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00:00:01Be the manager for the whole time.
00:00:05Who do you support?
00:00:09 teddy long be the " michael: I'm sorry.
00:00:19I've got to handle this.
00:00:36This can't be right.
00:00:39I can't read this.
00:00:40There's no way that I'm reading this tonight.
00:01:00 now I see why you don't want to read it.
00:01:03 -- seeing cole and lawler bicker has brought back some memories.
00:01:12So tonight in a wrestlemania rematch from my era as general manager, jerry lawler will face michael cole!
00:01:24[Cheers and applause] audience: jerry!
00:01:48 he's got to change something!
00:01:50He's got to change this!
00:02:04I told you.
00:02:06I told you.
00:02:07I told you he was going to change it.
00:02:09I told you.
00:02:11 and I quote, I'm going to let the wwe universe decide if this match should take place.
00:02:17[Cheers and applause] would you like to see jerry michael cole live on "raw" tonight?
00:02:33com and vote yes or no.
00:02:39Vote yes!
00:02:53 please, do something, stop this!
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00:06:25jerry: well, there you see us.
00:06:27The anonymous "raw" general manager is doing something right there.
00:06:31'S a poll up right now on wwe.com.
00:06:33Would you like to see me, jerry michael cole in a wrestlemania rematch listen live tonight on "raw"?
00:06:44Michael: have mercy on me!
00:06:45I'm not a wrestler!
00:06:47I'm a journalist.
00:06:49Jerry: you're a jerk.
00:06:51>> Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the only living breathing romping stomping funkasaurus in captivity, mr.
00:07:05Brodus clay!
00:07:12>> Funkateers, put your hands together for the lovely cameron and naomi the funka -- dactyls.
00:07:29Jerry: look at you, cole.
00:07:32They said put your hands together.
00:07:34 I'm trying to figure out why I can't vote more than once on wwe.com.
00:07:42how could brodus clay be in a celebratory mood right now?
00:07:47Jerry: and why not?
00:07:51 the anonymous general manager's got to do something.
00:07:54Jerry: he's done something.
00:07:55He's leaving it up to the wwe universe.
00:07:58 the wwe fans, they never want to see me compete.
00:08:01They're always upset when I'm in a match.
00:08:04Jerry: are you kidding?
00:08:07Everywhere I go that's all i hear, please shut michael cole tonight.
00:08:12 you don't have to vote for this match either, you know?
00:08:18 let me enjoy the funka-dactyls.
00:08:22 the whole water thing was an accident.
00:08:25 if we have this match, what we -- I do to you won't be an accident.
00:08:35Oh, here we go!
00:08:36Look out!
00:08:38 let's focus on the task at hand, it's brodus clay against that hand, drew mcinentire who's obviously not im-- mcentire who's obviously not impressed.
00:08:51 just sitting back here, kicked back, feet upon the desk.
00:08:57No -- paying to attention to the funk dakotale.
00:09:05 brodus clays turns from funky to a destruction machine.
00:09:11 look at the size of drew mcintyre.
00:09:20 could be great strategy.
00:09:22And he rarch right -- ran right into him!
00:09:37 the winner of this match brodus clay!
00:09:40 now, see, this is what's entertaining about " brodus clay with moves like these.
00:09:50Jerry: right into the chest.
00:09:54 and now bro duss, naomi, cameron and check it out.
00:09:58Jerry: somebody get a spatula.
00:10:02 see, folks, this is what you want for "monday night " you don't want to see michael cole in a match.
00:10:09You want to see stuff like this.
00:10:12Vote no!
00:10:13Vote no!
00:10:14For cole and lawler tonight!
00:10:24>> So it is you, the anonymous g.m., huh?
00:10:27>> Why would I be the anonymous ?
00:10:30I hate that computer.
00:10:32Besides how do I know this isn't just a roos, a disguise?
00:10:35How do I know you're not the ?
00:10:42>> Hm?
00:10:43>> Hm?
00:10:45>> Wait, what if you're right?
00:10:49You're a son of a gun!
00:10:57>> Been looking for you all day.
00:10:59>> What?
00:10:59>> Listen, it's been a long time since we were in the ring together but we were one of the greatest tag teams of all time.
00:11:05And tonight with this little reunion, we have a chance to weaken cena and kane which would make sure that -- >> just stop right there.
00:11:13Stop your scheming, stop your playing.
00:11:16You do realize that some of the most embarrassing moments of my career is when I was a part of jeri-show.
00:11:24How about we try something different?
00:11:26How about you stay out of my way and I won't knock you out?
00:11:30Does that sound fair?
00:11:38 I'm interesting to see how jericho an big show are going to get along tonight because they have to team up against the unlikely tag team of john cena and kane!
00:11:48They'll go at it in a tag team matchup.
00:11:51Up next, we'll hear from john cena live on "monday night raw"!
00:13:08time guys.
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00:13:27Well, that's too bad.
00:13:29We're on our break.
00:13:31Just put the moneyin the bag!
00:13:32What part of the word "break" do you not understand, sir?
00:13:37Maybe one of the other tellerscan help you.
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00:15:41And on the night that we were going to renew our wedding vows, my mom actually revealed that the doctor I had hired was actually a doctor.
00:15:51>> What are you talking about?
00:15:54He's not a doctor.
00:15:55>> So there we are standing at the altar and I'm lovingly saying my weddings vows to my husband.
00:16:03No other words could sum up how I feel besides I love you.
00:16:09And when it came time to repeat his undying fettered love for me, he told me exactly what he thought.
00:16:17>> Stephanie, I as I look into your eyes tonight, I see you for what you truly are, a no good lying [bleep]!
00:16:36Michael: wow!
00:16:39>> It was one of the strongest memories I have about "monday " speaking of episode 1,000.
00:16:58I hope charlie sheen gets his issues under control.
00:17:03 sheen going to be watching the milestone episode and 6 million followers.
00:17:13Join in the conversation at " >> -- ♪
00:17:29[cheers and applause] >> there he is!
00:17:39How about that?
00:17:44 this is a tag team bout set for one fall!
00:17:49Approaching the ring first from west newbury, massachusetts, weighing 230 pounds, john cena!
00:17:59Jerry: what!
00:18:00What a reaction!
00:18:02You know what I just thought, the wwe universe has voted for the match between me and you.
00:18:15 john cena will be participating in his first ever monday in the bank ladder match for an opportunity at the wwe championship contract.
00:18:33[Cheers and applause] I know.
00:18:44I feel exactly what you feel.
00:18:46I am excited because I know what you know!
00:18:49Six days from now in phoenix, arizona, the world will witness money in the bank!
00:19:03Winston churchhill said if you plan on going through hell, you might as well keep going and that is what money in the bank is all about.
00:19:10It is a brutal punishing match with great risks, but unbelievable rewards.
00:19:21You see, the risk in this match is that myself and all other competitors in the match, they don't care about pinfalls.
00:19:29They don't care about submissions.
00:19:31We are all focused on one common goal, a contract for the wwe championship hanging high above the ring!
00:19:43And you all know that in six days even the nicest people can become brutal and ruthless when opportunity is literally hanging over your head.
00:19:59Money in the bank is a must-see event because ever since money in the bank was started, the person willing to risk it all, climb that ladder high and hang on to that contract has always, always, always cashed it in to become champion.
00:20:19[Cheers and applause] >> it is the money in the bank event that truly changes the landscape of the wwe.
00:20:30But money in the bank for me is more than just one opportunity.
00:20:36I have been out here for weeks telling you at money in the bankly do two things and in six short days in phoenix, arizona, I stand by my word!
00:20:55Number one, the big unstoppable big show will finally be stopped by my hand.
00:21:01This I promise!
00:21:15I will do whatever I have to do whomever I have to to be the next winner of money in the bank.
