.
00:16:15Big show could have it, too.
00:16:18>> This giant may really be unstoppable.
00:16:22I'm trying to figure out how big show kicked out of two from the top rope.
00:16:30Got to be thinking what do I do now?
00:16:32>> Big show, again.
00:16:34>> Oh, no.
00:16:40>> The cover.
00:16:43And he's down to the bottom rope.
00:16:46He's on the rope.
00:16:50He was there.
00:16:54>> Oh, boy.
00:16:57Big show is livid.
00:17:01>> And big show is there.
00:17:21>> Big show better continue.
00:17:25>> Through a diqualification.
00:17:36Pm punk is helpless.
00:17:38Oond he continues the attack.
00:17:42Oh, no.
00:17:43Oi, no.
00:17:46Big show has another thing in mind.
00:17:49Here comes cena with the briefcase.
00:17:51And the contract.
00:17:56He's cashing in, I think.
00:17:59Cena is cashing in with the champion.
00:18:02John cena.
00:18:06>>Big show better get out of there.
00:18:13The champion, I don't think it's real with john here.
00:18:39>>> Earlier tonight, I sent out a huge announcement for tonight's raw having to do with this briefcase.
00:18:50Ladies and gentlemen, by announcement -- hey, hey, hey, we all know what your announcement is going to be.
00:18:57I'm not stupid.
00:18:59I know what you're going to do.
00:19:04You're going to announce that you're going to cash in the money in the briefcase check.
00:19:10Right now?
00:19:11Aren't you?
00:19:12Aren't you, john?
00:19:16How long has it been since you've been wwe champion?
00:19:26You're just dying for a woman to spin her?
00:19:29Look at that referee here now.
00:19:37You would be a fool not to cash that briefcase in now.
00:19:40You've got to do it.
00:19:46These people don't respect you, they don't respect anything.
00:19:49They don't even respect themselves.
00:19:52Look how weak he is.
00:20:00You will never have an easier championship than you will have right now.
00:20:04You need to do this for you.
00:20:04>> No.
00:20:11Cm punk, I give you one week to prepare for the biggest match of your life.
00:20:16You have been wwe champion for 239 days.
00:20:24So at "raw 1,000," we will find out who the best there the world really is.
00:20:38Oh, at "raw" 1,000, I am telling you now, I cash in this contract for a match against you in the wwe championship.
00:20:55That makes everyone wonder what was my huge announcement about this briefcase.
00:20:59That's very simple.
00:21:01My huge announcement -- >> oh, man.
00:21:16History will be made in more ways than one.
00:21:21John cena for the wwe championship.
00:21:38>> Next week on this landmark night, cena versus punk in the reunion kicks off, 8/7 central here on usa.
00:21:49>> Don't miss it.
00:22:47Cheersis filmed before a live studio audience.
00:22:51Where's this relief waitress?
00:22:52She's a great waitress, a complete professional.
00:22:57Why isn't she here?
00:22:58She'll be 20 minutes late.
00:23:01She's getting her breaks in before she starts.
00:23:08There she is. corinne, over here.
00:23:12Did you tell them this was a bar, not a truck stop?
00:23:18Hi, honey. is this it?
00:23:22Corinne, this is my boss, sam malone.
00:23:26Hi, honey. give me some checks.
00:23:28Show her where they are.
00:23:31Right down here.
00:23:33Look at the size of this place.
00:23:36My dogs will be barking tonight.
00:23:41From now on, I'll pick the waitresses.
00:23:44My customers want more sex appeal.
00:23:53Where did you get thx?
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00:26:31Good eye.
00:27:12Afternoon, everybody.
00:27:13Norm! norm! norm!
00:27:15How's life in the fast lane?
00:27:17I can't find the on-ramp.