00:21:25You can quote it, post it, tout and tweet, I john cena will win money in the bank!
00:22:00 not if this man has anything to say about.
00:22:04 his tag team partner weighing 333 pounds, kane!
00:22:11 on sunday in phoenix, kane will set a record.
00:22:14He'll participate in his sixth -- sixth money in the bank ladder match.
00:22:21He's 1--- won one.
00:22:29The more experienced person in that ring will be kane.
00:22:33But how is kane and cena going to get along, lawler, since they had issues earlier this year?
00:22:44 about as well as you and I get along.
00:22:47Speaking of that, how about big show?
00:22:51 ladies and gentlemen, it is the most prestigious money in the bank ladder match in history.
00:22:57All four of these men former wwe champions.
00:23:01It is the money in the bank ladder match for a wwe championship contract.
00:23:05And it takes place sunday in phoenix arizona.
00:23:25 I think we're about to witness some history right now.
00:23:29 from manitoba, canada, weighing 227 pounds, chris jericho!
00:23:36 this is "monday night " we are live tonight in denver, colorado.
00:23:41Well, tomorrow on usa network, " what do you get when you cross a con man and an f.b.i. agent?
00:23:55Tune in for the season premiere " but tonight, "monday night raw" has been great.
00:24:06 and standing at seven feet tall, weighing 441 pounds, the big show!
00:24:15 now big show and kane have had issues recently.
00:24:18Well, as early as last monday night right here on "monday " big show and kane would be in a no disqualification match.
00:24:31 even john cena admitted earlier big show is unstoppable.
00:24:35I thought if there was anybody that had a chance to stop the big show it would be kane.
00:24:40Look at that gigantic spear.
00:24:42 and then watch big show.
00:24:44He would deliver a massive chokeslam to kane on the steel chair.
00:24:51Big show continues to dominate here on wwe.
00:24:54So as we get set for this huge tag team match tonight, so much has transpired on "monday night " we kicked off the show tonight with a.j. proposing to c.m.
00:25:05Punk in -- and then daniel bryan proposing to a.j.
00:25:13 saying she's going to leave with her man.
00:25:17Jerry: her future husband.
00:25:18 and then the anonymous general manager is here.
00:25:21He's made a huge matchup even daniel bryan against c.m. punk.
00:25:30 but he gave the wwe universe to make the best match, a rematch between you and me, cole.
00:25:37 this universe has seen this match.
00:25:40They're not going to want to see this again, me versus you.
00:25:46I'm a journalist not a wrestler.
00:25:48Cena who guaranteed a victory at money in the bank looks for his first victory in the matchup.
00:26:01And jericho wisely makes a tag to his partner, big show as cena looks on.
00:26:09And this is an interesting matchup right here.
00:26:11We know the history between cena and big show.
00:26:16Here we go.
00:26:17Big show basically re-signing a contract with the wwe.
00:26:24But john cena has vowed lawler to not allow big show to win this sunday.
00:26:29 john cena that his own hands will stop the big show.
00:26:32But right now the big show's hands are around his neck!
00:26:36 and john cena makes a tag.
00:26:38And here comes kane looking for some retribution from last week.
00:26:51Along with jericho and cena will be a money in the bank contract come sunday.
00:26:58Big show has been in a money in the ladder match before.
00:27:01As we mentioned on sunday, kane will enter his record sixth such matchup.
00:27:15 he's almost dwarfed by the big show.
00:27:18Kane delivering some bombs rite now.
00:27:21 wwe fans in denver, electric tonight ever since "monday night raw" went on the air.
00:27:27And now big show with a big clotheline!
00:27:32 I mean, big show can do so much damage with just one move like that not even mentioning that huge knockout punch.
00:27:40He can end the match in one second.
00:27:43 head butt knocking kane out of the ring.
00:27:46Imagine the damage that he's going to be able to do at the ladder match.
00:27:51And jericho with a cheap shot.
00:27:54Referee was dealing with big show.
00:27:58Chris jericho, the man who came up with a concept of the money in the bank ladder match, all the way up to 2005.
00:28:05Jericho will be entering his fourth money in the bank ladder match on sunday, one of the more experienced competitors.
00:28:17 a big fist from the giant.
00:28:19Hey, kane's got a big fist of his own.
00:28:23 and big show with a size 22 e size boot.
00:28:33Jerry: an unstoppable force.
00:28:36 how do you stop big show?
00:28:37He's just been on an incredible role of domination over the past couple of months.
00:28:42 you know -- I hate to say it but that look on the face of john cena tells me that he's rethinking what he said about what he's going to do to the big show on sunday.
00:28:52 john cena as confident as they come.
00:28:54He believes in his abilities.
00:28:55A former 10e-time wwe champion on record -- 10-time wwe champion on record.
00:29:03He rolls right into a big right hand.
00:29:06And here comes cena.
00:29:07And cena and jericho have had issues in the past couple of weeks.
00:29:18Into the cover.
00:29:19Look of the leg on jericho and a kick out at two.
00:29:24Chris jericho talking about cena's inexperience in these type of matches.
00:29:29See how jericho drue the referee and big show -- drew the referee and big show clobbered cena.
00:29:38See if cena and kane can get back in it when "monday night raw" rolls on live!
00:31:06Chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance.
00:31:17Geico, see how much you could save.
00:32:35 and we are back live on "monday night raw", a huge tag team matchup.
00:32:39Big show teaming with chris jericho against john cena and kane.
00:32:44All four of these men former wwe champions, all four of these men will participate in the money -- money in the bank ladder match for a wwe championship contract come sunday in phoenix.
00:33:01>> This your hero?
00:33:03 and again, big show continues to dominate.
00:33:09And cena moving out of the way!
00:33:12Jerry: oh, my god!
00:33:13 big show looks to put cena away and he mansion to kick out at two.
00:33:18-- Manages to kick out at two.
00:33:21 how was he able to lift big show off the ground?
00:33:25It's like moving a grand piano.
00:33:28 remember cena says he's going to win on sunday and he guarantees to grab the briefcase.
00:33:37And look at the near 500-pound big show.
00:33:39 he better have some reinforced steel ladders to reinforce the weight of the big show.
00:33:47Michael: you see the briefcase.
00:33:50The object on sunday is to grab the ladder, grab the briefcase, grab the contract for a wwe title opportunity.
00:33:59Jerry: oh, no!
00:34:01That's impossible!
00:34:05 the pepsi center's exploded.
00:34:09Can cena take advantage?
00:34:11 I'm just -- I'm in shock when I see -- any human, but john cena able to lift manhandle the big show like that.
00:34:24Watch this again as cena -- look at this.
00:34:28How do you do that?
00:34:31 that's near 500 pounds.
00:34:33Jerry: a sign -- side suplex.
00:34:39And here comes kane.
00:34:40 kane looks to take advantage.
00:34:42Big show back to his feet.
00:34:44That's not good.
00:34:45Kane unloading.
00:34:51Big show tumbling.
00:34:59Can the big red monster pull away?
00:35:03Got him -- no!
00:35:04Big show at two and a half!
00:35:08 the giant showing a little vulnerability here.
00:35:12 from kane, side suplex from john cena.
00:35:20Now, big show showing some agility.
00:35:24Michael: spear!
00:35:24What a spear!
00:35:25Like an out of control bus as big show into the cover!
00:35:28Hooks the inside leg!
00:35:30And kane manages to kick out before the three-count!
00:35:34 man, I thought that was it.
00:35:38Give kane some props.
00:35:40I don't know anybody that's going to be able to kick out from one of those spears from the big show.
00:35:52 and here comes chris jericho.
00:35:55Former six-time world champion.
00:35:57 chris jericho always has the good fortune of being tagged in when his opponent's down.
00:36:05 record nine-time intercontinental titleholder.
00:36:10 and he's an pop por tunist.
00:36:14One of the best.
00:36:15Michael: yes, he is.
00:36:16And jericho trying to seize the opportunity.
00:36:21He realizes what awaits him on sunday.
00:36:30Chris jericho, the first ever undisputed wwe champion, defeated the rock and stone cold on the same night.
00:36:37And of course and only true rock star in the wwe.
00:36:42 jericho wins that money in the bank ladder match this coming sunday night, he may event a new catch phrase.
00:36:50 jericho the front man for the rock group fozzy.
00:36:54And now jericho playing a tune on kane right now.
00:37:00Jericho with a knee to the back of the neck.
00:37:03Jericho and big show continue their dominance.
00:37:06You saw the look of desperation on cena.
00:37:10Can they get back in it when "raw" returns live?
00:37:13I mean, you decidedto pick up that hitchhiker.
00:37:16For a dude with a face tattoo, he actually turned out to be dangerous.
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00:39:05Subway. OFFICIAL TRAINING RESTAURANT OF APOLO Ohno oh, man this is still not going well for kane and john cena.
00:40:30 yeah, chris jericho and big show have been dominating this tag team matchup.
00:40:40 during that entire commercial break, whoa, chris jericho and the big show just dishing out a beatdown to him.
00:40:52 jericho with a boot to the face.
00:40:54Jerry: oh, no!
00:40:56Vintage kane with a side slam but can he take advantage?
00:41:04John cena, he's like a caged animal over there.
00:41:08He can't wait to get back into this match.
00:41:11And there it is, there's' a tag!
00:41:14 and cena exploding out of the gates.
00:41:21Tackle over tackle!
00:41:25 this is back -- patented john cena.
00:41:31You can see me but you can feel this five-knuckle shuffle.
00:41:38Michael: jericho!
00:41:38Jerry: walls of jericho.
00:41:39 this time cena counters.
00:41:41A.a. to jericho!
00:41:45And big show with those long arms -- dragging cena out of the ring and big show -- jerry: oh, my god!
00:41:56 big show is out of control!
00:41:59 oh, man, you don't want to anger this giant.
00:42:03 big show just slung cena into the barricade and then he moed down kane.
00:42:11And this is what the three competitors have got to be afraid of.
00:42:18The big show causing mass destruction.
00:42:21Jerry: oh, wait a minute.
00:42:23Oh, no!
00:42:25 the object sunday, the ladder, not only used to retrieve the briefcase in the contract but it can be used as a weapon.
00:42:33Jerry: oh, no, there's more!
00:42:37This is not good.
00:42:39 that's what we were afraid of.
00:42:41We alluded to this earlier, how dangerous big show would be with a ladder in hand.
00:42:50You see what big show's able to do with his bear hands, imagine being -- big show with a weapon!
00:43:00 he just used it on his own partner.
00:43:03 and think of the force behind that.
00:43:08You know how heavy those ladders are.
00:43:10And big show's just tossing them around in there.
00:43:14 he picked them up like toothpicks.
00:43:22Can you imagine sunday seeing the big show set up a ladder tall enough to reach that money in the bank briefcase up there and then climbing it?
00:43:33 and can you imagine if big show wins and he can cash in a championship opportunity whenever he wants?
00:43:46Oh, man, look at this!
00:43:49 a few minutes ago that was the big show's partner.
00:44:00Michael: look out!
00:44:01Cena with the equalizer!
00:44:02Maybe that's the key for cena sunday!
00:44:06Maybe that's what he needs to stop big show's dominance!
00:44:11Maybe he can cash in his guarantee and cash in money in the bank!
00:44:17[cheers and applause] will john cena be able to do it?
00:44:30Will john cena be able to win the money in the bank ladder match well, I'll tell you this, john cena just demonstrated that it is possible.
00:44:50Look out.
00:44:54 can john cena make good on his gaw -- guarantee and win his first ever money in the bank ladder match?
00:45:06 he just proved that the big show is a little vulnerable.
00:45:10 what a night it's been " we kicked things off with a -- well, there's a bizarre and c.m. punk.
00:45:25>> C.m. punk.
00:45:28Will you marry me?
00:45:32 and things got even more weird when daniel bryan showed up.
00:45:41>> A.j., will you marry me?
00:45:54>> Whoa!
00:45:56What a load of crap!
00:45:57You mean to tell me this is premeditated?
00:46:02All right then, tough guy, where's your ring?
00:46:06 well, then we thought a.j. was going make a decision.
00:46:09>> And I have a feeling that I'm going to walk out of this arena with my future husband.
00:46:25That girl is as gone as a goose.
00:46:29What is she thinking?
00:46:31We may find out a little bit later on because still to come the anonymous "raw" general manager has made this match.
00:46:38 punk to take on daniel bryan and eve.
00:46:41 and listen, wwe fans, I've read all your complaints on twitter and facebook, your horrified when I wrestle.
00:46:49You don't want me in matches disgracing this great sport.
00:46:53So now is your chance to do the right thing.
00:46:55Vote no for this match tonight.
00:46:57Right this wrong.
00:46:58Do the right thing, vote no to my match with lawler tonight.
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00:50:33>> punk, I just wanted to say good luck tonight.
00:50:36>> Thanks.
00:50:36Good luck to you too getting all that spray tan off the match.
00:50:44>> I wasn't talking about the match.
00:50:45I was talking about a.j.
00:50:47She's a highly emotional girl right now.
00:50:50Very spiteful to those who she feels have wronged her.
00:50:54In fact, I'd be willing to bet if she doesn't hear the words "i do" tonight, she'll do whatever it takes to make sure you don't walk out of money in the bank with that wwe championship.
00:51:06It's got to be hard, punk.
00:51:07I mean, you've had that title for seven months now.
00:51:12But -- >> but what?
00:51:13But what, eve?
00:51:15>> I'm just saying it can't be easy.
00:51:18I mean, I understand you being overshadowed by the rock, john cena, triple h, the big show, even brock lesnar.
00:51:34That must be prettyer mass -- pretty emass cue lating.
00:51:49-- Memasculating.
00:51:56Good luck tonight.
00:51:59>> This is the cell phone of the raw anonymous general manager.
00:52:10>> You are the "raw" general manager?
00:52:12>> Yes.
00:52:13>> You're the anonymous general manager?
00:52:17>> No.
00:52:20>> Caly, are you the "raw" general manager or not?
00:52:24>> Who's that?
00:52:25>> You are a son of a gun, khali?
00:52:30-- Khali.
00:52:31>> Who's is this cell phone?
00:52:36All right.
00:52:37>> This is a money in the bank qualifying match for the world heavyweight championship!
00:52:54 introducing first, weighing 180 pounds, sin cara!
00:53:02 well, the final spot for the money in the bank ladder match for a world championship contract will be filled here tonight on monday night raw.
00:53:17What an opportunity it would be for this man, sin cara.
00:53:31Will bit dolph ziggler, tensai, damn yen, tyson kidd?
00:53:38A lot of newcomers in the mix.
00:53:41Will sin cara join the fray?
00:53:45We'll find out.
00:53:46Sin cara attempts to qualify for money in the bank live next.
00:53:56>> Finally, the rock has come back!
00:53:59>> It's the biggest television program in the history of monday nights.
00:54:10Starting in two weeks, "raw" expands to three hours.
00:54:14Three hours of breath-taking action on an unprecedented night of action.
00:54:18And it all kicks off with the most legendary wwe superstars from the past and present , brock lesnar, and the rock.
00:54:31>> Just bring it!
00:54:32>> It's one epic, star-studded monumental night.
00:54:37It's the 1,000th episode of " live two weeks away on usa.
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00:57:40O0 c1 this is coming monday is the money in the bank preshow.
00:58:05The money in the the bank preshow a half hour before 30 eastern, 4:30 pacific.
00:58:17com, youtube and fastebook.
00:58:20And who would qualify as the -- and facebook.
00:58:25And who would qualify foor the final money in the bank ladder match, will it be sin cara or heath slater?
00:58:32 heath slater, I mean, this guy has been running off at the mouth that some day he'll be a future champion.
00:58:39 he did beat doik and he was the latest of the superstars from the past as we get ready to celebrate the 1,000th episode.
00:58:52 so you think he's on a roll now?
00:58:57 he was until dallas came and gave him a diamond cut.
00:59:08 if they vote yes, i promise you won't be in the ring very long.
00:59:14 nonetheless we have results of that poll.
00:59:16You have a couple of moments to vote.
00:59:19Jerry: I'm make it real quick.
00:59:21 immediately following this matchup.
00:59:23I've heard the pleas.
00:59:26They complain whenever I'm in a match.
00:59:28Jerry: because you suck.
00:59:31Michael: vote no.
00:59:31And we can move on.
00:59:34It was a mistake I knocked water all over you.
00:59:38Jerry: sure it was.
00:59:40 sin cara and heath slater trying to qualify for the match this sunday.
00:59:49Sin cara was the most popular in the history of mexico.
00:59:54Lucha libre style.
01:00:00Oh, wow!
01:00:01What a move by sin cara.
01:00:03Cover, hook of the leg!
01:00:04And he got it!
01:00:06Sin cara qualifies!
01:00:08 the winner of this match, sin cara!
01:00:12 so sin cara joins the field at the money in the bank ladder match for a world championship contract come sunday.
01:00:21Will sin cara climb the ladder and grab a contract for the world heavyweight title?
01:00:29 check thought big kick to the side of the head of heath slater that really got things going for sin cara.
01:00:38Nice move there as well.
01:00:38I mean, this sin cara is so exciting to watch.
01:00:42This guy's got moves that i don't even think he knows what all he's got.
01:00:48Watch heath slater.
01:00:49Heath slater had no idea what was coming next.
01:00:52But it worked.
01:00:57>> This -- this is not fair!
01:01:04I am a future champion!
01:01:07And I will prove it, people!
01:01:14Send me any former champion in the back and I will beat them!
01:01:18I don't care if it's john cena, kane, jericho, bring anybody out here and I guarantee you I'll beat them!
01:01:27 you just had your chance.
01:01:35Michael: oh, my!
01:01:36Jerry: no way!
01:01:40It is bob backlund.
01:01:42 bob backlund, he had the longest reign as choi champion in history.
01:01:49Listen to this.
01:01:50In february of 1978, he defeated graham for the championship.
01:01:57He would hold that title all the way until december 1983.
01:02:01Jerry: unbelievable.
01:02:03 the second longest reign ever before losing to the iron sheik.
01:02:10Then when he returned in 1992 and in 1994 at survivor series he defeated bret heart to win his second wwe title, indeed one of the all-time greats bob backlund.
01:02:27 boy, you've got that right.
01:02:28Ladies and gentlemen, you are witnessing some history right now.
01:02:30Bob backlund about to step back into a wwe ring.
01:02:33 you realize he almost ran for president.
01:02:38Jerry: yes, I do.
01:02:44 backlund, remember, he lost it a little bit as he got a little older.
01:02:49 yeah, he might have made a good match for a.j.
01:02:55 back a little bit mentally unstable known as mr.
01:03:01Backlund in 1992.
01:03:02Remember he used to wear bow ties and he carried a dictionary around.
01:03:09Audience: you still got it!
01:03:13You still got it!
01:03:15 a "you still got it" chant for bob backlund.
01:03:21He hasn't done anything yet.
01:03:24 how does he get himself in these situations?
01:03:29 with that mouth of his just like you.
01:03:37 slater, so much for sportsmanship.
01:03:42He's been embarrassed over the past number of weeks by the likes of vader and psycho sid and diamond dallas page, cyndi lauper, wendy richter.
01:03:56And look at this!
01:03:57Look at backlund!
01:04:01Bob backlund with his patented submission maneuver!
01:04:06Backlund's got it locked in to slater!
01:04:10Jerry: slater's screaming.
01:04:12Michael: there's no referee.
01:04:15Bob, that's enough, bob!
01:04:16Bob, he's tapped out!
01:04:18The exhibition's over.
01:04:25according to the wwe universe, bob backlund still has it.
01:04:35I bet you heath slater was saying that here as well.
01:04:39 can I have your attention plooze?
01:04:44-- Please?
01:04:44Jerry: please, sit down.
01:04:45Enough of what's going on in the ring.
01:04:47What I want to talk about is this poll going on wwe.com.
01:04:53We're going to show you the results.
01:04:55Should there be a match tonight between michael cole and jerry "the king" lawler.
01:05:00We've show you the results right now.
01:05:04Jerry: all right.
01:05:05Come on.
01:05:07I'm depending on you, wwe universe.
01:05:11Let's see it.
01:05:18Whoa, yes!
01:05:19All right.
01:05:22What do you think now, michael cole?
01:05:26Your pleas fell on deaf ears.
01:05:32How dare you?
01:05:37You people are all a bunch of hypocrites.
01:05:42You tell me you don't want me to wrestle a match.
01:05:45You tell me you want me in a match.
01:05:49Make up your mind!
01:05:49I'm a decorated journalist!
01:05:51I'm undefeated at wrestlemania!
01:05:55>> It's easy to like us.
01:05:57>> Check time-out facebook page.
01:06:01>> Fun to follow us.
01:06:02And great to share us.
01:06:05>> Wwe's youtube channel.
01:06:07>> But starting in two weeks one of the most widespread social networks rises to a whole new level.
01:06:15>> The power is in your hands.
01:06:18>> Every week, join your favorite wwe superstars an other members of the wwe " it's time for you to share your thoughts.
01:06:30Tweet now to weigh in.
01:06:31>> Make sure you have twit tore set the trends.
01:06:34>> If she doesn't trend, something's wrong.
01:06:39>> And introducing tout, the app that allows you to record your videos and share them on " don't just watch "raw," help create it.
01:06:51>> Try finding that on any other tv show.
01:06:53>> It's wwe "raw" active.
01:06:57And it starts on the 1,000th episode on "raw" in two weeks only on usa.
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01:10:21 we are back live on " booker, you and I are part of the 75% of the match that's taking place tonight.
01:10:31: I couldn't wait.
01:10:33I put like 10 votes in to get this match up front.
01:10:39 cole had been pleading with the wwe universe not to go through with this match but 75% said yes.
01:10:47: he's going to be pleading all right in a minute.
01:10:51 this a wrestlemania rematch.
01:11:01: -- booker, you're going to ensure this match goes through.
01:11:08: I'm just helping him out.
01:11:11I thought that's what he wanted.
01:11:22 lawler says not so fast and the hall of faker in control!
01:11:30: oh, baby, here we go.
01:11:33Just take that boy in a ride.
01:11:36 cole's been bragging about his undefeated wrestlemania streak.
01:11:43Jerry lawler gets retribution.
01:11:45 the winner of this match, jerry "the king" lawler!
01:11:49: look at that sucker right there, man.
01:11:52 congratulations to -- : what the hell?
01:12:04 the anonymous "raw" general manager says, due to the blatant interference by I'm reversing the decision.
01:12:15Your winner is michael cole.
01:12:18: you can't be right.
01:12:39[cheers and applause] >> that is enough!
01:12:42You see, I have searched every square inch of this arena.
01:12:48And I have come to the conclusion that if the anonymous "raw" general manager is indeed here tonight, there is only one place left he or she could be.
01:13:05And that is under the ring.
01:13:15 says, no, I'm not.
01:13:25There's absolutely no one under the ring sending anonymous e-mails.
01:13:30Leave the ring now.
01:13:32That's an order.
01:13:34>> This sounds like a clue.
01:14:15Jerry: wait a minute.
01:14:16Wait a minute.
01:14:19Are you telling me you're the one that's been causing all of this misery?
01:14:29I ought to put you over my knee and give you a spanking!
01:15:09: tell me I did not just see that.
01:15:13Josh: I have no idea.
01:15:15: come on, man.
01:15:18>> In 1989, the world had a burning question -- >> what's that smell?
01:15:27>> More than 20 years later, rediscover the film that captured an era.
01:15:32For the first time ever on , >> this is sick.
01:15:45>> I'll be seeing you in the tree.
01:15:50>> "No holds barred" on d.v.d.
01:15:52And digital now.
01:15:54 not a good time?
01:15:56You sit down here all day shooting goblins.
01:15:58Try zombies.
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01:16:02They're kfc bites, dad.
01:16:04Mmm, real chicken.
01:16:06That's right.
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01:16:09Thanks hun. good talk, guys.
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01:18:53>> The wwe rewind is presented by popeye, bring in some jazz with butterfly shrimp.
01:19:03 both feet hit the floor you are eliminated.
01:19:08Last man standing runs "smackdown" next week.
01:19:11And bryan's out!
01:19:13Both eliminated.
01:19:14: look at the strength of john cena.
01:19:16 and cena eliminating tensai!
01:19:20Big show got cena!
01:19:22 big show continuing his patented destruction!
01:19:26And now ziggler has the sleeper hold locked in on the giant!
01:19:30Oh, man!
01:19:31Kane got them both.
01:19:34 we are down to do in the good american bash battle royal.
01:19:39: we're fixing to get busy right here, dog.
01:19:44Josh: no, he didn't.
01:19:46Kane's out!
01:19:53Zack ryder wins!
01:19:58 ryder goes going to be in charge!
01:20:02This is "monday night raw" just moments away from 2 the next tag team matchup.
01:20:08 daniel bryan and eve.
01:20:11I can't believe I'm saying this, but friday night it's going to be friday night zack down.
01:20:23The long island iced-z will be general manager for one week only this week on syfy.
01:20:32 still look a little bit woozy.
01:20:34Michael: I'm still dizzy.
01:20:41Finally can we put this all behind us?
01:20:43Jerry: no.
01:20:50[cheers and applause] this is a mixed tag team match set for one fall.
01:20:57Approaching the ring first eve torres!
01:21:00 eve, I've said this before, I couldn't warm up to you -- I'm going to try to go back to doing my job.
01:21:13She had some very unflattering things to say to wwe champion c.m. punk concerning a.j.
01:21:21 her tag team partner from aberdeen, washington, daniel bryan!
01:21:29 and daniel bryan, i don't think I've theard many nos from out of his mow as got down on one knee and popped the question to c.m. punk.
01:21:40 punk to marry her.
01:21:43 but then daniel bryan asked a.j. to marry him.
01:21:47What did he say is going to happen before the night's over?
01:21:51 she thinks he's going to leave here with her future husband.
01:21:57He doesn't even have a ring.
01:21:59Moim "monday night raw" is brought to you by popeyes.
01:22:04And by zatarain's butterfly shrimp.
01:22:10>> And by 5-hour energy.
01:22:12 and presented by s.t.p. and go.
01:22:23 and from union !
01:22:30 a few fries short of a happy meal.
01:22:36 daniel bryan asked a.j. to marry him.
01:22:38 said she's going to leave tonight with her future husband.
01:22:44Will it be daniel bryan or a.j.'s partner tonight?
01:22:49[cheers and applause] and her tag team partner from chicago, illinois, he is the wwe champion, c.m. punk!
01:23:07Jerry: clobbering time!
01:23:09 so sunday night in phoenix at the money in the the punk, the wwe champion will defend his title against daniel bryan.
01:23:19But the wild call in all of as the special guest referee come sunday.
01:23:34" I'll say it again, I believe the board of directors made a major mistake putting that woman in charge in the most prestigious championship come sunday.
01:23:46 but it makes things interesting.
01:23:49Eve made a couple of valid points when she was talking to c.m. punk earlier.
01:23:53There is an old saying hell has no fleury like the wrath of a woman scorned.
01:24:00 thought she was scorned punk turned down that proposal there,'s no telling what would happen.
01:24:06 this is our main event.
01:24:08 punk the wwe champion against daniel bryan the number one contender for the wwe title and eve.
01:24:16So punk and brian will start things off on what has been an incredible night.
01:24:21We learned tonight that the rock will be appearing at the 1,000th episode celebration of "monday night raw" in two weeks.
01:24:31Brock lesnar will be there to answer triple h's summer slam challenge.
01:24:35Also tonight -- sin cara qualified for the main event ladder match for the world championship contract.
01:24:43And john cena standing tall at the end of a huge tag team main event tonight as he guaranteed victory sunday at money in the bank.
01:24:52Jerry: ooh.
01:24:54We've said this before, theseer two superstars know each other so well before.
01:24:59They know what's coming.
01:25:01They know how to defend it.
01:25:02It's going to be an unbelievable match come sunday.
01:25:05Who knows?
01:25:06I mean, heaven doesn't even is going to do sunday.
01:25:11 said she'll leave tonight with her future husband.
01:25:15Does that mean she would favor makes a tags in which means eve has to come into the matchup under mixed tag team rules.
01:25:26 you could see it in her expression in her eyes.
01:25:31She's trying to do everything in her power to impress c.m.
01:25:35 admitted that her actions sunday can affect the outcome of the match.
01:25:43Some of the emotion pouring out of a.j.
01:25:45Jerry: she's a fire cracker.
01:25:49 also admitted that she's not crazy.
01:25:53That she's in control of all of her mental capacities at all times.
01:25:59Jerry: shed a mied that?
01:26:00 and then she got down on her knees and asked c.m.
01:26:04Punk to marry her and then bryan asking a.j. to marry him.
01:26:12 mbe she'll knock a little sense on a.j.
01:26:16 and eve saying some words to each other.
01:26:24 will do anything to attention.
01:26:26 saying the same thing about eve.
01:26:31 well, I've seen more than one sign in the crowd.
01:26:35There's one that says I dig crazy chicks.
01:26:39 with a great counter.
01:26:43 as crazy -- she obviously is.
01:26:45 seems everybody still digs her.
01:26:50 I'm not buying this whole crazy thing.
01:26:52I think she has a plan.
01:26:54I think she may be a bit unstable.
01:26:57 there's a method to her madness.
01:27:06Kick to the jaw.
01:27:08Hook of the leg on eve.
01:27:10Jerry: she's got some skills.
01:27:13 now eve trying to make her way to the corner.
01:27:16She wants -- I think she's had enough of a.j. right now.
01:27:20And eve trying to get to her partner, daniel bryan.
01:27:26And he doesn't.
01:27:33A.j. from behind.
01:27:36Shoulders down!
01:27:37And punk wins!
01:27:41 the winners of !
01:27:49 did bryan just offer a.j. a gift wrapped win?
01:27:56>> A.j., a.j., a.j., wait.
01:28:01, I just proved that you mean more to me than any match.
01:28:14Listen to me, why don't you and I leave right now and let's go get married?
01:28:42 what's she going to do here?
01:28:51, look I'm not going to blatantly try to use you and lie to you to try to hold on to my wwe championship.
01:29:00Daniel bryan on the other hand said he wants to marry you but it's not for you.
01:29:05He wants to marry you because he thinks you can help him become the wwe champion.
01:29:21And look, I'll lay it all on the line right now.
01:29:24I don't care if what I'm about to say costs me the match at money in the bank.
01:29:29I don't care if what I'm about to say costs me my wwe championship, but I'm not going to marry you.
01:29:53And if me saying that hurts you some how and it's not what you want to hear, then I apologize.
01:30:01I'm sorry.
01:30:01But at least -- at least I care enough about you to tell you the truth.
01:30:27Audience: c.m. punk!
01:30:28C.m. punk!
01:30:30C.m. punk!
01:30:31C.m. punk!
01:30:33C.m. punk!
01:31:06I'm the one who cares about you.
01:31:11Come home.
01:31:24Audience: yes!
01:31:57 who is going to be the champion come sunday?
01:34:02(gunshots) ♪ ♪
01:34:04You missed again.
01:34:04Will you stop?
01:34:11I don't understand.
01:34:11I'm just trying to help.
01:34:13If I wanted your help, I'd ask for it.
01:34:15All right.
01:34:18♪ You're low and left ♪
01:34:20♪ You need ♪
01:34:21♪ To rotate your grip... ♪
01:34:23What? It's a song.
01:34:25If you gave me a tip, I'd listen.
01:34:25No, you wouldn't.
01:34:28Come on, man, your aim is a little off this morning.
01:34:31All right, sorry.
01:34:33I just tried to help.
01:34:35♪ ♪
01:34:44What, you're, uh, not speaking to me anymore?
01:34:50(mechanical whirring) N-o.
01:35:00No. Man, that's not how you spell "thank you." ♪ ♪
01:35:14(exhales sharply) Man: Uh, I-I can't... I can't draw.
01:35:22It's all right, Clyde, you're not being judged on how well you draw.
01:35:24No, you're being judged onwhatyou draw.
01:35:29Is it that a beaver in your tree?
01:35:31Now, why would I have a beaver in my tree?
01:35:33Ryan: All right, looks like we're all... sort of done.
01:35:37Let's hold up our drawings.
01:35:38You gonna tell us why we're drawing trees now?
01:35:43Yes, I am.
01:35:44The tree is a universal metaphor for the self, for the ego.
01:35:50So you can think of your trees as representations of you.
01:35:54Hmm, definitely a beaver.
01:35:56We both did hearts.
01:35:58What does that mean?
01:35:59WES: It means he's gonna take you roller-skating and ask you to go steady.
01:36:04Travis, I've never seen such a perfect tree.
01:36:06Uh, except for maybe the one I saw in myKinetic Tree Drawingtextbook as the example for a well-rounded person.
01:36:15Yeah, um... the social workers would give me this test every time I got a new foster family. Sorry.
01:36:20Travis, how dare you make a mockery of this exercise.
01:36:25Where's your tree, Wes?
01:36:30Now, that is a perfect representation of Wes-- blank and white.
01:36:35Wrong. My tree is imaginary.
01:36:37It's a thousand feet tall.
01:36:39And there's a unicorn underneath it.
01:36:41I can see it.
01:36:41No, you can't.
01:36:43It's invisible.
01:36:43Why do you think you chose a unicorn?
01:36:46I didn't choose anything.
01:36:48But you said it.
01:36:49Words are powerful.
01:36:53Really? (groans) Time's up.
01:36:55Let's resume this next week.
01:36:57(clears throat) Ryan: Thank you. Have a good week.
01:37:01Guys, I'll see you tomorrow, yeah?
01:37:03No. What?
01:37:05Well, whenever a couple joins group for the first time, I always spend a day observing them at home.
01:37:10Your home is your work, so...
01:37:11Yeah, don't worry.
01:37:12I already cleared it with Captain Sutton.
01:37:14I'll see you tomorrow.
01:37:17See you tomorrow.
01:37:32♪ ♪
01:37:36You're early.
01:37:37I'm always early.
01:37:42Looks like a suicide.
01:37:42I'll call right back.
01:37:45(exhales sharply) You wearing enough cologne today?
01:37:48I always wear cologne.
01:37:48It usually doesn't make my eyes water.
01:37:51It's like you took a bath in formaldehyde.
01:37:54Sutton: Hey, boys, I got a jumper at the Airloft Hotel.
01:37:56Get on it.
01:37:57The Airloft?
01:37:57A lady took a swan dive off the 15th floor.
01:38:00Scrape job? Captain, why don't you give this to Kate and Amy?
01:38:03(sniffs) Somebody wearing cologne?
01:38:06WES: Yeah.
01:38:06Don't light a match.
01:38:07Travis is trying to impress Dr. Ryan.
01:38:10Dr. Ryan, that's right-- today's observation day.
01:38:12Captain, about that, is this a good idea?
01:38:14You know? She's gonna get in the way of our work.
01:38:15Dr. Ryan won't get in the way.
01:38:19You guys get in the way of each other's work, huh?
01:38:22That's the problem.
01:38:22Look, this is gonna be great.
01:38:24When Dr. Ryan came and visited me and the missus at our house, I mean, it was a real eye-opener.
01:38:29Hmm? She showed me how I was misinterpreting Helen's cues.
01:38:33That night, we had sex for the first time in five years.
01:38:37I'm not just talking missionary, either.
01:38:40Some pretty freaky stuff.
01:38:41You know, you should have Dr. Ryan help you overcome this shyness, Captain.
01:38:45Good morning.
01:38:46Hey! There she is!
01:38:47Ah, nice to see you!
01:38:49Thank you.
01:38:49How's Helen?
01:38:50Ah, never better.
01:38:51You know, those neo-tantric DVDs...
01:38:53Okay, Okay.
01:38:55we have a big day ahead of us.
01:38:56(talking indistinctly) What? Hey, I'm just...
01:38:59SUTTON: Hey, folks, I'm just sharing.
01:39:20can thirty-six year?
01:39:22[ ding ] Scrubbing BubblesToilet Cleaning Gel.
01:39:24It's flush-activatedto prevent buildup of lime scale and hard waterthat cause toilet rings.
01:39:29The freshest way to keep a toilet clean.
01:39:30[ toilet flushing ] FLUSH AFTER FLUSH.
01:39:31[ Female Announcer ] S.C. Johnson.
01:39:33A family company.
01:39:36Insurance, ?
01:39:37Well, how does Vanishing Deductible work ?
01:39:39Hmmm, well Sherry, when you add Vanishing Deductible, you immediately get a hundred dollars off your deductible.
01:39:47And for every year of safe driving, Nationwide takes off another hundred dollars...
01:39:51and another hundred...
01:39:53and another hundred.
01:39:54And your deductible could completely disappear.
01:39:57I see what you did there.
01:39:58♪ Nationwide IsOn Your Side ♪
01:40:03A little help.
01:40:05]What's stuff?
01:40:06[ Girl voice ]IT'S YUMMY AVOCADO. A SUPERFOOD.
01:40:08[ Boy voice ]WILL IT GIVE ME SUPER STRENGTH?
01:40:09[ Girl voice ]WILL I BE ABLE TO FLY?!
01:40:11I want to fly! can I have some?
01:40:13It's supergood and it's super-mine.
01:40:15[ Male Announcer ] GET YOUR OWNSubway Turkey With avocado!
01:41:25Sure you want to do this?
01:41:25Scrape jobs are pretty messy.
01:41:27What's a scrape job?
01:41:29It's a jumper.
01:41:29It's what we call it.
01:41:30It's what you call it.
01:41:30I find it to be an insensitive term.
01:41:33You just called it that.
01:41:35I would never.
01:41:37So, we're taking a squad car?
01:41:39Because my car's still in the shop.
01:41:42Okay, so I should drive.
01:41:43Oh, that's a good idea-- but I have the key, so...
01:41:46You see what I have to deal with?
01:41:47It's really best if you just go about your business and pretend I'm not here.
01:42:00Travis: Dr. Ryan, you're probably wondering why we're going to a suicide when we are...
01:42:04Robbery Homicide.
01:42:06She just said to ignore her.
01:42:07Because most suicides aren't what they seem.
01:42:12He doesn't listen. See?
01:42:13It's really natural for couples to look to me to referee, but it's honestly not why I'm here.
01:42:18(phone ringing) Oh, excuse me.
01:42:19I'm so sorry.
01:42:20No problem. Just pretend like we're not even here.
01:42:24Hi, honey.
01:42:26Chargers game?
01:42:27I thought we were having dinner.
01:42:30No. No, no, it's fine.
01:42:32If it's important to you, it's important to me.
01:42:35I'll see you after the game.
01:42:37Okay. Love you...
01:42:41So, uh, your boyfriend's a Chargers fan, huh?
01:42:44What Travis is wondering is, how serious is your relationship?
01:42:48RYAN: This really isn't about me, but I'm sensing it might become a distraction, so, uh... I'll tell you.
01:42:55Yes, I have a boyfriend.
01:42:57Told you.
01:42:58Ryan: Yes, it's serious.
01:42:59We live together.
01:43:01Now Travis is wondering...
01:43:03serious serious or...
01:43:06not so serious serious?
01:43:21Officer: Victim's name was Justine Winfield.
01:43:25She's married, lives here in town.
01:43:28Checked in alone last night for a one-night stay.
01:43:30This is Wes's therapist.
01:43:30This is Dr. Ryan.
01:43:33OFFICER: Oh, yeah, I heard about you.
01:43:35Well, you must be good.
01:43:36WES: Yeah.
01:43:38Frank, she is.
01:43:38You know what?
01:43:39You should tell her aboutyourproblem.
01:43:41(phone rings) (clears throat) Dr. Ryan, Frank here was involved in a shooting last year, and he's been having trouble sleeping ever since, right?
01:43:50I'm all right. Uh...
01:43:51police shrink's got me taking some sleeping pills.
01:43:54Pills. Did you talk to the doctor about what happened?
01:43:57No. I don't like to think about it.
01:44:00But you do think about it, right?
01:44:02Except when I'm sleeping.
01:44:04How much do you sleep?
01:44:04You know what?
01:44:06I'm gonna let you guys talk about this. I'll be right back.
01:44:11(siren blaring in distance, indistinct radio chatter) Travis: Aw, you ditched her.
01:44:18Well, we can't do our jobs with her watching us, judging us, writing it down.
01:44:22And stop flirting with her.
01:44:23she has a boyfriend.
01:44:25Yeah, but there's trouble in paradise.
01:44:26See how fast she hung up after "I love you"?
01:44:29Boyfriend left her hanging.
01:44:31You know what, you're right.
01:44:31You should break 'em up.
01:44:33Date her for two weeks, dump her, and then everyone'll be awkward.
01:44:37Relax, I'm not gonna hit on her; I'm just curious.
01:44:39Couple of kids found the body, but nobody saw or heard anything.
01:44:43There was no note.
01:44:44But every indication is it was a suicide.
01:44:54She looks pretty good for someone who just fell ten stories.
01:44:57Water jumpers are like egg rolls-- smooth on the outside, chop suey on the inside.
01:45:02You know, I wish Dr. Ryan were here to hear these sensitive analogies of yours.
01:45:05What? I mean, her internal organs exploded.
01:45:08Yeah, I get it. All right, send the body to the morgue.
01:45:11See if we can get an official cause of death.
01:45:15All right.
01:45:17(sighs) Wes?
01:45:23Yeah, what?
01:45:24Let's get out of here so we can get this over with.
01:45:28Youwant to get out of here?
01:45:29You're the one who turns a crime scene into an all-nighter.
01:45:32Well, this one should be easy.
01:45:34It looks like a suicide, okay?
01:45:35(sighs) Nothing is easy with you.
01:45:37Woman: Mr. Mitchell!
01:45:40Ah, hello... Vivienne.
01:45:42Where's Mrs. Mitchell?
01:45:43I don't recall seeing your reservation.
01:45:44Oh, no, no, I'm not staying as a guest today.
01:45:47I'm just, uh, I'm investigating a suicide.
01:45:49(clears throat) This is Travis.
01:45:53Detective Travis Marks.
01:45:54Nice to meet you.
01:45:55Did Wes and Alex used to stay here?
01:45:58Did... Mr. Mitchell never tell you the story?
01:46:02There's no story, Vivienne.
01:46:02There's not.
01:46:03He's shy. Do tell.
01:46:04It's the most romantic story.
01:46:06The Mitchell honeymoon flight was delayed, so they ended up checking in here for the night.
01:46:10That's a good story.
01:46:11It was good. It was fun.
01:46:13Is that right?
01:46:13Yeah, and they've come back every year ever since.
01:46:16Or at least they used to.
01:46:18Where have you guys been?
01:46:19Uh, they broke up.
01:46:20Oh, I had no idea.
01:46:23Nope, that's okay.
01:46:23How could you know?
01:46:24I'm so sorry.
01:46:25Don't be.
01:46:26Don't be.
01:46:26It's mostly his fault.
01:46:27Wonderful. Looks like I didn't miss a thing.
01:46:33(brief beeping) Wes and Alex used to stay in this room?
01:46:41No, the Mitchells always booked the penthouse.
01:46:43WES: Don't worry.
01:46:44The penthouse is nicer than this.
01:46:46That's a lot of suitcases for a one-night stay.
01:46:50Yeah, nice champagne.
01:46:51Mrs. Winfield was expecting someone.
01:46:54All right, this one's empty.
01:46:56Well, Travis, some people actually unpack their things, you know.
01:47:02Settle in.
01:47:03Travis: Nobody does that.
01:47:04Except maybe you.
01:47:13Can't picture you ever staying here, man.
01:47:16Floor is linoleum.
01:47:17I mean, it just seems a little too down and dirty for your taste, you know?
01:47:22I mean, I can see, you know, maybe getting stuck here for one night.
01:47:26But to come here again and again every year for your anniversary-- you're more of a romantic than I ever realized, you know?
01:47:40So was Mrs. Winfield.
01:47:52Drew a bath...
01:47:55lit candles...
01:47:59and cracked open the scented body oils.
01:48:02Getting ready for a rendezvous, not kill herself.
01:48:20Think I found what was in the suitcase.
01:48:24Are you listening to me?
01:48:34Look what I found.
01:48:35Bloody earring with some hair on it.
01:48:41You could've just taken the elevator.
01:48:42I don't think this was a suicide.
01:48:44I just said that.
01:48:46Would you come up here and see what I found.
01:48:54There must be a couple hundred thousand dollars here.
01:48:58Well, whoever killed Justine didn't know.
01:48:59Otherwise, they would've ransacked this entire room looking for it.
01:49:04This was a crime of passion.
01:49:05We don't know that yet.
01:49:10Let's go talk to Mr. Winfield.
01:49:22I'm not saying it is, but statistically, you know it's the spouse 99% of the time.
01:49:28Everyone is innocent until proven guilty; you know that, right, Travis?
01:49:31That's-that's the cornerstone of our justice system.
01:49:33See, that is your problem right there.
01:49:35You're still thinking like a lawyer.
01:49:36You've been a cop for a while now; start thinking like one.
01:49:39Everyone is guilty until proven innocent.
01:49:43Oh, that is, that's-that's paranoid thinking.
01:49:46Isn't it, Doctor?
01:49:47Kind of thinking that'll save your life.
01:49:49Right, Doc?
01:49:50Yeah, right, pretend you're not here.
01:49:51Right, I got that.
01:50:04(car alarm chirps) So you're just gonna leave her locked up in the car?
01:50:09I cracked a window.
01:50:13Guy's wife just died; he doesn't need an audience.
01:50:16Frankly, neither do I.
01:50:17Trying to do a job here.
01:50:20(knocks) I don't have any problem doing my job.
01:50:22You can't stop talking to her.
01:50:24Hate this part.
01:50:28Mr. Winfield?
01:50:30We're Detectives Mitchell and Marks with the LAPD.
01:50:33Is your wife Justine Winfield?
01:50:36I'm sorry to tell you this, sir, but your wife is...
01:50:45She's dead.
01:50:50Justine: Yes?
01:50:51Mr. winfield: Detectives, I'd like you to meet my wife, Justine Winfield.
01:50:57What's this about?
01:51:31♪♪ ♪♪
01:51:37♪♪ ♪♪
01:51:43♪♪ ♪♪
01:51:44[ Male Announcer ] WHAT'S THE POINT Of an epa estimated42 miles per gallon if the milesaren't interesting?
01:51:49The lexus ct hybrid.
01:51:51This is the pursuitof perfection.
01:51:55Brave knights!
01:51:55As you can clearly see from this attractive graph that our sales have increased by...
01:52:00Sorry, my liege.
01:52:04Our sales have increased by 20%.
01:52:05What is this mystical device I see before me?
01:52:07It's an Ultrabook. He signed the purchase order.
01:52:12With an Ultrabook, everything else seems old fashioned.
01:52:16Introducing the ultra sleek, ultra responsive Ultrabook.
01:52:20A whole new class of computers powered by Intel.
01:52:25Jackley,and Kiva.org.
01:52:26Kiva is the world's firstmicro-lending platform, where anybody can lend $25or more to entrepreneurs around the world.
01:52:31This is the laptop wegot Jessica when she first went away to college.
01:52:35That was the beginningof the journey for me.
01:52:36It's incredible to havesomeone tell you that your child has had such a major effect on their lives.
01:52:42It's hard to believethat it started with just a dream and a laptop.
01:52:45When the technology isright, anything can happen.
01:52:47VO: Save $100 on a newToshiba P Series laptop, backed by ourPerfect Match Promise.
01:53:55We really appreciate you both coming down here.
01:53:58I-I still can't believe it.
01:53:59That's my name and my address, but that's not me.
01:54:03Do either of you recognize the woman in the photo?
01:54:05Never seen her before.
01:54:06How did she get a driver's license with my information on it?
01:54:09Mr. winfield: Identity theft.
01:54:11I see it happen all the time.
01:54:12I'm an accountant.
01:54:13Well, have you noticed any unauthorized activity on your accounts or credit card?
01:54:16No. I keep a close watch, and I have fraud alerts on everything.
01:54:19I can tell you right now exactly how much I have in my wallet right down to the dollar without even looking.
01:54:24Justine's wallet, too.
01:54:26It's true.
01:54:27He's anal that way.
01:54:28He doesn't even like it when I let different denominations touch.
01:54:31(chuckles) What can I say?
01:54:32It's what makes me a good accountant.
01:54:33If you guys ever want to hear why your police pension has such a low return, give me a call.
01:54:40I don't like that guy.
01:54:42You sure you don't like him because he's organized?
01:54:44You're just defending him because he's anal like you.
01:54:47It's like finding your long-lost brother.
01:54:48(cell phone chimes) All right, can we just focus on our Jane Doe here, please?
01:54:52Because there's no reason an identity thief will be carrying around hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash.
01:54:57Doesn't make any sense.
01:54:58She's something else.
01:54:58Maybe she's a mule.
01:55:01Okay, that's Jonelle.
01:55:02She finished her autopsy on our Jane Doe.
01:55:05Uh, Jonelle is our medical examiner.
01:55:07She's also Travis's ex.
01:55:08You know what, you should just stipulate that second part for every woman he's ever met.
01:55:14(mock giggles) Listen, Dr. Ryan, let me, let me just warn you.
01:55:17This Jonelle-- you know, she's, like, a real butcher.
01:55:20She likes to get in there and dissect everything, and it just-- it makes me uncomfortable from time to time.
01:55:24So don't feel like you have to come to the coroner's office with us, okay?
01:55:28Oh, don't you worry about me.
01:55:29I went to medical school.
01:55:30I've seen my share of cadavers.
01:55:32Do you know, in order to get a person's brain out, you have to take their entire face off?
01:55:38(elevator bell dings) Hey, Jonelle.
01:55:52Come on in.
01:55:53Oh. Joy.
01:55:55You're here.
01:55:56Jonelle, this is Dr. Emma Ryan.
01:55:58Nice to meet you.
01:55:59Oh, and you remember Travis here.
01:56:01I notice he's wearing his courtin' cologne.
01:56:03You went to Fairchild?
01:56:05I spent a year working there in the Depression Research Unit in the psych ward.
01:56:09Oh, so you're their psychiatrist.
01:56:11Yes. She's observing us for the day.
01:56:14You're supposed to pretend she isn't here.
01:56:17Just like going to the zoo.
01:56:19Did, uh...
01:56:20did Travis tell you about me?
01:56:22No. You know what?
01:56:23I had to bring that up.
01:56:26Well, for the record, I'm over him.
01:56:28I'm in a very adult relationship right now.
01:56:32Ryan: Good.
01:56:33You seem happy.
01:56:35You seem really happy.
01:56:36Doesn't she seem happy, Travis?
01:56:37Yeah. Yeah, I'm happy, too.
01:56:38Can we get to the autopsy, please?
01:56:42Well, you guys were right.
01:56:43This is definitely not a suicide.
01:56:44Your Jane Doe fought for her life before she fell from the balcony, and someone tore the earring from her left lobe.
01:56:49Yeah, we recovered the matching earring at the scene.
01:56:52Also, she bit her attacker.
01:56:53The blood on her teeth does not match her own.
01:56:55If she drew blood, there'll be a nice bite mark on our killer somewhere.
01:56:58Good for her.
01:56:59What's this?
01:57:00Uh, it's probably nothing, just a flu shot.
01:57:02Yeah, whatever it was, it didn't kill her.
01:57:03She had no drugs in her system.
01:57:05Any idea how to find out what kind of shot she got?
01:57:07Sure. I'll run a focused tox screen.
01:57:10In the meantime, let's run her prints.
01:57:13I.D. thief is bound to have a rap sheet...
01:57:19Did you just hit me, for real?
01:57:23There you go, Wes.
01:57:25Yeah, thanks.
01:57:26Thank you, Jonelle.
01:57:29Very adult.
01:57:35(sighs) (computer trilling) (computer beeps) Bingo.
01:57:41We got a match.
01:57:43Whoa. Where's my coffee?
01:57:46Where's your coffee?
01:57:51Making a fresh pot for you.
01:57:53Partner, what we got?
01:57:56Well, partner, we got the victim's original name.
01:57:58It is Olivia Fisher.
01:58:00She was arrested, but not for fraud.
01:58:01Assault and battery?
01:58:02Yeah, her husband, Kenneth Fisher-- he's the one that filed the complaint.
01:58:05Yeah, but she filed a counter- complaint. Click on that.
01:58:08Ooh, Kenny.
01:58:11She says he hit her first.
01:58:12What a nice couple.
01:58:13Yeah, sweet.
01:58:14Wonder what they got each other for Valentine's Day.
01:58:16Looks like they got each other restraining orders.
01:58:22Okay, we're not gonna jump to conclusions here.
01:58:24We're gonna talk to him first.
01:58:26There's a flaw in your logic.
01:58:27You're gonna be wrong eventually.
01:58:28Someone you assume is innocent is going to be guilty, and someone I assume is guilty is going to be guilty.
01:58:33So that's why my way's better.
01:58:35You need to rethink that.
01:58:37Dr. Ryan, you ready to roll?
01:58:56That's the Fisher house.
01:59:01That's a lot of smoke for a barbecue.
01:59:08(gunshot) Get in the car.
01:59:10Stay there.
01:59:10(gunshot) Keep your head down. Down!
01:59:15(gunshot) (gunshot) (gunshot) Freeze!
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02:01:02That was the old me.
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